10 Most Popular General Hospital Actors Ranked

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What would the land of General Hospital (GH) be without their leading men? There have been some incredible actors to grace the screens of GH over the years as they play the role of Port Charles best male characters. In honor of these male actors, here are the 10 of the most popular ever ranked from worst to best.

10. Billy Miller

Billy Miller had pretty big shoes to fill in 2014 when he took over the established role of Jason Morgan. Steve Burton had played the part for over two decades when Billy took the role and really made it his own. Some fans love Miller’s portrayal of Morgan, while others miss Burton, but it is undeniable that Billy has worked hard to evolve the Jason Morgan character to the next chapter in his life story on the soap.

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9. Ryan Paevey

The handsome and talented Ryan Paevey has played the role of Nathan West since 2013. Even though he has never won or even been nominated for a Daytime Emmy, Paevey thrills GH audiences with his portrayal of the good cop. Nathan’s romance with Maxie Jones has turned this duo into a bonefide GH super couple and Paevey continues to keep the streets of Port Charles honest through his many cop adventures.