Secrets Behind Dancing With The Stars’ Hottest Hookups

Dancing With the Stars has now been airing for nearly 30 seasons and in that time fans have loyally watched as countless celebrities and their pro counterparts battled for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy. With so much emotion going into the dances and time spent together, there have also been numerous romances spark behind the scenes. Check out these secrets behind some of the hottest Dancing With the Stars hookups:

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35. Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson’s Break

Just as Dancing With the Stars fans were getting into a frenzy over  Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson’s new relationship in early 2016, it came to an end. While the two never commented on the status of their relationship, it was clear they had split when Val began dating Amber Rose who had competed with his brother, Maksim, on season 23 of Dancing With the Stars in the fall of 2016. Just as things seemed to be getting pretty serious between Val and Amber, the pair abruptly split in February of 2017, and it didn’t take long before rumors swirled that Johnson and Chmerkovskiy had reconciled. In the summer of 2017, Chmerkovskiy confirmed the relationship was back on and more serious than ever after he served as the best man in his brother’s wedding to fellow dancer Peta Murgatroyd, and he said he was “in love.” “Is that what it’s called, the wedding bug? Or have I gained a different perspective on, you know, what love is and what happiness is?” he shared. “You know, I’m in a great place and I’m in love, and I’m very grateful for that.”

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34. Sasha Farber and Emma Slater- How They Met

Pro dancers Sasha Farber and Emma Slater met the same way many of the other Dancing with the Stars pros met — while working on the show Burn the Floor. They started dating in 2011, two years after they first met and one year after they were both cast on the popular dance competition show. Farber and Slater have now known each other for a decade and have been together for nearly as long (not including their brief break up). According to Farber, he knew Slater was the one only “three or four months” after they first met.


33. Karina Smirnoff and Mario Lopez’s Complicated Romance

A pro found love with their star partner yet again when Karina Smirnoff was matched with Saved by the Bell hunk Mario Lopez for the third season of Dancing With the Stars. Their chemistry was noticeable to everyone and it wasn’t surprising when they revealed they really were dating. “I thought he was extremely hot and charming,” she revealed of her first impression of Lopez. The two moved in together after six months of dating and stayed together for two years until June 2008 when Lopez confirmed to Smirnoff that he had cheated on her, leading to a very painful breakup. “He pretty much confirmed everything. It felt like the world came to an end for a second. I couldn’t get up. That was when all the little pieces came together in my head. You come to that realization that this is now what you want out of love and out of life, and is not who you want to be with,” Smirnoff told People after the split.

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32. Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec’s Romantic Proposal

After just less than a year of dating after they were partnered on season 20 of the show, Robert Herjavec decided he was ready for the next big step with pro dancer Kym Johnson and he proposed on February 27, 2016, with a gorgeous 6.5-carat emerald cut ring. He explained that he surprised Johnson with an elaborate setup. “We went to the house and I had rose petals going up to the pool. “In the pool was a big swan and on the swan was a box. She pulled the swan in, opened the box, and I said, ‘Actually that’s not for you. That’s for me,’” he said of tricking his fiancee. “I opened the box and the ring was inside. And I said, ‘Will you marry me?’ and she started crying and doing crazy sounds. And then I asked again and she started crying and doing crazy sounds. And I asked a third time and I was like, ‘Ok this is really uncomfortable!’ he joked. Of course, Johnson said “Yes!” eventually and Herjavec added, “I still can’t believe that a year after walking into a dance studio of all places, my life has changed this much. Kym is an incredible woman and I’m just so excited for what the future brings for us.”

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31. Peta Murgatroyd’s First Impresssion Of Maks

The two dancers met when they were both cast in the Broadway production Burn the Floor back in 2009. Nowadays, Peta Murgatroyd is head over heels for Maks Chmerkovskiy, but she admits that her first impression of him wasn’t the best. She thought he was extremely arrogant! He defends himself by explaining that his attitude is just a defense mechanism. “No, I walked in the way I walk in and…it’s just a lot of presence.” He also teases her that she was actually in love with him at “first sight and just doesn’t want to admit it” which she kind of owns up to. She said she always had an attraction to Maksim, but she never acted on it because he was previously engaged to fellow pro Karina Smirnoff and she was dating fellow dancer, Damien Whitewood. The arrogance thing isn’t too hard to believe because, before he settled down with Peta, he definitely generated a “bad boy image” for himself, but Peta insists that’s just a facade and he’s actually an extremely gentle person.

