Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For May 2019

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The month of May is almost upon us, which also means Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans need to gear up for May ratings sweeps! There will be plenty of major returns, while a character continues to deal with a medical crisis, and plenty of scandals to go around the next four weeks or so. Learn about these storylines and others in the spoilers for May 2019.

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14. Valerie Returns

Remember Abe’s girlfriend Valerie, played by actress Vanessa Williams, that left Salem last November to take a job in Washington D.C.? Well, while Abe wasn’t happy about her leaving, they did decide to give a long-distance relationship the old college try. Sadly, between her job and his mayoral race, the two haven’t really connected as of late, so her returning to the show in May could create some massive friction for him. Especially since he’s gotten so close with Sheila as of late.

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13. Jack Pulls A Stunt

DOOL spoilers for May indicate that Jack Deveraux will continue on his path of destruction, all in pursuit to become Salem’s next mayor. Teasers hint that he’ll pull a huge stunt of sorts during a debate in early May, which might have plenty of residents raising an eyebrow or two. Eve will most likely be the mastermind behind it all — she knows how to play Jack like a puppet.

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13. Is Abe His Target?

Back to Abe, DOOL spoilers seem to suggest that Jack will spot a moment between Sheila and Abe that he may be able to use against Carver come Salem’s next mayoral debate. With Valerie back in town by this point, could Deveraux concoct a scenario that makes Abe look like a womanizer? All arrows seem to be pointing in this direction.

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12. J.J. Fires Back

Having said all that, Eve and Jack shouldn’t celebrate a win just yet. Days spoilers state that shortly after the debate, J.J. will make a statement of his own to reporters about Jack, and it seems as if what J.J. says will be quite damaging to Jack as well. Could he bring up Deveraux’s past, and the fact that he once raped Kayla Brady? It could also be something about him as a father.

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11. Rafe & Hope Search For Holly

DOOL spoilers indicate that Hope and Rafe will team up to try and find a kidnapped Holly. Both Nicole and Chloe will be out of their minds when Holly goes missing; however, with Rope on the case, it might only be a matter of time before they find the little girl. Here’s hoping, anyway!

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10. Ted’s Involvement

Interestingly enough, despite trying to find the little one, Hope will have zero clue that Ted is involved in Holly’s disappearance. Will Salem’s D.A. use insider information that Hope is sure to offer him (without realizing it) to keep Rope at bay from finding Holly? Seems so. Why does Hope always get tangled up with such deadbeats? Remember Aiden?

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9. The Search For Holly

DOOL spoilers hint that the stories that are currently forming on the show will come to a head come May. One big one is Nicole and Eric. Simply put, the love of Eric’s life is Nicole, and while he did fall in love with Sarah, at the end of the day … she’s not Nicole Walker. Sadly, their reunion will be cut short thanks to Holly going missing, and it is being teased that her search will have major repercussions for many characters, as well as Nicole and Eric’s reunion.

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8. Lucas Returns

May will see plenty of familiar faces pop back up in Salem, and Lucas Horton will make a return to the little town to help support his son Will. As we all know, Will is dealing with some medical drama right now, and the good news is that his dad will be there by his side to help him through all his ups and downs.

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7. Momma Bear’s Coming Too

Days spoilers hint that Lucas will be joined by Sami, as actress Alison Sweeney also returns to the daytime drama this May. The parents will join a united front in hopes that they can help their son. They just got him back “from the dead.” Both will be terribly worried about potentially losing him again.

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6. Will He Be Okay?

DOOL spoilers suggest that Will’s medical condition will worsen as the month rolls on. Turns out, it is the result of Dr. Rolf’s cure on his memory, which makes sense as to why Lucas and Sami will return. Rex, Sarah, and Jarlena will investigate, but Rolf’s research will be puzzling to them, and some it will not be available.

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5. Johnny & Ali In Tow?

Back to some more returns! The actor who played little Johnny DiMera, Griffin Kunitz, recently teased a return as he posted a picture of himself on the DOOL set via social media. Could a Lucas and Sami return equal out to a Johnny and Ali comeback (and twin reunion) as well?

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4. Caroline’s Memorial Service

It may make sense that Lucas and Sami bring Johnny and Ali with them, as Salem will be saying goodbye to a longstanding and much-loved member of the community, Caroline Brady, and it would be nice for the twins to be in attendance for that. Regardless, Days spoilers suggest that Lucas and Sami will still be in town by the time Caroline Brady’s passing and funeral storyline unfolds. They won’t be the only familiar faces to come back to officially say goodbye to grandma Brady and the incredible actress who played her, Peggy McCay.

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3. Other Returns For Caroline

Days spoilers suggest that in addition to Lucas and Sami, actress Christie Clark, who plays Carrie Reed and actor Brandon Beemer, who plays Shawn-Douglas Brady, will also come back to Days in May to be a part of Caroline Brady’s memorial service. The episode should be a highly-emotional one, so fans should ensure to have a tissue (or entire box of tissues) close by!

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2. Cin Investigates

DOOL spoilers state that Cin will further investigate around the cabin fire, and will get close to figuring out it is Claire as May rolls on. Sadly, Claire’s self-esteem issues will continue to mount in a very unhealthy fashion, leading her to take it out on Haley. In other Haley spoilers for May, she’ll have a major announcement rolling down the pipe soon.

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1. Rafe & Lani

DOOL spoilers tease that Lani’s bond with Baby David will grow in the coming weeks, causing her and Rafe to get closer too. As a result, she’ll drift further away from Eli. Do we see a new couple forming in Rafe and Lani? Rope is ripping at the seams, so only time will tell!

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