8 General Hospital Villains Ranked From Worst To Best

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Without those villains and villainesses, there would be zero drama in the land of soap operas. After all, who would consistently try and make the lives of our beloved heroes and heroines such a nightmare? Soap audiences just love to hate the villains on their favorite shows, and while we may despise what they do, we miss them when they are on hiatus. The land of Port Charles is certainly no exception to the villain/villainess rule! Below are eight General Hospital (GH) villains ranked from worst to best.

8. Lucy Coe

Lucy Coe hasn’t exactly been sweet as pie over the years and in her early day she was well-hated by Port Chuckles residents. She had a rivalry with heroine Bobbie Spencer, stole people’s husbands, manipulated, and carried out plenty of schemes in her day. Her friendship with Dominque Stanton helped change Lucy and her relationship with Kevin Collins ahas also transformed her into a heroine over the years. Since, she’s been a surrogate, slayed vampires, and has become more of a character that brings comedic relief to the show versus harm.

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7. Scotty Baldwin

Speaking of Coe, her BFF Scotty Baldwin is one of those characters that likes to walk a fine line between good and evil. In his past, he plotted schemes, blackmailed people, and lied…a lot. Still, when he met Dominque, his whole world changed and he became a much better man. Still, can anyone truly trust a lawyer? As of late, Baldwin is back to his old scheming, helping out another villainess in GH, Ava Jerome.

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6. Valentin Cassadine

The first of many Cassadines to land on this villains’ list, Valentin started off his reign of terror by holding some Port Charles’ residents hostage. Shortly after, he would kill his nephew Nikolas. Then there’s that baby he had with Lulu that he kept secret from her and fought tooth and nail to keep away from her. Still, GH has shown a softer side to Valentin, and some fans do find their hearts melting whenever he’s dealt with Charlotte in the past.

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5. Ava Jerome

A mom who has had an affair with her daughter’s boyfriend (twice), swaps meds on him so he goes bonkers (and then dies in the process), and has no problem scheming to get her way. Yes, overall, Ava Jerome isa terrible person and lands at number five on this list for all the above and so much more. She’s been humbled a bit as of late due to a fire accident that has left her face terribly burned. Will this stop her from scheming again? Probably not…

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4. Liesl Obrecht

Dr. Liesl Obrecht, better known as Cesar Faison’s right-hand woman, has been a terrible villainess over the years. While she may not be the one who strategizes the plotting, she certainly has no problem with the execution. She helped Cesar lock away Duke Lavery and Robin Scorpio from Anna Devane, who thought they were both dead. She helped Helena Cassadine kill Katherine Bell. She also stole Dante and Lulu’s son from them. Yes, Liesl is definitely the perfect sidekick for any terrible villain in Port Charles.

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3. Stavros Cassadine

Yet another Cassadine entry! There must be something in that bloodline. But seriously, Stavros has held the Cassadine name of villainy well over the years. He kidnapped and raped Laura, has killed (and attempted to kill) many others over the years, and kidnapped Lulu in hopes of forcing her to have a child with him. In typical villain form, Stavros has nine lives: he’s died like three times and still comes back to life.

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2. Helena Cassadine

If you thought Stavros was bad, wait until you hear about his mom. She killed her daughter in front of her granddaughter when she was a young child, tried to get her grandson sent to a mental institution, and kidnapped her great-grandson, and these are just crimes she’s committed against family members! She’s also worked hard over the years to make the lives of the entire Spencer clan miserable. Even worse, she is still able to torture people and play mind games from the grave. If that doesn’t scream ultimate villainess, we’re not sure what would.

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1. Cesar Faison

Cesar has killed, kidnapped, and held people hostage, all in the name of love for Anna Devane. He’s a sick, twisted individual that GH fans detest, but he does make life in Port Charles interesting when he comes around. Cesar hits the number one spot on this list because of his dynamic and eccentric personality, and because he is brilliant to watch on screen and a character that GH fans love to hate.

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