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30. Mark Ballas and Sabrina Bryan’s Breakup

This couple had chemistry on and off the dance floor. Bryan was excited the moment she found out “Marky Baby” was her partner. PEOPLE reported that when Mark’s band, Almost Amy, was performing at a Hollywood nightclub he dedicated the first song to “my beautiful Sabrina.” The couple split in 2007 supposedly due to their hectic work schedules.

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29. Val and Jenna – Baby Fever

Although the pair only just married in the spring of 2019, they have not made a secret out of the fact that they cannot wait to start a family of their own. In December 2017, Chmerkovskiy opened up about being an uncle to his nephew Shai and admitted he had “baby fever,” but wasn’t sure if Johnson was quite there yet. “No she does, she does. I think she would love to be a mother, but she also has so many incredible things going on in her life and I would feel very selfish to interrupt them for nine months,” he explained. Johnson added that seeing Val with his nephew has ensured her that he would be ready for his own kids. “You know, [Val] never grew up with kids. And so all of a sudden, this baby plops into their lives and he’s like, ‘What do I do?’ But it’s been awesome,” she said. “It’s great to have training. He needs to learn how to change a diaper. That’s going to be a for-sure thing. But it’s so cute. He’s such a good uncle and he loves [Shai] so much.”

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28. Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks

During Julianne Hough’s last season as a pro, she fell for her partner, country singer Chuck Wicks. The two ended up dating from August 2008 to November 2009, and things seemed to be getting pretty serious until they abruptly broke up. The split was mutual and inspired Hough’s own song, “Is That So Wrong,” but she later revealed that the spark between herself and her next boyfriend Ryan Seacrest began while she was still with Wicks. “I had another boyfriend, Chuck Wicks, whom I met on DWTS. While we were dating, we went on Ryan’s radio show together. At the end, Ryan said something like, ‘You guys really have something special!’ And I thought to myself, ‘He’s so full of s–t right now.’” She and Seacrest then dated from April 2010 to March 2013.

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27. Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec – Money, Money, Money

Before meeting Herjavec, Johnson said she wasn’t “opposed to dating a celebrity,” when asked about the possibility of dating one of her star partners, and while Herjavec is known for Shark Tank, it is his business sense that has given him incredible success. Together the pair has a combined net worth of $201 million with $200 million being credited to Herjavec and Johnson bringing in her own $1 million. According to reports, after the two became engaged, the businessman asked for a prenup that would prevent him from paying out millions like he did to his ex-wife if his marriage to Johnson ever were to end. “Kym will get $100,000 for every year they are married, capped at $1 million, if the marriage ends,” a source told the Daily Mail. They added, “The houses they live in are all in Robert’s name, and Kym won’t have any claim to the properties if they split.”

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26. Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson – The One

Those who have been fans of Val Chmerkovskiy ever since he joined Dancing With the Stars know that family is everything to him and that is how he knew that Johnson was “the one.” “I knew Jenna was the one when I saw how close she is with her family and how she interacts with her nieces and nephews,” he shared in an interview. “Family is everything to me and I can’t wait for us to build one together.” Upon announcing their engagement, Johnson said Val was “the one” from the beginning. “I knew the moment I met you, you were the man of my dreams and I wanted to be with you forever,” she wrote.

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25. Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence’s Split

Cheryl Burke and actor Matthew Lawrence’s split seemed sudden but it was soon shrouded in drama when rumors circulated that it came after Burke had cheated on Lawrence. Things became even more scandalous when reports surfaced that Burke had not only cheated on Lawrence but did so with Dancing With the Stars’ season two winner, Drew Lachey, who Burke had danced with on the show’s second and third tours, and who was married. According to those behind the scenes, things heated up between Burke and Lachey during the third tour which began in December 2007 and ended in February 2008. According to Star, “They didn’t go very far to cover it up. Cheryl was constantly draped all over Drew. They held hands, had their legs intertwined and were always touching inappropriately.” The reports also stated that on January 22, 2008, during the stop for the show in Jacksonville, Florida, Lawrence went into Cheryl’s dressing room and caught her with Lachey. The magazine continued, “The insiders say that the next day, as tour members prepared to get on the bus to leave town, Drew had to be restrained as he ranted at Matthew and his brother, Joey in the parking lot.” Burke and Lachey adamantly denied the reports and the affair, but things looked very suspicious when Lawrence and Burke broke up as the tour ended and Lawrence allegedly told Star, “There are too many things going on. I can’t talk about it.”

