Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For November 2018

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With November sweeps rolling in, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) promises to show some interesting plot twists, a ton of conflict, new revelations, and plenty of drama in the next four weeks. What will happen in the following month? Read on to learn about some interesting Salem storylines in the DOOL November 2018 spoilers.

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15. Sami Has A Realization

Sami is desperate to find out if the mystery man is her long-lost husband, E.J. DiMera. Come early November, she’ll realize that Susan holds the key that can unlock this mystery; however, Sami will also understand that it may be difficult to approach E.J.’s mom with the information she has, and she certainly does not want to get Susan’s hopes too high only for a letdown.

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14. Susan Goes Crazy

Not that she was any less crazy before, but Susan will have another one of her premonitions, and this time around, it will be about E.J. Wanting answers, she’ll approach Sami, but her daughter-in-law won’t be handing out too much information to her just yet. Susan will turn a bit desperate and lay a scalpel on Sami, insisting on getting some information. Will Sami give in? Only time will tell.

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13. Chloe Learns The Truth

Chloe will have a nagging suspicion about Baby Bonnie and her true bio parents and do some digging. Interestingly enough, she’ll uncover the truth — that Mimi, not Bonnie, is the mother of the baby, and that Rex is the child’s father! What will Chloe do with this information? Well, ruin an engagement party, of course!

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12. Party Crasher

Chloe will create some chaos of her own when she crashes Rex and Sarah’s engagement party in early November to let everyone know the truth about Baby Bonnie’s parents. DOOL November spoilers tease that Sarah will unleash a wrath like none other when she finds out that her fiancé cheated on her with Mimi, and got his mistress pregnant.

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11. Jarlena Wedding On!

And this time it’s for real! Abe will conduct the ceremony, set to take place in early November, and DOOL spoilers indicate it will be a smaller one than the original. The wedding will go off without any issue, and the happy couple will be thrilled to be able to move forward with their lives.

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10. Chad Kidnaps Abby

Now that Abby cannot be committed thanks to her marriage to Stefan, Chad will feel hopeless and desperate. DOOL spoilers indicate that he’ll make a daring move to help his love by kidnapping her. Interestingly enough, he gets a little help from Ben, who has more than enough experience when it comes to taking Abigail against her will.

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9. Abigail Goes Into Labor

Of course, shortly after Chad kidnaps Abigail, DOOL spoilers tease that she’ll go into labor. Chad will be shocked at the development, but it seems like the baby is born without any issues. Abby ends up having a little girl that she names Charlotte, and Stefan is sure to be outraged when he realizes the moment he’s missed thanks to this brother. But, it’s not his kid anyway, so here’s hoping the truth comes out soon enough.

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8. Sheila Gets Comfortable

DOOL November spoilers indicate that Eli will try and score Sheila a job in Abe’s office. Meanwhile, Val will be given a job offer outside of town. As Abe and Val try and work out what to do about this new job, Sheila will plant herself right in the middle of Val, Abe, Eli, and Lani’s lives. This woman isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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7. Goodbye Paul

We all knew it was coming thanks to some social media posts by actor Christopher Sean, who plays Paul Narita on Days. Narita is gone from the show, and it’s time for Paul to bid adieu. Well, Paul’s exit is coming in November when his mom asks him to return to San Francisco, so he can undergo treatment. With Paul no longer in Salem, nothing is keeping Sonny and Will from reuniting.

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6. Baby Holly’s Custody

DOOL spoilers indicate that while both of Baby Holly’s parents are now dead and gone, she’ll have a slew of Salemites wanting to raise her. Eric is one of them; however, Maggie and Chloe might be standing in his way. Then there is Sarah, the baby’s aunt, who also seems very interested in taking care of orphaned Holly.

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5. New Couple Alert?

DOOL spoilers indicate that Sarah and Eric will try to work something out in regard to Holly, and the two will form a bond. With Rex in Sarah’s bad books, are fans looking at a new couple in Salem? Eric and Jenn are clearly done, and boy could he use someone new to keep his mind off everything he’s lost lately.

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4. Ted Laurent Returns

Actor Gilles Marini makes a Salem comeback when lawyer Ted Laurent returns! He’ll approach Hope asking for protection from Stefan DiMera, and he’ll let her know he’s trying to kill him. However, there is a stipulation from Ted about all this, and that is he doesn’t want Hope to tell Rafe. The two then strike up a deal where she agrees to Ted’s request if helps her to nail Ben.

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3. The Love Square

Speaking of Ben, Ciara will learn the truth about Tripp setting him up in November, and DOOL spoilers indicate that their relationship will fall apart at the seams. Ciara will admit her feelings for Ben and the two will share a kiss, leaving Tripp to fall into Claire’s arms.

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2. Wyatt’s Back

Speaking of Ciara, remember the little fling she had with a guy named Wyatt, someone who Theo set her up with some time ago? Well, the character is set to return to Salem in mid-November. Now that she and Ben are finally moving towards couple status, will Wyatt become a thorn in the couple’s side?

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1. The Abigail Switch

The moment many DOOL fans have been waiting for since the summer has finally arrived. Marci Miller, the current actress who plays Abigail DiMera, filmed her last scenes with the show in late May, and thus, those scenes will air in November. Miller will be out, and the actress who played Abby prior to Miller, Kate Mansi, will reprise the role in and around November as well. Out with the old and in with the new … or vice versa? Regardless, the switcheroo of Abigail will take place sometime in November.

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