Popular But Forgotten General Hospital Actors

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As soap fans, we get pretty invested in the characters we watch daily; it’s hard not to. We see them fall only to rise again, fall in love, build families, and create memories. The small town of Port Charles has had many interesting people come and go over the years. Some have arrived and left the little town while some have either stayed away or passed away, but still, there are those who have gone, yet live forever in the hearts of General Hospital (GH) fans everywhere. Below is a list of popular but forgotten GH actors.

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12. Scott Clifton

Before entering the dramatic world of fashion design within the Bold and the Beautiful, actor Scott Clifton thrived in the land of Port Chuckles, playing Dillon Quartermaine. During his tenure on GH in the early 2000s, Clifton racked up the accolades, scoring a Soap Opera Digest Award in 2005, and three Daytime Emmy nominations from 2004 to 2006.

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11. Paul Satterfield Jr.

Believe it or not, Paul Hornsby was a pretty decent person when he first landed in Port Charles, circa the early ‘90s. At that point in time, he was played by actor Paul Satterfield Jr., and while Hornsby was good-natured and incredibly handsome, it wasn’t until Paul returned in 2015 did his vile personality come out. Was it his relationship with Tracy that turned him so sour? Regardless, fans may not only remember Satterfield from his GH role, but also work he did on One Life to Life, Bold and the Beautiful, and films like Bruce Almighty.

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10. Scott Thompson Baker

Remember Lucy Coe’s cousin, Colton Shore? Actor Scott Thompson Baker played the role for about three years in the mid-to-late ‘80s, and was romantically linked to Felicia Jones during a time where she believed Frisco had passed on. Well, he didn’t, and it turned out that Shore had been brainwashed to ax the true love of Felicia’s life. Things went south for Colton after Frisco returned to town, but fans still fondly remember Baker and his work on GH.

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9. Jason Cook

For any avid soap lover that watches both GH and Days of Our Lives, you’d not only remember actor Jason Cook as Dr. Matt Hunter who fell in love with Maxi Jones (played by actress Kirsten Storms), circa 2008, but also as Days’ original Shawn-Douglas Brady, who had a super couple relationship with Belle Brady (also played by Storms), circa the early 2000s. Guess the idea was to try to get the two to relive some of that Salem magic in Port Charles, but the couple didn’t work out. With that said, many still miss Cook and Dr. Matt.

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8. A. Martinez

A seasoned soap opera veteran, actor A. Martinez is known for his memorable roles on Santa Barbara, One Life to Life, Days of Our Lives, Bold and the Beautiful, as well as a stint on GH for three years where he played Roy DiLucca. No surprise that he was mixed up in the mob, and after doing a favor for Sonny, Corinthos sent him to a job in Miami, and he hasn’t really been heard from since.

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7. Jason Culp

General Hospital fans have grown a love/hate relationship with Julian Jerome as of late, and William DeVry undoubtedly plays the character to perfection. In the late ‘80s, actor Jason Culp played the infamous bad guy and ruled the roost. The mob has dominated GH storylines over the years and Culp was a prominent player back in the day, establishing roots in Port Charles when he hooked up with Cheryl Stansbury and ended up having a son with her (Lucas Jones). The paternity storyline at that time was a huge one – since fans were unaware if Cheryl’s baby was Julian’s or fan-favorite Robert Scorpio’s. Alas, Lucas ended up being Julian’s child and the rest is history. While it’s been decades since Culp left the show, and years since DeVry has entered the role, many old-time GH fans still related Julian Jerome to Jason Culp.

6. Ted King

Speaking of GH’s mob scene, in the early 2000s the Alcazar family became a huge thorn in Sonny Corinthos’ side. Ted King not only played Luis Alcazar, but also Lorenzo, and it was Lorenzo that made a huge impact on the Port Charles scene. He snagged Sonny’s main squeeze Carly away for a bit and even married her. He also had a fling with Skye Quartermaine. His wicked ways landed him many enemies in the small town when all was said and done. King portrayed the character(s) from 2002 to 2007, and with Luis dead, but hints of Lorenzo being alive, there is always a small window of opportunity for him to return.

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5. John Reilly

It’s been a while since GH fans have seen Robert Scorpio’s BFF Sean Donely. For a decade in the mid-’80s to ‘90s, we came to love him as the superspy that always fought for justice and loved adventure. His romance with Tiffany Hill captivated audiences’ hearts and the duo became a super couple staple on the show. While he has worked on other soaps over the years, including As the World Turns, Days of Our Lives, and Passions (as well as primetime shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place), GH fans will always simply see Sean when they see John Reilly.

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4. Stephen Nichols

Most people associate actor Steve Nichols with his iconic Steven “Patch” Johnson role on Days of Our Lives. Together with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) they have enjoyed decades as being one of Days most popular super couples. However, there was a time when Nichols played a pretty intense character on GH as well. From 1996 to 2003 Nichols was part of the Cassadine clan in Port Charles and played the complex character of Stefan Cassadine. It was during this time that he was reunited with Days co-star Evans, as she played villain Katherine Bell on the soap. Katherine and Stefan were a couple, but didn’t seem to have that same chemistry that Steve and Kayla possessed. Alas, their stint on GH has probably been long forgotten, unless you are a long-time fan of the show.

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3. Matthew Ashford

Speaking of Days’ Steve and Kayla, their brother-in-law Jack was also once a big player on GH. Matthew Ashford (Days’ ex-Jack Deveraux) played a pivotal role on GH in the mid-90s (around the same time Evans and Nichols were on the show) as Tom Hardy Sr. Even though the Tom Hardy character may be best known for his relationship with Simone Ravelle, while Ashford was in the role, he had a spicy relationship with Felicia Jones where the two engaged in some pretty steamy love scenes. Alas, Hardy ended up returning to Africa to help bring medical attention to refugees, and Ashford ended up leaving that role behind, never to return.

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2. Michael Sutton

Who else misses Stone Cates? His love affair with Robin Scorpio was epic, and his HIV/AIDS storyline was historic when it came to raising awareness around this illness within the daytime drama world. While Stone passed away in 1995, he created a significant impact on the show during his short tenure and built real roots. Friends with mob boss Sonny Corinthos, Sonny ended up naming his son Morgan Stone to honor Cates. Stone’s legacy still lives on in the show today, with references to him now and again. A Stone ghost even showed up in 2010 to assist Robin in a dire situation she was in. While Stone is gone, his memory still lives on in GH storylines and angles, even to this day.

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1. Dylan Cash

Dylan Cash played Michael Corinthos from 2002 to 2008 and GH fans simply fell in love with the sweet red-headed boy who was a little wise beyond his years. The red hair was surely a homage to grandmother Bobbie Spencer, and Cash received prominent airtime as a child while playing Michael, the kid who lived in the crazy mob world with extended roots in town stemming from the Corinthos family to the Spencers and even the Quartermaines. While soap opera rapid aging syndrome (SORAS) took over and Cash was replaced by Drew Garrett in 2009 (and then Chad Duell in 2010), it was a sad day in Port Charles when Cash left the role. Cash has also played various roles in other shows, including Fat Albert and Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

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