Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (January 20, 2020)

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Fans should get ready for a week of flashbacks on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL). Many questions about what happened during the year before the time jump in November will be answered, including events on the last day of Adrienne’s life.  Learn more on what will happen to the residents of Salem in the DOOL spoilers for the week of January 20, 2020.

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11. Adrienne’s Last Day

Spoilers tease Sonny and Justin will recall the last day of Adrienne’s life. She passed away on Mother’s Day in a car accident that also involved Sarah. And rumor has it, the person who will relay the information to Justin that his wife is gone is his current girlfriend Kayla. Viewers have been eager for DOOL to fill in the blanks on what happened to Justin’s wife and it looks like answers will be coming up this week. Later in the week, Jack will say an emotional and tearful goodbye to his sister.

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10. Sarah Goes Into Labor

Sarah will go into labor, after the car accident she was involved in with Adrienne. She’ll be nowhere near a hospital and the person who delivers baby Mackenzie will be none other than Xander. This is leading to some fan speculation that Sarah actually lost her baby and Xander switched it with Kristen’s and Brady’s child. Does the daughter Sarah and Eric share belong to Brady and Kristen?

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9. Kristen’s Labor Complications

Kristen will also go into labor and rumor has it that complications will arise. It has already been revealed on DOOL that Kristen lost her baby. The stillbirth left her so distraught that she fled to Italy and decided to become a nun. She left Brady, the man she is obsessed with, alone to deal with his grief. He had hoped she’d find some closure but was angry with her when she recently returned to Salem. In a post time-jump scene, spoilers tease that Kristen will insist to Brady that they discuss the night when they lost their child.

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8. Blast From The Past

Other DOOL spoilers for the week tease that Maggie will come face to face with someone from her past. And the unexpected visitor will be none other than Summer Townsend, the daughter she gave up for adoption. It’s rumored she will be extremely upset after the encounter. But will she start drinking after speaking with her troubled daughter and cause the car accident that leads to Adrienne passing away?

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7. Guilt-Ridden Will

Believing he was responsible for Adrienne’s demise, Will confesses to Sonny and Justin. But did he really do it? Ciara recently found out from Victor that Will wasn’t responsible at all. But if it wasn’t him, who did it? Spoilers tease a drunken Maggie caused the accident that claimed Adrienne’s life and Victor and Xander covered it up. Maggie likely doesn’t remember it though because she blacked out after it happened. And this week, Victor will talk to Xander about what actions he took that night to protect Maggie.

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6. Ciara Spills The Beans

After hearing her grandfather’s stunning hospital bed confession, Ciara will feel torn. She was hoping he would tell her he’d framed Ben for Jordan’s demise, but it was actually Will who was set-up for Adrienne’s passing. Rumor has it, Ciara will head to the prison and will tell Will that he is innocent. He was sure he caused the accident, so how will he react – will he believe Ciara?

5. JJ Finds Out About Haley

As if things weren’t tough enough for JJ, with the passing of his aunt Adrienne, his sister Abigail will tell him that Haley has also passed away. Abby will explain that what happened to Haley was ruled an accident, but JJ won’t believe it. He will think Kristen was involved somehow and will be determined to get to the truth of what really happened. Of course, after the time jump, JJ tried to do away with Kristen and would have succeeded if Lani hadn’t stopped him.

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4. Brady Is Stunned

Speaking of Kristen, rumor has it that early in the week, Brady will make the mistake of bringing Kristen to a Mother’s Day dinner at John and Marlena’s. His parents won’t be pleased with his choice of companion and the visit will be a stressful one. Then later in the week, Brady will be stunned by something Kristen has done. Does Brady discover she was responsible for Haley’s demise, as JJ suspects?

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3. Anna Betrays Tony

Spoilers also indicate that Anna will betray her beloved Tony this week. Viewers know Anna was not happy when Tony agreed to temporarily take over as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Both Anna and Tony have been absent since the DOOL time jump and Gabi is now the new DiMera CEO. Did Gabi take over because Anna betrayed her husband? Whatever happened, it’s rumored that it will be the cause of Tony and Anna leaving Salem.

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2. Orpheus Returns

DOOL baddie George DelHoyo is returning to the soap on January 22. The last time Orpheus was in Salem, he instigated a prison escape. He convinced Clyde and Xander to make a break for it and the three criminals hid out in a cabin and intimidated the residents of Salem for weeks. Will Orpheus be involved in the prison break that Clyde has suggested to Ben? Or will he be shown in the flashbacks?

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1. Sneak Peek – Week Of January 27

After a week of flashing back to the past, DOOL will return its focus to post time-jump storylines. Spoilers tease Eric will find out Nicole and Brady are dating and will feel betrayed. He asked Nicole to wait for him while he takes care of his ailing daughter with Sarah and he’ll be stunned that she’s moved on so quickly. But what Eric doesn’t know is this coupling is just a ruse to protect Brady from Kristen. Also, Sonny and Evan will continue to become closer, Eli will have a dream about his true love Lani and Shawn will return to Salem. Will Shawn discover what everyone else seems to have missed – that Hope has turned into Princess Gina again? And can he save his mother from her alter-ego? Stay tuned to DOOL to find out!

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