Days Of Our Lives: Spoilers For August 2018

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It has been an intense summer in Salem so far, as fans are sitting on the edge of their seats each week to watch the drama unfold. Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers are out for August, and it seems the exciting plot twists will continue for the rest of the summer. Learn more about what will happen to Chabby, Stefan, WilSon, John, Marlena and others in the DOOL 16 crazy and shocking spoilers for August 2018.

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16. Shawn and Belle Return

According to reports, Belle and Shawn are returning to the land of Salem sometime in late August. The even better news? Actors Brandon Beemer and Marth Madison are not coming back for just a short-term stint — they are in for an extended run! The great news was revealed by Madison recently during an interview, and fans of Shelle can rejoice in knowing they’ll get to see more of their favorite super couple. Here’s hoping they can finally put Claire in line now that they are back in town.


15. Sami’s Return

Soap opera sites and social media has been buzzing since it was announced earlier this year that beloved Alison Sweeney would be returning to DOOL in the late summer. She blew out of town after having a one-night stand with her ex, Rafe … will she blow back into town with a baby? Only time will tell.

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14. Jarlena Wedding

Many DOOL fans have been on the edge of their seats, wondering and waiting around when John and Marlena will tie the knot again. They announced their pending nuptials back in May, and the anticipation around their “I dos” is building. One can’t help but wonder that if Belle, Shawn, and Sami are all returning in late August, maybe the Jarlena wedding will take place in and around that time?

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13. WilSon Learn More About The Letter

Good news DOOL fans! For those who have been worrying over Sonny and Will and the mysterious letters, turns out WilSon will figure out who has been sending them by early August. DOOL spoilers hint that Stefan may be one of the main suspects, but it really could be anyone at this point.

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12. Ben and Ciara Get Busted

These two will continue to grow quite close as the summer progresses and ends. Ciara seems to be intrigued by Ben and has also lost interest in Tripp. Look for an awkward moment between these two in early August, as they reach in for a close moment and get busted by mommy Hope and her boyfriend Rafe. Clearly a misunderstanding, Rafe and Hope will have Ben cornered with guns pointing at his face.

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11. New Alliances Form

DOOL spoilers indicate that in early August, an alliance will form between Brady, Eve, and Stefan in order to bring Titan down. Brady and Eve will promise to help the DiMera with his plans, but this may all blow up in their faces. Never trust a DiMera of any kind when it comes to scheming.

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10. Chad vs. Stefan

Speaking of, as lines are drawn in the sand, these two will continue to be at each other’s throats for most of August, as the summer winds down. With Abigail carrying Stefan’s child (so they all think, thanks to Gabi switching the paternity results), things will continue to be heated between these two DiMera brothers.

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9. Lani Tries To Move On

Off the cusp of the death of her infant son, Lani will try and pick up the pieces of her broken heart come August. DOOL spoilers indicate that she will return to work in the coming weeks, but is this all too soon? The heartache she’s endured by losing Baby David has been unbearable for her as of late. Here’s hoping things will lighten up for Lani.

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8. Will She Say Yes?

Jeneric have continued to progress in their relationship this summer and come August, Eric will be taking things to the next level. DOOL spoilers indicate that he will get down on bended knee very soon and ask for Jenn’s hand in marriage. The bigger question is … will she say yes?

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7. Jennifer Finds The Truth

Jennifer has been working quite hard as of late to clear J.J.’s name of any drug allegations that came to fruition during Tate Black’s custody hearing. J.J. took the wrap for the drugs so that Theresa wouldn’t have to, and it seems like Jenn will finally figure out that it was old enemy Eve at the helm of it all.

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6. Victor Faces Maggie’s Wrath

Still, Eve wasn’t alone in the entire drug allegations scheme, and she did have Victor’s help. DOOL spoilers hint that once the proverbial poop hits the fan on all this, Victor’s biggest concern will be Maggie. She’ll be quite upset her husband stooped so low on this one.

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5. Gabi Looks For An Ally

DOOL spoilers tease that Gabi will tell Kate all of her underhanded deeds regarding the Abigail paternity test switch in an effort to gain her as an ally in her scheme. Seems like a risky thing to do, as the more people that know a secret, the more likely it is to come to the surface. Will Kate join forces with Gabi? DOOL fans will have to tune in to find out!

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4. John’s Bachelor Party

As the Jarlena wedding approaching, John is thrown a bachelor party as a last singles’ man hurray! DOOL spoilers indicate that something occurs during the party that places a threat on the couple, which could derail the wedding plans. Having said that, the wedding still seems to go through at the end of August, although expect some day-of chaos.

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3. Adrienne Confronts Bonnie

Steve will end up finding Adrienne’s doppelganger, Bonnie, and the two women will have a confrontation together nearing the end of August. While DOOL spoilers don’t indicate what will be said between the two ladies, one can only imagine that it’ll be intense and is a must-see for any viewer of the show.

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2. Susan Comes To Town

Get geared up for some crazy daytime drama entertainment! Susan Banks returns to Salem in late August and will head straight to Will’s doorstep. DOOL spoilers indicate that she’ll ask him for forgiveness. In other Will Horton teasers, as the month of August progresses, Will stands to have a huge breakthrough.

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1. Doug Sightings

Doug Williams spoiler alert! Doug is a beloved long-term DOOL character on the show that doesn’t always get the airtime that some fans would like. According to a tweet from actor Bill Hayes’ Twitter handle this summer, Doug is set to appear on the August 30 and 31st episodes of the show.

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