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24. Emma Slater and Sasha Farber- Lived Together While Apart

In 2014, the beloved couple briefly broke up after dating for three years, but it might have been the most amicable breakup ever when theytwo revealed they were still living together! “For now, living together is just totally fine. It’s not going to be forever, but I was glad that he decided to go on tour with me. I only ever want the best for him, but I will be there because we’re going to be there for each other,” she said. They ended up getting back together in December 2015.

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23. Maks Chmerkovskiy and Peta – The Ring

Maks finally proposed to Peta on December 5, 2015 in front of an entire audience during their dance tour. It was evident Maks put a lot of time and effort into designing the ring and he chose an Italian jewelry company called Cantamessa to design it. “Their women’s designs have been worn by royal families all over the world. I was Skyping with a group of Italian jewelry markers that are fourth or fifth generation!” He picked out the rock and they did all the designs for him, so to him it was an easy process! Although he got lucky by having an amazing designer work on his ring, Maks admits getting her ring size was a little trickier! He said he went through her phone and jewelry box in order to find some examples, he even tied a string around her finger while she was sleeping! “It was a stealth mission,” he said in an interview with People.

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22. Cheryl Burke and Chad Johson’s Fling

In 2010, famed NFL trash-talker Chad Johnson joined the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars where he and his pro partner Cheryl Burke ended up doing fairly well on and off the dance floor. As is usual for every season, many assumed that there was a bit more going on with the pair than just dancing because of their “great chemistry,” which she wrote about in her book Dancing Lessons. She did confirm later in an interview with Lifeline Live that there was a bit of romance between the two, but nothing too serious. “We maybe had a little bit of a fling, I wouldn’t take it to that word dating.

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21. Emma Slater and Sasha Farber – Their Home

In August 2016, Emma Slater and Sasha Farber bought their first home after five years of dating! The couple’s home has been described as a “fairytale style” home with a very cozy, cottage-like appeal. They fell in love with it almost immediately. “I saw it and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! We have to get it,’” said Slater. “I didn’t even go inside.” The million dollar hideaway has become a popular hangout for all their DWTS castmates and a creative space for dancing! “Right here is where all the choreography comes together. We already choreographed all our routines in this room,” said Farber.

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20. Val Chmerkovskoy and Amber Rose

While it is usually stars and pros that are matched up who find romance together, that is not what happened with Amber Rose and Val Chmerkovskiy. The model was paired up with Val’s brother Maksim for the 23rd season of the show, and while they were eliminated early on, it was enough time for Amber and Val to strike up a friendship. Soon after her elimination, the two sparked romance rumors by posting flirty pictures on social media and were seen holding hands while out on dates. In early January 2017, Amber confirmed the relationship admitting that the pair had been dating for around four months, but only one month later the pair then confirmed they had split!


19. Maks and Peta – Friends First

Peta and Maks have known each other for a long time and worked closely together for quite some time so they developed a strong friendship before they started dating. “I learned to like him because I found out he wasn’t that arrogant. He was really generous to the entire cast, and our friendship grew and grew,” she said. “He sponsored me for my first visa: I came to him as a friend and said, ‘What do I do?’ I didn’t expect he would go that far for me.” He was there for her during some really important times in her life like moving to America and landing a gig on Dancing with the Stars. “It was a whirlwind experience and again Maks was a friend and mentor,” she said. It wasn’t until the season finale that the two realized they had a lot of chemistry. “The crazy, insane chemistry between us was electric. We came together like magnets. That’s how I felt anyway. We couldn’t deny it any more and finally did something about it. He took me on a couple of dates.”

