General Hospital Characters Fans Are Desperate To See Make A Comeback

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It’s hard to believe that General Hospital (GH) has been on the air for close to six decades now. There are been characters who have come and gone, and others who have truly made an impact both on the show and in viewers’ hearts. As such, below are some GH characters that have left the land of Port Charles, and have fans wishing they would make a comeback!

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12. Helena Cassadine

Sure, she’s not the nicest of people, but Helena Cassadine is a character than fans love to hate. She’s a schemer, a control freak, and has done some terrible things to many within the land of Port Charles over the years, but she sure knows how to stir up the pot, and makes things interesting every time she shows up.

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11. Frisco Jones

Played by actor Jack Wagner, Frisco Jones was an extremely popular character on GH during the 1980s and 1990s. While it’s been a long time since he’s been in Port Charles, the WSB agent could certainly come back and pick up where he left off, with ease! He’s got roots in the little town with daughter Maxie (and grandchildren), plus plenty of friends that would welcome him with open arms; however, Mac (and perhaps Felicia) may not be overly happy to see him back.

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10. Alan Quartermaine

This GH character has been off the show for about 11 years now and fans still miss seeing him in the soap opera world. Alan Quartermaine passed away in 2007 during the Metro Court hostage situation and sadly, actor Stuart Damon followed in 2021. Still, we keep him on this list because he was beloved by so many.

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9. Tom Hardy

Does anyone else remember the son of Audrey and Steve Hardy? The handsome doctor delighted GH fans in the 1980s and 1990s and many long-time viewers would love to see Tom Hardy make a return. Last we heard, Tom was in Africa saving lives. Perhaps General Hospital could use his life-saving skills in Port Chuckles?

8. Hayden Barnes

Hayden seems to only stay in Port Charles for a short amount of time. Just when fans get used to her, she’s off on another adventure. While many were hoping that she and Finn would rekindle their romance the last time she was in town, she left far too quick for anything to develop. Here’s hoping she returns shortly.

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7. Stefan Cassadine

Much like the iconic Quartermaine family, the Cassadines have dwindled significantly over the years. One of the more interesting family members was Stefan Cassadine, son of Helena and Mikkos, brother to evil Stavros. With that said, GH fans loved Stefan because he walked a fine line between good and bad, doing terrible things in one moment, but often also trying to do what was right as well. He passed away back in 2003; however, a Stefan comeback isn’t far-fetched considering how those Cassadines love their frozen contraptions and coming back to life!

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6. Lucky Spencer

Lucky Spencer was a character that GH fans have watched grow up over the years. While he’s been recast a couple of times, most viewers associate Lucky with the actor who originated the role, Jonathan Jackson. Lucky’s sons are in Port Charles and he has plenty of family who would welcome him back into the fold should he decide to return. Many fans would be over the moon if Lucky decided to stroll back into town.

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5. Luke Spencer

Speaking of Lucky, his father Luke is an iconic soap opera character and one-half of daytime’s most-known super couple, Luke and Laura. While he returned briefly for Tracy Quartermaine’s farewell from the show some years back, there’s nothing more many fans would love than to see Luke back in Port Charles for good. Especially now that everyone thinks he’s passed away in a mysterious accident!

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4. Duke Lavery

Duke returned from the afterlife once, so he could do it again. This is the main thought many GH fans have when it comes to Lavery. His romance with Anna Devane was epic and the character has been a fan favorite that spans generations. It’s been some years since his character passed away; however, Duke’s return could stir things up in Port Charles if the writers could craft something up.

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3. Serena Baldwin

It’s been a long while since Scotty’s daughter has been seen in Port Charles and many long-time fans are rooting to see this incredible character return. She’s yet to formally meet her brother Franco, and it seems like ages since she’s had time with surrogate mother Lucy Coe. Sounds like it’s time for Serena to make a comeback.

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2. Emily Quartermaine

It would be virtually impossible to bring Emily Quartermaine back to Port Charles at this point, considering how she was found in 2007 (by pretty much the entire town) at the Black and White ball; however, this doesn’t stop fans from desperately wanting her to return to the show.

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1. Brenda Barrett

Undeniably one of the most popular GH characters of all time, many fans would love to see a Brenda Barrett comeback go hand-in-hand with a romantic reunion with Sonny. The feisty and dynamic character was much-loved by many GH viewers and Brenda always makes things interesting in Port Charles. While there are audiences that would like to see this return, there is also a pool of fans who are dedicated to Team CarSon (Carly and Sonny); however, perhaps Brenda could come back with a new love interest in mind?

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