Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For August 2021

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As summer winds down, the heat will pick up in the land of Salem. While Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is currently on hiatus, thanks to the 2020 Summer Olympics, fans will need to gear up for some drama once it returns! There are major comebacks slated, as well as some new characters on the horizon, plus plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Check out the DOOL spoilers for August 2021 below.

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12. The Price Family Expands

Paulina’s mother Olivia is set to enter the land of Salem. Guess who will play the Price matriarch? None other than actress Marla Gibbs! Some may remember that actress Jackée Harry (Paulina) and Gibbs worked together on the 1990s sitcom 227. What kind of drama can Olivia stir up? If she’s anything like Chanel and Paulina, then plenty! Gibbs’s expected airdate is Tuesday, August 17th.

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11. Marlena and Paulina

Speaking of Mrs. Price, DOOL spoilers for August hint that more information will come down the pipe regarding Paulina and Marlena’s past friendship. This seems quite intriguing, especially considering the history that Marlena has in Salem. Were they connected during Marlena’s time with Stefano DiMera? Only time will tell!

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10. Rex Returns

Actor Kyle Lowder, who plays Rex Brady, shared that he was back on the DOOL set, via an Instagram story. No airdate has been offered; however, there is a good chance that Rex could return in August. Could the show also be gearing up for Sarah Horton to come back? Fans may recall that Kristen DiMera shipped her off to an island, while most of the town believed that she had taken off with Rex.

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9. Maggie Re-Enters Salem Storylines

Perhaps Maggie and Rex will put two-and-two together. While Mrs. Kiriakis didn’t leave town, she hasn’t been on the canvas for quite a while. DOOL spoilers hint that her return is imminent, so fans should expect to see her re-emerge in August, once the soap hits the airwaves again. Will Maggie and Rex bring Xander into the loop?

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8. Dark E.J. Is On The Horizon

When fans last saw E.J., DiMera learned of his wife’s infidelities. According to August spoilers, Sami will have to face her hubby in August. Added teasers note that E.J.’s “dark” side will emerge, as he concocts a plan of revenge. Sounds like he’ll hide his scheming from Sami; however, she’ll be concerned about Lucas’s safety.

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7. Lucas’s Life In Danger

DOOL August spoilers also note that Lucas’s life could be in danger, thanks to Nicole and Philip’s actions. Could E.J. plan to hurt Lucas? That’s a bit much, but sleeping with someone’s wife has its repercussions. Will Lucas be okay? Will someone be onto E.J.’s plan before he can push the button on it?

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6. Johnny Returns

An airdate has finally been confirmed for the return of Johnny DiMera, Sami and E.J.’s son. Played by actor Carson Boatman, Johnny will be SORASed (much like his twin, Allie) and appear on the show August 18th. What’s in store for Johnny now that he’s back in Salem? Someone interesting will catch his eye.


5. Interesting Love Triangle

To further complicate matters, it sounds as if Chanel will catch Johnny DiMera’s attention. As per Days Café, Allie’s brother will be interested in her BFF. Added teasers hint that Allie and Chanel will remain busy little bees with their business. Will they continue to cross the line within their friendship and partnership as well?

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4. Ain’t Nothing But A Heartache…

DOOL viewers who are also Backstreet Boys fans, listen up! Band member AJ McLean recently hopped on TikTok to reveal that he’ll be headed to the land of Salem soon! Well, he didn’t exactly say he’d be on Days, but all the “teases” he offered in the video point in that direction. He’ll be playing a “driver”, so who will he be driving around in the little town?

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3. Kate’s Transformation

Actress Lauren Koslow jumped on Facebook recently to reveal that she’s on the Days set, and offered up some interesting information about her character, Kate Roberts. According to the post, hints were dropped that Kate is about to embark on a transformation and/or new journey of sorts. She also provided a quote, which could provide a clue as to what Roberts might be up to. 

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2. Nicole’s News

Could things be looking up for Nicole after a disastrous July? DOOL spoilers for August indicate that she’ll get some bittersweet news soon. Could this have to do with her little one-night stand with Xander? Might she be expecting? In other Walker news, Rafe will continue to be smitten with his friend, in the weeks ahead. Now that she’s single, could these two come together?

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1. Cin Drama!

Will Ben’s plan to kidnap Ciara work? DOOL spoilers suggest that Theo will admit “the truth” to himself, just like his dad warned him. Abe had told his son he was worried Ciara would get her memories back and run to Ben. In other Cin-related teasers, Shawn will face a moral dilemma when it comes to what Weston has done. Will Ciara’s older brother end up charging Ben with kidnapping?

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