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18. Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence – Boy Meets Normal World

Despite finding fame on Boy Meets World and a show with his two brothers Joey and Andrew, Matthew Lawrence is just a normal guy and that is what Cheryl loves about him. It has been abundantly clear that it is Burke who speaks out more about their romance and relationship and Lawrence, but keeping things private is one of the things she admires most about him! “This is the reason why I love him so much because he is as normal as any guy that you would meet that’s not in this business,” she gushed. “He’s not really into social media, he loves his animals so much. I mean, he lives in the same house that he lived in a decade ago when we were dating and he turned his whole backyard into a mini zoo. He’s got his iguanas he raises, his tortoises, a billion fish.”

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17. Karina Smirnoff and Maks Chmerkovskiy’s Romance

Almost immediately after her split from Lopez, Smirnoff began dating fellow Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy in the summer of 2008. Things got serious very quickly between the two and they were engaged by December 2008. Nine months later in September, however, the two called it quits amicably, but insiders said they couldn’t agree on starting a family. Maks wanted children right away, but Karina wasn’t ready.

16. Maks and Peta – Part of the Family

Chmerkovskiy has said that his family loves Peta just as much as he does, which is definitely important when it comes to making a relationship work! In fact, his family was pressuring him to pop the question for a long time before he did it. But in his eyes, it didn’t matter how quickly he did it because she knew, he knew and his family knew she was going to be a part of the family one day. “I mean, they were all giving me the stink eye here and there, but she was already family, and this is just a formality,” he said. His younger brother who is also a DWTS pro, Val Chmerkovskiy said something similar when asked about the two of them getting married. “The thing is, Peta’s been part of the family for so long, it was a natural thing, but it was [also] an overdue thing. We were all waiting for it. But I think when it happens, it’s fairly surreal and it’s beautiful,” he said.


15. Val and Jenna – The Proposal

After reconciling their relationship in 2017, Val popped the question in mid-June 2018 while the pair were in Italy. “When I was 17, I visited Venice for the first time and thought it was the most romantic place in the world. I promised myself then that the next time I would come back to Venice was to propose to the woman I’d want to spend the rest of my life with,” he explained as to why he chose there to propose. “Fifteen years later I kept my word. It was perfect.” When he decided it was time to propose, he made sure the ring was everything that Jenna would want. Val designed the ring himself along with Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co., opting for a large rectangular cushion-cut diamond complemented by a diamond halo and a pave diamond band. “Val came to us once he knew he was ready to pop the question and we walked him through the process and helped him design an incredible engagement ring for Jenna,” a rep for Jacob & Co. revealed, adding that the creation of the ring took about a month.


14. Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence – Reunited

After almost 10 years of being broken up, the two rekindled their romance in February 2017 and haven’t looked back, and all it took was a simple text. “Ten years ago, it was the wrong timing. But a mutual friend was like, ‘Oh, Matt says hi.’ Then it was an easy text over Christmas and we haven’t stopped seeing each other since,” Burke recalled of how they reunited. “It’s like we never missed a day, but it just feels so right this time.” She added thatm although the relationship didn’t work out previously, she had faith it would now because they are “older, wiser—and a lot older.” She also gushed, “We feel so lucky, at least I do. You know, you get a second chance at something.”

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13. Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish – Blurred Lines

Val Chmerkovskiy has had a hard time keeping his emotions out of it when it comes to Dancing With the Stars, and in season 19 when he was partnered with Pretty Little Liars actress Janel Parrish, things heated up quickly between the two. Pretty soon the two weren’t hiding their relationship status, and were spotted holding hands and going out on dates, and in his memoir “I’ll Never Change My Name,” Val fully confirmed the romance. “Gradually all the interactions between us took on a highly personal flavor. We entered into a romance,” he wrote. He also revealed that he knew it wasn’t something he wanted, but thought maybe it would help elevate them that season to take home a Mirrorball Trophy, but the opposite happened. “I fell into the trap of letting relationship melodrama get in the way of me sticking to the script, which was to focus on dance. I let the line get blurred. I didn’t separate the personal from the work. The reason I came to look at season 19 as disappointing wasn’t a result of the content or not winning, but what appeared to matter was the romance, not the performances.”

