Teen Mom 2’s 12 Most Shocking Moments

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With Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG, it didn’t seem like Teen Mom 2 could live up to the drama and shocking moments fans were used to, but were we ever wrong. Teen Mom 2 has become just as successful as the original series as audiences continue to follow the lives of Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska, and all of the challenges that come along with becoming moms at a young age. Over the seasons there have been so many crazy and jaw-dropping moments, they are hard to remember, but here are 12 of the most shocking Teen Mom 2 moments of all!

12. Kailyn and Jo’s Split

After almost seven seasons, it is hard to remember everything that has occurred in all of the women’s lives since welcoming their first children on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. Back in season one of Teen Mom 2, however, Jo and Kailyn were still living together and, in the first episode, they break up, and unbelievably, Kailyn started dating a new guy, Jordan, while still living in Jo’s house with their son Isaac and Jo’s parents. It was a bold move and things just got even more shocking as Kailyn has to ask Jo for money to pay for school, and after finding out about her new relationship, Kailyn was kicked out. Things turned nasty as Jo kicked her out and said, “B–ch, you owe me money,” while his mom looked  on.

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11. Jenelle Signs Over Custody

Jenelle Evans was not ready to be a mother when she welcomed Jace in August 2009 when she was only 18. After continuing to party and neglecting her responsibilities as a mother, it was up to her own mother Barbara to take care of the baby. While it was very clear Jenelle wasn’t ready, it was still shocking when she signed over custody of Jace to Barbara. It was the best move for Jace, but she has continued to surprise everyone with her inability to keep her life together long enough to regain custody, even though she has since welcomed her second son, Kaiser.

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10. Leah and Jeremy

The saga of Corey and Leah was complicated and dramatic, but the rate at which Leah moved on was very surprising. While she was still dealing with the divorce from Corey, Leah already began talking about a new guy who had begun messaging her online and within three episodes in season 3, Leah and Jeremy had decided to move in together. It seemed like in a blink of an eye everything ended with Corey, and she went fast forward with Jeremy, marrying him in April 2012 and welcoming daughter Adalynn in February 2013.

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9. Leah’s Divorces

Leah’s shockingly fast relationships have resulted in marriage, kids and, sadly, divorces. After getting pregnant with twins with Corey after only one month of dating and struggling to handle everything, it isn’t too surprising now that Corey and Leah didn’t work out, but it was when it came to Leah and Jeremy. While they moved fast, Jeremy seemed level-headed and logical; however, the strain of his out-of-town job quickly took a toll, and as Leah’s own mental health issues began to worsen, the two called it quits, resulting in Leah’s second divorce in four years.

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8. Leah’s Drug Scandal and Therapy

For many seasons, Leah was one of the most stable on the show, and she worked through the struggles of co-parenting as well as Ali having severe health issues very impressively, but after welcoming her third child with Jeremy, things seemed to go downhill quickly for Leah. As she began to take medications for her anxiety, there were major changes in Leah and fans were shocked as she nodded off, slurred her words and even nodded off while chatting with her brother and holding her niece, all of which seemed to point towards a drug problem. Things escalated to the point where Corey confronted Leah about her drug use and even said people have been telling him that she was addicted. While Leah always denied she had a problem, it was scary and surprising to see her essentially break down after holding it together so long.

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7. Jenelle’s Downfall

At this point, Jenelle Evans getting in a physical or verbal altercation or even going to jail doesn’t surprise Teen Mom 2 fans anymore, but in the early seasons, everything was jaw-dropping. Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for her…they did. In the first season, Jenelle met the now infamous Keiffer Delp, and the two went from fighting with Jenelle’s mom to becoming homeless to developing serious drug addicts and into becoming criminals very quickly. After attending rehab, breaking up and making up with Kieffer many times and failing drug tests, Jenelle always seemed to be on the brink of straightening out, only for things to get much worse. Then, of course, the end of season three brought the bombshell that Jenelle really wasn’t quite sure who Jace’s dad was because while she always said it was her then-boyfriend, Andrew. She slept with a friend at a party around the same time and even admits Jace looks an awful lot like the friend. Jenelle’s storyline never fails to astound viewers, but the early seasons were absolutely shocking.

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6. Kailyn and Javi Fight

After the domestic violence incident between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley in Teen Mom OG, it seemed history had repeated itself when Kailyn Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin got into such an intense argument, she ended up striking him. The two also moved fairly quickly and the incident occurred shortly after they made the decision to move in together. Even after she struck him, the pair continued to work on things and amid all of their constant arguing, it was surprising when they revealed they were expecting and married before the birth of their son Lincoln. Instead of getting better, things seem to be getting worse for the couple in recent seasons, and the once calm and collected Javi has a lot more attitude and ruins trips for Kailyn and accuses her of being a bad mom for going away for a night or weekend. Definitely not the wedded bliss many had hoped for the couple.

