Teen Mom: 17 Insane Revelations From Farrah Abraham’s “My Teenage Dream Ended”

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15. Getting Together

Although the pair didn’t go the same school, Farrah took her chance with Derek after her friend revealed they had broken up. Using MySpace, Farrah got in touch with Derek and he asked her to a St. Patrick’s Day party, and a few weeks later he asked her to officially be his girlfriend, but she was still nervous around him. Farrah revealed that she would only kiss Derek when she was “tipsy” and planned their first sober kiss. “That was a crazy night with a lot of romantic drama — some couples were breaking up, others were hooking up for the first time. It was also the night that almost everyone we knew realized that Derek and I were a couple. Our kiss left no doubt about that. Hopefully, it would keep away all the girls who were always hovering around Derek, like sharks circling their prey.”

Source: In Touch Weekly


14. The Talk

Even though Farrah and Derek fell for each other fast, they hit a minor bump in the road when Derek invited her to his senior prom. In her memoir, Farrah reveals how incredibly excited she was to be asked to go with him, but things changed when he brought up the old prom cliche. “He was quiet for a little while and then he said, ‘You know, when we go to prom I really want to have sex. Are you okay with that? Everyone has sex that night. All the guys will make fun of me if we don’t.'” Farrah was adamant that she wasn’t going to have sex with him just because of that and told him if it was so important to him he could go with someone else. “I was never afraid to let a boy go if he was pressuring me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with — he could go do whatever he wanted with some other girl. At that point, it was up to Derek to make or break our relationship. Derek looked at me for a moment and then whispered, ‘Okay, no pressure.'” Unfortunately upon arrival at the prom, Farrah became upset when Derek put his hand on her crotch when posing for their photo, “I’m still not sure if he put his hand there on purpose, but when it happened, it became obvious to me what was really on his mind and what he wanted at the end of the night. Everyone waiting in line saw. Our friends were laughing and Derek had turned bright pink from embarrassment.”

Source: Mirror