Days Of Our Lives’ 10 Most Iconic Moments

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8. He’s Coming Out!

One of the most iconic moments and a huge milestone for the LGBT community was when Will Horton revealed he was gay. There weren’t many same-sex relationships on daytime dramas at that point in time, so his story was pretty groundbreaking. Will and Sonny Kiriakis had a beautiful romance that defied gender stereotypes. It also broke down barriers and proved to soap opera audiences everywhere, that same-sex relationships go through the same drama as heterosexual ones.

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7. Roman Dies

A pivotal moment for a lot of long-time DOOL fans occurred in 1984 when Roman Brady fell off a cliff (while fighting rival Stefano DiMera) and was presumed dead. Days’ fans mourned and Salem was devastated. His wife Marlena tried to move on, but while the moment was shocking, it also opened a door for another new storyline.