General Hospital’s 9 Most Mismatched Couples


In the over 50 years that General Hospital (GH) has been on the air, fans have seen some pretty interesting couples come and go. Some have seemed perfectly made for each other, while others have been a little mismatched. They say opposites attract, but sometimes they don’t! It really depends on the “chemistry” between characters and actors alike. Here’s a list of the nine most mismatched couples on General Hospital.

9. Emily Quartermaine and Sonny Corinthos

Port Charles’ resident mobster Sonny always had a thing for smart and beautiful women with a kind heart. There was his attraction to Alexis, his relationship with Kate Howard, and a little fling he had with Emily Quartermaine in and around 2006. While the idea behind having Emily and Sonny hook up may have been intriguing on paper, as she was a Quartermaine and his BFF’s sister, the truth is this couple was mismatched and lacked chemistry.

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8. Tracy Quartermaine and Anthony Zacchara

Speaking of mobsters, a couple that no one saw coming was the holy union of Tracy Quartermaine and Anthony Zacchara, but were these two really considered a couple? Tracy has never been an angel by any stretch of the imagination, but Port Charles socialite she was, and when she married Zacchara the entire town was shocked. The marriage was never consummated and it ended when Anthony was killed, but while he was alive, he sure was smitten with the eldest Quartermaine daughter.

Source: General Hospital Wikia

7. Dominique Stanton and Scotty Baldwin

Scotty Baldwin has flopped back and forth from ‘zero’ to ‘hero’ over the years in Port Charles, but before he met Dominque he was an all-around slim ball. In the early 1990s rich, sophisticated, and kind-hearted Stanton strolled into town – the complete opposite of Baldwin – and won over his heart. She was also able to turn him around, as Scotty forgot his scheming ways and focused on his love with her. Interestingly enough, she was able to do the same for his friend Lucy Coe. This couple was definitely mismatched but they were a joy to watch on daytime drama.

Source: General Hospital Wikia

6. Maxie Jones and Damien Spinelli

These two made quite the couple back in the day, and in many ways the “opposites attract” rule for love on soap operas worked well for them. Damien Spinelli was charming with his incredible vocabulary, technology brilliance, and overall nerdisms. It made for a unique pair when matched up with the self-absorbed fashionista Maxie. They are the epitome of a mismatched couple which makes it no surprise that Damien chose Ellie (a female version of himself) to settle down with and Maxie is happily living life as Mrs. Nathan West currently.


5. Lucy Coe and Tony Jones

In the late ‘80s a seductress strolled into Port Charles by the name of Lucy Coe. Lucy was a gold-digger looking to score an easy life and when her eyes fell upon the good doctor, Tony Jones. Thus, she pulled out all the stops to try and lure him in. He totally fell for Lucy’s act, despite her manipulation and scheming and the two got married. Alas, there mismatched personalities would soon collide and it didn’t take long for the two to go their separate ways.

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4. Carly Benson and Tony Jones

Tony has always been a sucker for manipulative women (see his above relationship with Lucy). Almost a decade after his failed relationship with one schemer, he found another who fell at his feet: Carly Benson. Once again, the kind and good doctor was manipulated into a relationship. Carly really only wanted to get back at her mother, Bobbie for putting her up for adoption when she was a baby, so she stole her husband (Tony) to seek revenge. Alas, Carly was broken at that point in her life, she loved to drink and was rather promiscuous. An affair and pregnancy would end up breaking this mismatched relationship in no time.


3. Robin Scorpio and Jason Morgan

Good girl and a dangerous mobster seems to be a trend in Port Charles when it comes to couples. Robin Scorpio was more than just a ‘good girl’, she also happened to be the daughter of two former police officers/commissioners/super spies! She was also the niece of police commissioner at the time, Mac Scorpio. Needless to say, as her caretaker for the moment, Mac was not thrilled that Robin was hanging out with mobsters. While these two were mismatched, they did make a wonderful young couple at the time.


2. Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome

We all know that Alexis has a ‘thing’ for mobsters and Julian fits that bill to a ‘T’. While the couple has plenty of fans and online are known as Julexis, these two have a lot of mismatched qualities. Julian is a criminal who partakes in plenty of illegal activities, whereas Alexis is a lawyer who has tried, for the most part, to live life on the straight and narrow. While Julian has been trying desperately to get Alexis back, here’s hoping this mismatched couple stays apart. He’s nothing but trouble for her.


1. Lucy Coe and Alan Quartermaine

Back in the 1990s, Lucy Coe was a gold-digging manipulator and town outcast, while Alan Quartermaine was a respectable member of town and a doctor at General Hospital. Lucy squirmed her way into Alan’s heart, she broke up his marriage to Monica, and the two had got married … but it didn’t last very long. Regardless, one look at their wedding photo and it is not hard to see just how mismatched this couple was back in the day.