General Hospital’s 10 Most Iconic Moments

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As one of the most longest-reigning soap operas still on the air today, General Hospital (GH) has become a show that is not afraid to dive into some serious issues. It also has told some of the greatest love stories in daytime drama during the over 50 years it has been on television. The show had some great scenes over its tenure and below are 10 of the most iconic moments on GH.

10. Sonny and Brenda’s Wedding

While Sonny and Brenda fell in love in the 1990s and had a passionate love affair, they had a hard time making it to the alter to say their ‘I dos.’ He once left her right before a wedding when he realized she would never truly be safe while married to him. Years later, in 2011, these two crazy kids finally became husband and wife which made many of their fans extremely happy!



9. Lucy’s Nurse’s Ball Wardrobe Malfunction

There are so many memorable moments from GH’s Nurse’s Ball over the years that this event in itself could have its own list. There are too many moments to mention when it comes to the Ball’s MC, Lucy Coe. Coe was known for her infamous wardrobe changes during the show and, in 1994 while changing from one dress to another, the backstage curtain was raised unexpectedly to expose Lucy in her underwear. An iconic and hilarious moment.


8. A Quartermaine Evolves Into A Morgan

Jason Quartermaine was a clean-cut youngster, who wanted to be a doctor at one point just like his dear old dad Alan, but everything changed after Jason was struck during in a drunk driving accident caused by his alcoholic brother, A.J. Jason suffered brain damage and memory loss and, almost overnight, sweet Jason Quartermaine evolved into Jason Morgan, a stone-cold mob assistant who walked on the other side of Port Charles’ tracks. The drunk driving incident was a pivotal scene in the evolution of Jason and slowly transformed him into the legendary character he is on the soap today.

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7. Emily’s Death

Jason’s adoptive sister Emily played a huge role on GH and was one half of a super couple on the soap with Nikolas Cassadine. That’s why it was so shocking in 2007 when Emily was killed off by the Text Message Serial Killer. What was even more bone-chilling was the iconic scene of her lying there dead in the middle of the Black and White Gala as a devastated Nikolas looked on in horror.



6. Robin’s Debut

Who would have ever guessed the impact sweet little Robin Scorpio would make when she debuted in the mid-80s? Generally, child characters suffer the soap opera rapid aging syndrome (SORAS) and are often be played by different actors as they get older. Kimberly McCullough was so brilliant at her job that Robin would grow up at the same rate as the actress who played her and became one of the most iconic characters on GH. Fans have seen Robin go from a sweet and sassy little girl to a beautiful and brilliant woman. But that all started in the fall of 1985 when Robert Scorpio found out he had a daughter he didn’t know about.



5. Robin Finds Out She Has HIV

Robin grew into a beautiful young lady and eventually fell in love with her first boyfriend, Stone. Sadly, Robin would later find out she contracted HIV from her first love. GH fans were shocked in 1995, and it seemed like the character was on borrowed time. Thankfully over the years, Robin has been able to maintain a normal life. She became a doctor, wife, and mother. The entire storyline shed a tremendous amount of light on this terrible illness and helped increase awareness about the disease.

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4. Franco Comes To GH

Generally speaking, soap opera stars work in daytime drama to gain the experience they need to move on to primetime or movie opportunities. There is the rare case where stars will have a guest role on a soap, but movie actors don’t generally join a soap during the height of their career. James Franco didn’t follow this mold and decided he wanted to dabble in daytime, so he joined the cast of GH and the eccentric artist (who was also obsessed with Jason Morgan) and Franco was born. The character really stirred things up in Port Charles, and while Roger Howarth plays the role now, there is nothing quite like the original.

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3. B.J. Passes Away

Ask any long-time GH fan about one of the most heart-wrenching moments on the show, and they will tell you: that fateful day when a young B.J. passed away in 1994. So many different emotions going on for so many characters. Parents Tony and Bobbie were devastated, and aunt Felicia was torn apart as B.J.’s heart ended up saving her daughter Maxie’s life. It was a tear-jerker for sure.

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2. The Cassadine/Spencer Rivalry Born

Ever wonder why the Cassadines hate the Spencers so much? Long-time GH fans know this question and the rivalry was born in the early ‘80s. After Luke and Laura successfully overthrew Mikkos Cassadine’s scheme to rule the world via freezing it, Helena paid them a visit on their wedding day and placed a curse on the two. Alas, a rivalry was born, one that is still embedded in storylines that pit the Cassadines versus the Spencers to this day.

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1. Luke and Laura Get Hitched

To this day, the episode of Luke and Laura’s wedding stands as the most-watched soap opera show in American history. The episode that took place in November 1981 was an hour long and 30 million fans tuned in to watch their favorite soap opera couple get hitched. In 1996, the event hit number 35 in TV Guide’s ‘100 Most Memorable Moments’ in television history.

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