Days Of Our Lives: 12 Most Controversial Moments Ever

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The land of daytime drama can be quite scandalous. There are love triangles, affairs, illegitimate babies, and plenty of scheming. Soap operas can also dive into real-life issues and sometimes walk that fine line of controversy to relay an incredible story. Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is notorious for its over-the-top plots but has also had its fair share of controversies over the years too. In fact, below are 12 of the most controversial moments in DOOL’s history.

12. Sami And E.J.’s Love Affair

When E.J. returned to Salem in 2006, he was quite smitten with Sami Brady. However, Sami was in love with Lucas Roberts. Although the two were neighbors and became friends, she became leery of him shortly after his arrival to the little town. There was one occasion where Sami felt he tried to rape her and then in December of 2006 he forced her to submit and have sex with him in order to save Lucas’ life. The two had this weird love-hate attraction and despite the terrible things he did when it came to having his way with her, Sami ended up falling in love with E.J., marrying him, and having two children with him. Many DOOL fans can agree that E.J. had a very twisted way of showing Sami how fond he was of her and vice-versa.



11. Carly Is Buried Alive

When Vivian Alamain buried Carly Manning alive in a coffin six feet under to fake her death with a radio to taunt her, ratings for DOOL skyrocketed. The buried-alive storyline is an iconic one that came with a little controversy as well. The idea of being in an enclosed coffin, buried in a graveyard, with your friends and family thinking you are dead (but you aren’t really) was a nightmare to some of claustrophobic DOOL fans out there and watching the story unfold was hard. There had never been a horrific soap storyline told like this one before, and never one seen again, except for the time Vivian tried to do it again to Maggie Horton in late 2010.

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