Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (April 13 – April 24, 2020)

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Wonder what will unravel in Salem over the next couple of weeks? Will Steve try to pursue Kayla? Will Sarah be able to accept that Mickey is really Rachel? What will transpire within DiMera Enterprises now that Stefano is gone? It’s natural to wonder and try to predict what happens next! As such, below are some DOOL plot predictions for April 13 to April 24, 2020.

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12. Sarah’s Odd Behavior

Sarah has been through a lot recently, with bombshell after bombshell being dropped on her as of late. Not only did she just learn that her mom was behind the car accident that led to Adrienne’s demise, but she just also found out that her Mickey isn’t really “her” Mickey. She let Xander have it, and one would think that in the coming week she’ll have to hand over Mickey to Brady and Kristen; however, DOOL spoilers indicate at some point in the coming days, Brady and Kristen along with Eric and Nicole will wait for a response from Sarah and the baby. Cryptic teaser for sure … has Sarah taken the child somewhere out of Salem?

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11. Turns To Rex

DOOL spoilers hint that Rex Brady is set to return to Salem in the spring, as actor Kyle Lowder will reprise the role once again. While Sarah (naturally) doesn’t seem like herself, it still would be over the top for her to (outright) kidnap Mickey and jump town. What if she decides to pay Rex a visit with Mickey (keeping Brady and Kristen in the loop), as just a road trip to clear her head, and one last bonding moment before she has to turn the child in to her real parents. Maybe visiting Rex will bring Sarah some clarity from her ex and a peace of mind.

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10. Kristen, Brady, and Rachel Become A Family

At some point in the next week, Sarah will return Mickey to Brady and Kristen, and as heartbreaking as it is for Eric and Sarah to give the baby back, it will be a beautiful thing to see Kristen and Brady reunited with their daughter after all the grief they have suffered.

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9. Victor Is Ousted

Seems like the truth around who was really behind the baby switch is sure to come to fruition, and when it does, emotions could get the better of Kristen. DOOL spoilers reveal that DiMera will attack Victor in the coming days, and really at this point, who could blame her?

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8. Victor Hospitalized – Kristen Is Charged

But, what if Kristen goes to0 far? Victor is an old man, and this is the land of soap operas where anything could happen. Kristen could push Victor into something, or accidentally cause something to fall on him where he is seriously injured and hospitalized. Just as DiMera is given her baby back, she could jeopardize motherhood by crossing the line, and going to jail for it.

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7. Rafe and Zoe?

Across town, DOOL spoilers indicate that Evan’s lawyer Zoey will announce intentions to file for custody of David. This will floor Rafe; however, is Days just laying out the groundwork for a potential relationship between these two? While they may seem like opposites, in the land of Salem, opposites attract, and friction and conflict have a way of bringing two people together.

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6. Steve’s Decision

The good news is that Steve’s surgery was a success, and it seems as if his memory is coming back! The bad news? Well, Kayla is with Justin! DOOL spoilers are teasing that Steve will come to a decision, and there’s a good chance he may back off on the idea of reuniting with Kayla. He may see just how happy (and stress-free) she is with Justin, and decide to move on.

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5. Hope and Steve Bond

Could this open the door for a Steve and Hope relationship? They were friends in the past, and they will certainly bond over being played by Stefano and his cronies in the next few weeks. The key here is, both Hope and Steve were microchipped by Dr. Rolf, doing things far outside their personality, all in an effort to help DiMera regain power and wreak havoc in Salem. They are bound to get closer by all this, but could their friendship equal out to romance in the long run?

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4. Steve Reunites With Family

Some feel-good plot predictions are definitely all those reunion scenes with Steve and his family. He’ll obviously find out that Jack is still alive, which will be incredible; however, he may be devastated to discover that his sister Adrienne is no longer around. Will Tripp, Stephanie, or Joey visit Salem once they have found out their dad is back? There is a good chance of this! 

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3. Kayla’s Still Torn

While DOOL spoilers reveal that Kayla will let Steve know that she is with Justin now, ultimately choosing him over Johnson, it is undeniable that she’ll still feel torn over the two men in the coming weeks. How can she not? Steve was on his way back to Salem to be with her when DiMera’s goons caught him, and all the terrible things she thought he did, he really didn’t do. Seeing him around town will make her feel torn up inside, especially if she sees him bonding with Hope.

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2. Chad Takes Over The Family Business

The hostility between Chad and Gabi should intensify in the coming week; however, DOOL spoilers also suggest that Tony will be around to support his brother. Does this mean that Chad will get the upper hand when it comes to DiMera? With Li Shin, Mr. Shin’s son (who also happens to be a board member for DiMera enterprises) set to swing into Salem in the coming days, a plot twist might be on the horizon.

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1. Chabby Off To Paris Again?

Some Days fans may be familiar with Li Shin, played actor Remington Hoffman, as the character was a part of DOOL’s spinoff digital series Chad and Abby in Paris. Does Shin return with news that Chabby needs to head back to Paris, due to DiMera business? After all, the couple only really returned to Salem because Jennifer was in a coma. Maybe, with all that has gone down, it’s time for them to leave the little town once again and Li Shin has been brought in to help move that storyline along.

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