Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (March 23, 2020)

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Wondering what will happen in the land of Salem in the coming days? Two former friends will find themselves locked up together; a character will say goodbye; and Nicole will confide in someone about her suspicions. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of March 23, 2020.

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9. Kate and Gabi Locked Up

DOOL spoilers hint that Gabi and Kate will find that they are trapped together. Could this be the doing of Chad, with instructions from Stefano? Stefano has been wanting Kate out of the way, and Gabi could’ve gotten caught in the crossfire. Regardless, they’ll be in lockdown mode, with no hopes of escape.

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8. Maggie Says Goodbye

On a sad note, DOOL spoilers suggest Maggie will be saying her goodbyes this week, as she prepares for prison. It seems like she may be making her rounds to friends, family, and loved ones, but Days fans should expect an emotional farewell to hubby Victor. Make sure to stock up on the tissue for that scene.

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7. Ben Says Hello

As Maggie heads to prison, seems like Ben will be escaping it. DOOL spoilers tease that Ben will enjoy some life outside of Statesville in the coming days, so there may be a good chance that Rafe finds David, as well as Evan, and Orpheus, and proof is gathered around Ben’s innocence. A lot can change in the matter of a week, so here’s hoping that is the case.

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6. Nicole Spills

DOOL spoilers hint that Nicole will be planning her next move, so this might have to do with the ideas she has around the Rachel/Mickey baby switch. So, what will Nicole do as a next step? Days teasers relay she’ll reach out to Abe and confide in him. Maybe together, the two can come up with a plan to expose Xander and Victor.

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5. Hattie’s Decision

Speaking of “next move,” DOOL spoilers state that Hattie will make an unexpected decision regarding her future. Related teasers also indicate that Hattie has something to say to Roman this week, which seems to be something he doesn’t want to hear. Will Hattie decide to stay in Salem, or perhaps leave for good?

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4. Abigail Taken Aback

DOOL spoilers suggest that Abigail will make a discovery this week that has her taken aback. Could she stumble upon Kate and Gabi? Could she finally learn all that Chad has been up to? Or that Stefano has been brainwashing him? Perhaps she finds Marlena? Either way, it is something she won’t be expecting.

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3. Hope Learns More

Days spoilers reveal that Hope will get more details around what Princess Gina was up to during her time in Salem, which will continue to upset her. Not only will Hope most likely be taken aback around Gina’s actions but that all these things took place in her body, under her name. It’ll take time for her to process everything.

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2. Stefano’s Plans

As the week nears to an end, it seems as if Stefano will be making some big plans. In fact, DOOL spoilers indicate that he’ll reveal some interesting news to Tony and Kristen regarding Marlena, and both will be astounded by what he has to say. DiMera has something up his sleeve, but will it come to fruition?

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1. Could Marlena Be Bluffing?

According to DOOL spoilers, Stefano will tell Kristen and Tony that he is going to marry Marlena. It seems as if it’ll be a quickie ceremony, as it will take place the day it is announced by DiMera. With that said, additional teasers do state that Marlena will try and make a risky move to outwit “the king” so perhaps his marriage doesn’t go as planned after all.

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