Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 26, 2019)


It’s officially the last week of August in Salem, and Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans should expect some big episodes on the horizon. Xander fesses up; some Salemites head to Chicago on a search; and a character says goodbye and skips town. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of August 26, 2019.

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11. Xander Makes A Confession

DOOL spoilers state that Xander will approach both Eric, Maggie, and Sarah, confirming that Holly is alive, and his role in it. Maggie and Sarah will be outraged with Xander; however, the silver lining is that it seems there is hope for them to find Holly, and at least Xander is choosing the honest route now.

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10. Eric & Sarah

DOOL spoilers reveal that Sarah and Eric will need to make some major decisions this week. Once the news of Holly being alive truly hits them, they may choose to head on a hunt to find the child, and raise the little girl themselves, as Nicole would’ve wanted. Related teasers indicate that Xander will create some waves for Sarah in the days to come. Will he try and place a wedge between her and Eric? He’s in the doghouse right now, so he better watch his step!

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9. Kristen Makes A Deal

Days spoilers suggest that Kristen will try and drum up a deal next week. She’s been caught, red-handed, and will hope that she can get out of the predicament she’s in right now and avoid jail time. Many in Salem will be very upset with her on so many different levels. Her “deal” may have to do with Holly, and finally bringing the child back to her family where she belongs.

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8. Jack’s World

DOOL spoilers indicate that Jack won’t be too quick to offer Kristen a deal. As the mayor of Salem, he has a ton of pull; however, teasers also indicate that Eric will turn to Jenn in hopes that they both can convince Jack to change his mind. Kristen will most likely offer up Holly’s whereabouts for freedom.

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7. Trip To Chicago

Seems as if Kristen will succeed in that deal, and then leave town. This will prompt Eric, Jack, and Jenn to head to Chicago; most likely they will either find Holly, or more information on where the child is. Eric clearly will want nothing more than to be reunited with Nicole’s daughter. He was duped just as much as everyone else, and the fact that she is safe and alive will motivate him to bring her back to Salem.

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6. Jack Needs Answers

In addition to Holly, it seems as if Jack himself may be along for the Chicago road trip for answers of his own. DOOL spoilers hint that Kristen may have answers around his memory loss and the serum, answers that only DiMera holds. So, perhaps Holly may not be the only one to look for in Chicago, and the gang may be trying to find clues as to where Kristen is.

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5. Gabi & Stefan Saved

The good news for Stabi is that WilSon will seemingly find the two and “rescue” them, becoming heroes in this storyline. The bad news? An announcement from Kate will leave the super couple (potentially) wishing that they were locked up again. DOOL spoilers indicate that thanks to CEO gig, Roberts will move back into the DiMera mansion. Two’s company, three’s a crowd, and the two lovebirds won’t be too pleased with the new living arrangement.

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4. Tony’s Arrest

Back to the other side of Salem, Tony will be arrested as a horrified Anna tries to process everything that is going on. She will be brought into the loop this week around what her love had to go through as of late. Anna will also be hoping that Tony offers up information around where Kristen’s other hostages could be.

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3. Goodbye Tripp

Sadly, DOOL spoilers indicate that Tripp will be saying goodbye to Salem for good. Sounds like his unreciprocated feelings towards Haley just may get the better of him, and he’ll officially say goodbye on Thursday, August 29th. With Days teasers suggesting that his dad Steve is returning sometime in the fall, perhaps he will be back someday?

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2. Chloe Ready To Say Goodbye?

As we all bid adieu to Tripp, another Salemite may be headed out of town. Days spoilers hint that Chloe will get a surprising offer, one that could very well be a storyline setting up her exit. Teasers have revealed that Chloe will be leaving Salem and soon, so this could be what does it. Regardless, she’ll talk to Brady about thoughts are around this “offer” in the coming days.

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1. Medical Emergency

DOOL spoilers suggest that Lani and Eli will have a conversation with Julie this week, and teasers state it’ll be a real heart-to-heart to hash things out. Sounds like good news, right? Wrong! Julie will collapse after the discussion, and it seems as if a huge medical emergency is on the horizon for this iconic character.

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