Days Of Our Lives’ 12 Most Unbelievable Character Transformations

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Most soap opera characters tend to change over time; however, there are also crazy character transformations that can occur due to plot twists and storyline changes. The land of Salem is no exception to this rule and many characters have done some pretty insane things over the years that may seem out of line with their personalities. Below are 12 of Days of Our Lives (DOOL) most unbelievable character transformations.

12. Jennifer Horton

Jennifer Horton has always been Salem’s pinnacle girl-next-door. In fact, she’s been a goody two shoes from the start. Still, her personality took a turn for the worse when she had an opioid addiction back in 2016. She stole pills, engaged in a highly toxic relationship with Eric Brady that centered around alcohol, drugs, as well as sex, and fell very far away from the value system that her character has been known for. In many ways, it was weird for Days’ fans to see Jennifer during this time. Thankfully, she kicked the habit and is back to her old self.

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11. Chloe Lane

Chloe has always teetered on doing good and bad things during her stint in Salem; however, she crossed the line in and around 2012 when she was involved with Daniel Jonas. Chloe was obsessed with Jonas to the point where she committed heinous acts to keep him with her and away from then-love, Jennifer Horton. She tried to drug Jenn, set her up to look like a bad seed in front of Daniel, and even used their son Parker as a way to keep Jonas from being Horton. Since that time, Lane is back to being a good citizen in Salem, but boy did she do some unbelievable things back in the day.

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