Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (June 22 – July 3, 2020)

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! What’s on tap for the next two weeks? Gabi’s trial is set to unravel and the verdict will be confirmed by next week. Also, there will be a couple of unexpected character returns, and the Elani wedding will happen (well, maybe). Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for June 22 to July 3, 2020.

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12. Gabi’s Trial

Gabi’s trial is set to unfold this week, and according to Days spoilers, the verdict will be revealed by Monday, June 29th. Seems as if Rafe will approach Dr. Rolf to strike a deal, so one has to wonder if he will be able to help get her cleared. In other Gabi trial news, Chad DiMera will fly back into town on Monday’s episode (without Abby), and get into a heated confrontation with Hernandez.

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11. Jake and Gwen

Across town, DOOL spoilers suggest that Gwen and Jake will get “hot and heavy” early this week, so it seems that these two exes have a ton of unfinished business between them. Meanwhile, teasers for the week of June 29th imply that Jake and Gabi will be taken aback by the results of his DNA test. Could he end up being Stefan DiMera?

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10. Mommy Comes Home!

Speaking of unexpected, DOOL spoilers reveal that Jake will be taken aback after a run-in with Vivian Alamain, so fans should expect to see actress Louise Sorel return to the soap opera sometime between July 1st and 3rd. If the DNA tests reveal that Jake is Stefan, then Viv will likely rush back to Salem to see her son.

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9. Claire’s World

DOOL spoilers indicate that Claire will turn to her grandma Hope this week, and take the time to apologize for all she has done to Ciara. It seems as if Claire is working overtime to try and make up for all her past deeds, but are these moves genuine, or are they provoked by an ulterior motive?

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8. Ben’s Worried

As per DOOL spoilers, Ben will have concerns over Claire’s role in his wedding during the week of June 29th. As the maid of honor, Claire has a ton of responsibilities, and with her past, plus the fact that she was just released from Bayview, could anyone blame Ben for being a bit skeptical? In other related teasers, Cin will confront Claire regarding a damaged wedding dress. Could Claire behind this?

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7. Elani Wedding

Speaking of weddings, Eli and Lani will be busy in the coming days planning their own wedding that will take place the following week! DOOL spoilers state that someone will spy on Lani mid-week, and on the morning of her wedding, she’ll be taken aback by a guest she was not expecting! Is this a “good” thing, or a bad thing?

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6. Chaos Erupts

While still talking about the Elani wedding, Lani will share a concern with Eli the night before their “I dos” are set to take place. On the morning of the big day, Eli and Rafe will share a nice moment, as both men get ready for the ceremony. But, before fans get too comfortable, DOOL spoilers also tease that there will be some chaos at the Elani wedding, so one has to wonder if this couple ends up saying their vows. Salem weddings never go as planned.

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5. Sarah and Xander

Sure, Sarah and Brady did the deed last week; however, it’s clear that they both still love their exes. DOOL spoilers hint that Sarah will confess something to Xander this week, so could she tell him the truth about her relationship with Brady? With that said, teasers for the following week indicate that Xander will lay out an unexpected offer that will anger Sarah. Two steps forward, five steps back with this couple!

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4. Brady’s Plight

DOOL spoilers relay that Brady will be confronted this week by Victor, regarding his true intentions. Does this have to do with Titan and Brady’s silent sabotage? On to some bigger news, some interesting spoilers for Brady the week of June 29th, as DOOL teasers are hinting a reunion of sorts between him and Kristen, as actress Stacy Haiduk reprises her infamous Days role. Is Kristen back for good or just a quick visit with the baby?

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3. Allie’s Baby

Seems as if Allie will know exactly what to do with her baby after this week. DOOL spoilers reveal that she’ll have a chat with WilSon, and then have a realization. As the days go by, Allie will inform Eric and Nicole around the plans for her baby. Does she decide to give her child to her brother? Will and Sonny would be the perfect parents. Plus, she’d have a piece of mind knowing that her baby was with family.

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2. More On Allie and WilSon

More DOOL spoilers seem to suggest that WilSon will adopt Allie’s baby, as teasers state that Sonny and Will let Lucas know what their “plan” is. In other Allie news, Lucas and Nicole will have a major argument regarding Allie in the coming days. They may not see eye-to-eye on her situation. Lucas is being a bit of a hothead (who could blame him), but will Nicole be able to calm him down, or only heighten his anger?

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1. More Spoilers!

Speaking of Allie, she and Rafe will have a nice reunion in the coming days, while Steve and Kayla have a heartwarming discussion about something. Across town, it seems as if Victor and Brady will try and organize something, and Eli will throw a wrench in it. Could this have to do with the Elani wedding?

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