7 Forgotten Days Of Our Lives Couples

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is a soap opera with a rich history and is well known for creating some of the best super couples in the soap industry. It’s been on the air for over four decades now, and since DOOL fans have seen characters fall in love, break up, move out of town, die and even come back to life. There are many couples who have come and gone over the years. Some are memorable while others we’re quick to forget. Here’s a list of seven DOOL forgotten couples.

7. Eugene Bradford and Calliope Jones

Soap operas are known for their drama, but it’s always nice when there is some comedic relief mixed within plot lines now and again. Enter Eugene Bradford and Calliope Jones. These two were a huge DOOL couple in the 1980s and while they were opposites, they had nice chemistry together and definitely entertained fans with their wacky storyline of love. As crazy as their relationship was, Eugene’s exit from the show took the cake. He left the land of DOOL via a time machine he built. Sounds insane, but somehow the story worked for Bradford and Jones.

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6. Frankie Brady and Jennifer Horton

Before there was Jack, Daniel or Eric, Jennifer Horton was smitten with Frankie Brady. When Frankie strolled into Salem in 1986 with little brother Max, the Brady family took the two under their wings. He also jumped into a relationship with Jennifer Horton after meeting her at school. The duo had their ups and downs, but were a solid and popular DOOL couple at the time. Frankie would leave town at one point, and upon his return, Jenn had met Jack and the on-going love affair between these two fizzled.

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