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12. Emma Slater and Sasha Farber – TV Proposal

Sasha Farber proposed to longtime girlfriend Emma Slater on October 4th, 2016 during an episode of Dancing with the Stars! The whole thing was totally emotional and touching as Tom Bergeron handed the show over to Farber and he said, “Babe, I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time. I love you so, so much.” He got down on one knee and, of course, she said yes! The big screen behind them quickly flashed, “She said yes!” and the whole audience erupted with joy. Farber said he came up with the idea of proposing on live television because it was the perfect way to share the moment with their families who couldn’t be there. “Her parents are away in England, my parents are in Australia, our families are all around the world and they’ll get to see this,” he said.


11. Maks and Peta’s Long Distance Relationship

Being on a hit show that also tours in the off season means these two are no stranger to hectic schedules and nurturing a long distance relationship. Back in 2015 when Peta was traveling around the country for the summer Dancing with the Stars Live! tour, her and Maks were forced to spend a lot of time apart, but Maks made sure that it didn’t become a big deal and he described it as a small bump in their journey. “We just decide to not go longer than a couple weeks [without seeing each other]. It’s a hiccup in the grand scheme of things. There’s a whole life together depending on how you take care of yourself,” he told People. He also gushed about how awesome Peta is and that their relationship is “amazing.” In order to make sure they were seeing each other often, he would often join along for the tour (not on stage) and bunk for a few days on the tour bus.

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10. Val and Jenna – The Special Moments

While Chmerkovskiy opened up about his jealousy in interviews, he was more candid in his book where he shared his real fear. “I’ve felt occasional twinges of jealousy, not because I don’t trust her, or because I fear that she’s not coming home to me, but because she might share a very special moment with somebody else, and I want all her special moments to be with me,” he wrote. “I want to be the only special moment she has, especially on such a high level of emotional tension, and especially when it comes to intimacy.” He continued, “Watching her dance with another man, I have to be willing to say, This is Jenna’s moment, and I need to celebrate that because I love her. That’s how I’ll know I’ve found the person I want to be with, when we can celebrate those moments together. At those times, I can almost feel our connection growing stronger. When it comes to love, you’ve got to dance in the big picture as well as the small. Sometimes it’s your moment, and you’ve got to love that, and sometimes it’s her moment, and you’ve got to love that too.”

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9. Mark Ballas and Shawn Johnson – Age Issue

Back in 2009, pro dancer Mark Ballas took home his second Mirrorball Trophy when he and gymnast Shawn Johnson took home the prize for season eight. As it turns out the pair had quite the romance going for the entire season and things were getting pretty serious, but the two continued to deny because of Johnson’s age at the time. Johnson was only 17 when she took home the big win and Ballas was 23. Through their denials there were reports of a “nasty breakup” after the season ended and their relationship is rumored to be the reason they couldn’t be partnered up for the All-Star edition in season 15 where she placed second with Derek Hough.

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8. Emma Slater and Sasha Farber – She Picked Her Ring

It might seem like a risky move to propose on stage in front of a live audience, but Farber was pretty confident his now fiancé would say yes, especially considering she had already picked the ring! They had both previously stated in an interview that marriage was definitely in the cards for them, it was just a matter of finding the right time. While Slater was totally surprised by the way Farber proposed, she couldn’t have been too surprised about the bling to go with it. The ring is a 4-carat oval, vintage-inspired, rose-colored sapphire that Slater picked out herself. “She had gone shopping and picked it. I spoke to her sister and she told me and I went and got it,” said Farber after the proposal.

7. Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec’s Wedding Day Mishap

Although it truly seemed as though their wedding day was a fairytale come to life, there was a minor mishap. In all the excitement and joy, for a brief moment, no one noticed that Johnson’s gown had actually caught on fire! “We smelled something and we thought, is someone having a barbecue?” Herjavec told PEOPLE. “Then we realized that Kym’s dress was on fire!” According to Johnson, her gorgeous, yet rather large dress, accidentally passed over a candle on her way to the altar. “I almost went up in flames! Thank God my man of honor stomped it out with his foot. But underneath my dress is completely singed,” she said.