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5. Chelsea and Adam

Given how much Chelsea Houska absolutely detests her ex Adam Lind now, many forget that it took her a very, very long time to let go. In the first few seasons she fought and then got back together with Adam and even hid the fact he was living with her from her dad Randy, and each time she took him back we were shocked. Adam was not a good person or a good dad to Aubree back then and, needless to say, after they had seemingly officially called it quits, fans were floored when the pair revealed on the season 4 reunion special in May 2013 that they had continued to hook up. If that wasn’t bad enough, the pair who can’t get along on-screen, surprised fans again when on the season 5 reunion special in October 2015, that they had continued hooking up! To make matters worse, Chelsea admitted at the season four reunion that they weren’t using protection, and, on the season 5 reunion it was revealed the two hooked up while Adam was on a break from his second daughter’s mother, Taylor. Too much drama!

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4. Kailyn Lowry’s Third Pregnancy

While she hasn’t discussed it on the show yet, while the seventh season of Teen Mom 2 was airing in early 2017, Kailyn Lowry shocked everyone when she confirmed reports she is expecting her third child. Fans who have followed Kailyn through all seven seasons were surprised for many reasons but mainly because she had just gone through a divorce from Javi Marroquin and insisted she did not want any more kids and wanted to focus on her career while he wanted a baby. In her announcement, Kailyn did not identify who the father of her baby was but did explain that a doctor told her that as she got older her chances of conceiving and carrying a child would get even less. With that knowledge, she knew she did want another baby and decided to try with the person she was with. She gave birth to baby Lux on August 5, 2017.

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3. Ali’s Diagnosis

On 16 and Pregnant, Leah Messer and Corey Simms’ story was memorable for audiences after the pair explained that not only were they teens and expecting, but they had only been dating for a month and were expecting twins! After continuing to share their story on Teen Mom 2, the main focus of their story was on one of their twins, Ali, and her medical issues. For four and a half seasons, Ali was in and out of doctor and specialist appointments and at one point they were even told she did not have a genetic disorder, but it all came crashing down in the season five episode “That’s the Way Love Goes” when it was revealed Ali is suffering from an extremely rare form of muscular dystrophy called Titin Gene Mutation. The diagnosis was heart-wrenching and incredible as Ali is only one of a very few people in the world with the disease and the only child in the world with it right now. The enormous effect of this in Ali’s life, as well as her family, has been some of the hardest for fans to watch as Leah and Corey are told she is only going to get weaker, and will most likely be wheelchair bound before too long.

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2. Jenelle’s Drug Addiction

There have been instances on Teen Mom 2 where audiences have felt there has to be a point where crews or producers can step in, and while they have become a fixture on the show in recent seasons, this was not true for early seasons. One of the most shocking moments of watching Teen Mom 2 was during Jenelle’s dangerous addiction to heroin and other drugs. Although the show was carefully edited to make sure she was not seen actually taking a drug, a particular scene in the season four season finale episode, still gives viewers chills when they see it. At the time Jenelle is still with Kieffer and he is getting upset because he can’t find his pills, and it is clear he is already pretty high and then to the horror of fans, they watched as the two get so high they nod off on the couch mid-conversation. It was one of those moments as a reality TV viewer you couldn’t believe was actually being filmed as crews and producers just looked on as drug addicts fulfilled their high.

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1. Leah and Corey’s Affair

Some of the biggest announcements have come out of the season reunion specials, but no one saw this coming. In the season six reunion special, Corey, Leah and Corey’s wife Miranda seemed to drop a huge secret when they revealed that in the early months of his marriage to Miranda, Corey had hooked up with Leah. Given the fact that their marriage broke down because of a cheating scandal and Corey always seemed like a stand-up guy, this news was incredible. As the two were bickering, Leah finally said, “Where were you at for the first few months of your marriage?” and when Dr. Drew asked if the pair had “continued relations” while Corey was with Miranda, Leah confirmed it. “Things happened that shouldn’t have happened and it was disrespectful to Miranda and I have apologized.” If it did happen at the beginning of their relationship, it means Leah was still married to Jeremy at the time as well and it became very clear why Miranda was always so short with Leah and preferred to remain mostly off-camera and absolutely stunned fans who thought the pair had just tried to maintain a friendly relationship for the sake of their twins.

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