General Hospital News Round-Up For The Week (March 21, 2022)

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Thanks to social media, General Hospital (GH) viewers have more access than ever to their favorite soaps stars. Find out who said what and keep up with the latest off-screen drama with our GH News Round-Up for the week of March 21st, 2022.

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10. A Laugh Between Father And Son

While things are pretty spicy between Sonny and Michael on GH right now — and we know the two actors have a volatile history as well — it’s great to see Maurice Benard and Chad Duell having a laugh behind the scenes. We aren’t entirely sure what kind of skit they were trying to pull off, but it’s a joy watching the two pros have a serious miscommunication. At the very least, it cuts through their on-screen tension nicely!

9. Will Julian Jerome Return?

At the annual General Hospital fan convention this past weekend, William deVry explained that while he would be game to return to GH, there would be conditions. reports that he would be willing to return for a “short arc”, which in deVry’s mind means appearing in ten episodes at max. However, the scheduling issue isn’t quite as daunting as bringing Jerome back to life, after being shot as many times as he was. According to deVry, executive producer Frank Valentini once chimed in on the character return and said, “If we keep bringing people back then we are nothing but an ATM machine. So it’s probably not a good idea.” So, don’t hold your breath, GH fans!

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8. Bad Hair Jokes

Even though Kin Shriner (Scott) was just on a break from GH, Will Lipton (Cameron) didn’t mind roasting his co-star about his — how should we put it — signature hairdo. Lipton tagged his buddy in a selfie that featured his messy mop-top and wrote, “good hair day”. Shriner later replied, tweeting, “Oh no, wrong on so many levels!!!!!!” Would Lipton have pulled this stunt if Shriner was on the set? Given the elder star’s good-natured reply, probably!

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7. Who Got The Last Laugh? 

Speaking of jokes, Maurice Benard recently set himself up for a side-splitter but didn’t realize it. When the GH icon tweeted, “I don’t like working with actors who are better than me”, it was pretty clear he was referring to his son, Joshua. However, former AJ Quartermaine actor Sean Kanan jumped on the tweet’s back by replying, “Obviously. You shoot them.” Clearly someone hasn’t gotten over the way AJ left Port Charles! “That made me laugh out loud,” Benard replied. “I love it.”

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6. Reaction To Carly/Esme Assault

GH fans continue to debate whether Carly went too far during her confrontation with Esme in the March 14th episode. Viewers will recall that Carly grabbed Ms. Prince by the wrist and the young woman shrieked as a ploy to garner sympathy from Nikolas Cassadine. As reports, the fan reaction is mostly against Carly, but not because they’re defending Esme. Rather, there’s a consensus that Carly never has to answer for her misdeeds, so why is she policing other people to take responsibility? Fair point!

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5. Sydney Mikayla Explains Why She Left

As previously reported, actress Sydney Mikayla’s last scene as Trina Robinson aired on March 17th. And while GH fans await Trina’s return with recast Tabyana Ali at the helm, Mikayla has revealed more about her decision to leave the hit ABC soap in order to focus on her education.

“I think my parents and I called it the ‘tester quarter’”, Mikayla explained to Soap Opera Digest, in reference to how UCLA breaks the academic year into quarters, rather than semesters. “We tried to see, is this going to work? Is this feasible? We didn’t really expect how crazy a 10-week quarter is. Because we’re learning the same information that you would learn in a semester in half the time. So that was a pretty crazy experience.”

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4. James Patrick Stuart Updates Fans

James Patrick Stuart has finished filming his new TV series and couldn’t disguise his excitement to be back in Port Charles. “After weeks of filming Disney’s new The Villains of Valley View, blessed to be back on the General Hospital stage this week,” Stuart shared on Twitter. “LOVE that place. Amazing and gracious people who achieve the impossible all day long.” Stuart then tagged co-stars Cynthia Watros (Nina), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) and Finola Hughes (Anna), leading fans to wonder if Valentin will soon be sharing scenes with these actresses.

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3. Nancy Lee Grahn Surgery Warning

Any scenes Valentin might have with Alexis will be limited, however, as actress Nancy Lee Grahn has warned fans that she will have surgery on a cyst. “Heads up, Having a little back thingy surgery next week,” she tweeted. Upon listing the powerful pain relief drugs she’ll be taking, Grahn joked, “Ignore anything I tweet from 03/23/22 to 3/27/22. Thank you.” In other words, get your popcorn ready and stay tuned!

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2. Joshua Benard Serenades Fans

Joshua Benard made his return to GH last week as college kid, Adam. In a video clip shared on Twitter and Instagram, proud papa Maurice Benard celebrated the moment by filming his son in a candid exchange. As the elder Benard pestered Joshua to talk about his Youtube show, State Of Mind, the young actor instead offered up a song. “I want to sing a song for them, that’s my thing now – I’m a musician,” Joshua replied. Check out his rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely?” below!

1. Leslie Charleson Is Temporarily Recast

Viewers who caught the March 15th episode of GH no doubt noticed that Monica Quartermaine looked a little different. That’s because Holly Kaplan stepped in when Leslie Charleson was unavailable to work. This isn’t the first time a temporary recast for Monica has been needed, as actress Patty McCormack took over in 2018 after Charleson suffered an injury. However, this is the first time no reason has been given for the recast. GH promises that Charleson will be back as matriarch of the Quartermaine family in short order.

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