General Hospital Couples Who Should Never Get Back Together


The land of Port Charles is well known for its super couples. In fact, Luke and Laura were probably one of the most well-known soap opera romances of all time. General Hospital (GH) has had some incredible love stories over the years; however, there are times that couples have simply not worked well on screen. Therefore, below is an overview of GH couples who should never get back together.

12. Anna Devane and Luke Spencer

Anna and Luke were another couple that looked great on paper but didn’t relay well onscreen. One would think that the quick-witted Spencer would be a fine match for the savvy Devane; however, there was no chemistry between them. While Luke isn’t currently in the land of Port Chuckles, should he return, a reunion with Laura is what most fans would want!

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11. Sam McCall and Patrick Drake

There was a time when these two were a thing, and it was during a time when both of their super couple partners were out of town. When Jason returned (well, Drew, but everyone thought he was Jason), Sam and Patrick broke up. Worked out well for Drake, as Robin would return shortly after and the two got married and moved out of town. It also worked out for Sam, who eventually found her “real” Jason.

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10. Sam McCall and Drew Cain

Speaking of Drew, while he’s thought to be a goner, there is a good chance he could re-appear on canvas at any time. Most JaSam fans would agree that it would be best if he stays away from Sam. After all, it’s clear that her heart belongs to Jason Morgan.

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9. Nelle Benson and Michael Corinthos

Nelle has technically passed away, but does anyone believe she is gone? The body police found has to be a mistake … right? There’s no way her story in Port Charles is over. If she does ever come back to life, which is entirely possible, the last thing any fan wants to see is a reunion between her and Michael. It’s also the last thing Michael wants.

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8. Nina Reeves and Valentin Cassadine

How many times has Nina taken Valentin back, despite his wrongdoings? While Valentin remains persistent, Nina should keep her distance. Even if things don’t work out with her and Jax. Valentin does love her, but his lies and deception have created a wedge between him and Nina over the years. It would be great if he could just move on.

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7. Willow Tait and Harrison Chase

They had a solid romance in the land of GH; however, the plot twist that led to their breakup has been far more interesting than the romance itself. There’s an interesting story brewing between Michael and Willow right now, and it would be fun for them to explore the idea of a relationship. Perhaps it’s time for them to turn their “paper” marriage into something more.

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6. Hayden Barnes and Nikolas Cassadine

These two had quite the whirlwind love affair and shared a tremendous amount of chemistry. But was there ever any real love between Nikolas and Hayden? While they tied the knot pretty quick in Las Vegas, their marriage was plagued with lies, deception, and manipulation. Hayden isn’t currently in the land of Port Charles, but a quick plot twist could bring her back in a flash! Would anyone want to see this couple reunite? Probably not.

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5. Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan

Hayden’s half-sister Liz has had plenty of romances during her time on GH. While she is hooked up with Franco right now, she’s always had a connection with Jason Morgan. Not only is he the father to Jake, but the two had a pretty strong bond at one point in time. Despite this, many GH fans feel that JaSam make a much strong couple than Jason and Elizabeth. Whether that is true or not, the fact is that lies tore Liz and Jason apart, and trust would be a major issue if these two decided to hook up again.

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4. Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome

Fans of Julexis may disagree, but these two need to refrain from getting back together. They were a strong GH super couple at one point in time, and sadly Julian’s selfishness and ties to the mob ruined that for good. While she does have a soft spot for mobsters (that’s clear based on her history), as well as men who like to sit on the other side of the law, there’s no doubt this woman deserves better.

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3. Lulu Falconeri and Dillon Quartermaine

These young lovebirds had chemistry in their teenage years and it seemed to relay into adulthood when Dillon re-emerged on the GH scene in 2015. Even though Dillon tried hard to sway Lulu into giving him and a relationship another try, as most GH fans know, Lulu’s heart fully belongs to Dante. Besides that, these two seem to make much better friends than lovers.

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2.  Carly Corinthos and Jasper “Jax” Jacks

This may be a bit of a controversial one, but it remains on the list. Carly and Jax were GH’s top super couple at one point. They were married for an incredible six years, which is huge by soap opera standards. They had a great romance, and Jax treated her and her boys well while they were together, plus they added to their family by having Josslyn. They did make a great couple … so why did they hit this list? Well, for a couple of reasons. First off, Carly did love Jax, but her heart will always belong to current hubby, Sonny.


1. Carly Corinthos and Franco Baldwin

Back in 2014, the concept of Franco and Carly hooking up seemed like such a great idea (on paper). They were both good looking, interesting characters, and considering their histories together, the two falling in love seemed like such a solid story and romance. But when these two did eventually make it to couple status, they lacked chemistry and that certain something together. Franco is so much better suited for Elizabeth, and even though they break up so much, Carly will always end up in Sonny’s arms at the end of the day.

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