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6. Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence – Family Plans

At first, Burke said she was in no rush to have kids but, after their reconciliation, she seemed to have changed her mind. In May 2017, only months after they got back together, Burke was not only sure that Lawrence was the one, but was already discussing plans to start a family with him.  “I’m not getting any younger. We want kids and all of that, so we’ll see what happens,” she said before she knew an engagement would be coming a year later. She added that they already knew how many kids they wanted, and some fellow Dancing with the Stars pros gave her baby fever, saying, “We’re going to try maybe for three, but I think right now one healthy one would be great. We really want to do it right. We want to do the steps of being engaged, moving in together, getting married and having kids. He’s 37, I’m 33, so it’s about that time. And of course I see Maks [Chmerkovskiy] and Peta [Murgatroyd] with their baby and everyone is having babies right now. So I’m like, ‘It’s time for me to have one!’”

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5. Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth

The gorgeous actress and dancing stud were paired up for season six of Dancing With the Starsand while they only placed sixth in the competition, things went much better for the pair behind-the-scenes. The two dated for more than a year after the show before they called it quits very amicably. The pair both sent out tweets reading, “Hi everyone, we wanted you all to know directly from us that Shannon & I have decided to end our relationship as boyfriend & girlfriend,” adding, “we love & care about each other very much.”

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4. Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson – Dancing Jealousy

Although both Jenna and Val have been dancing nearly their entire lives, he admitted that he can’t help but get jealous when he sees her dancing intimately with another man even though he knows it is her job.  “The type of person I am, I mean, I’m fairly jealous. I mean, look, I have all these emotions, you know,” he revealed in an interview, adding that “it’s hard” to watch. “I’m not perfect,” he continued. “But I have to check myself and be fair and say, like … how can I hold this against her if I’m in the same situation? And I would never want to compromise my artistry, you know, because I wouldn’t want to make my significant other feel uncomfortable.” In his memoir I’ll Never Change My NameChmerkovskiy revealed that he isn’t the only one who gets jealous though. “My girl can get very jealous, but she’s a lot better about it than I am. Jenna loves me more than she’s jealous, way more. So maybe reason isn’t the driving force, maybe it’s simply pure, unconditional love. She challenges me to rise to that same level,” he wrote.

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3. Maks and Peta Getting Back Together

Maks broke Peta’s heart when he broke up with her suddenly and it turns out his family was pretty angry with him too, and he knew he made a mistake. Maks admits breaking up with Peta back in 2013 was a big mistake and now Maks realizes he’s lucky she took him back. “I realized right away that I’d made a mistake. So I would take every opportunity to hover around,” he said. But despite knowing he never should have let her go, he did state that he needed that time apart to get to a position where he could propose. During their break up, both Peta and Maks were linked to other people, but after only three months apart they reunited. “I dodged a bullet [by getting her back] because she could have fallen in love with somebody else and this never would’ve happened. So I would take ever opportunity to hover around,” he said.

2. Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec – Double Trouble

With Herjavec already in his 50s and with three grown children from his previous marriage, the possibility of Herjavec and Johnson starting a family wasn’t really discussed — but then they revealed their surprise! On Monday, December 11 Johnson confirmed she was pregnant with an adorable Instagram post featuring a sonogram in which her unborn child seemed to be giving a thumbs-up gesture. She captioned the photo, “It’s a thumbs up.” A few days later, however, they had another surprise — they were actually expecting twins! “We waited so long that we decided to double up!” the couple revealed. “We are very grateful for the blessing of twins.” Of course, Johnson was never shy about her dream of motherhood. In 2012, she opened up about dating and said, “I’m looking for a good person I connect with… I can’t imagine myself without kids… I really want to be a mum. Hopefully I can find the right man.” On April 23, 2018, Kym gave birth to a son, Hudson Robert Herjavec, and a daughter, Haven Mae Herjavec.

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1. Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence – Homebodies

With Burke’s busy schedule and being apart from each other for 10 years, what the celebrity couple loves most is just being together at home, and they don’t strive to be in the spotlight. “We’re just like a normal couple. We just sit on the couch and sometimes stay up really late continuing to watch whatever we’re watching,” Burke said of their relationship. “He’s an actor, he’s been in the spotlight as well, which makes our relationship so much easier because he understands the rollercoaster ride that we both are on. Work is not consistent for either of us… With that you need to have a stable relationship or someone that understands what you’re going through.” She added, “We’re usually on the couch. I’m like top knot, no makeup on and ordering food and watching Homeland,” and joked that, ironically, when they aren’t being homebodies their second favorite thing to do is travel. “We’ve actually traveled all over the world. Other than watching Homeland, we love to travel.”

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