10 General Hospital Couples Ranked From Worst To Best

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So many couples have come and gone over the 50 plus years General Hospital (GH) has been on the air. There have been highly popular ones, couples that just didn’t seem quite right, and others who have reached super couple status in the land of daytime drama. Some duos have been amazing together and others haven’t worked out as well. Below is a list of 10 GH super couples ranked from worst to best:

10. Brenda Barrett and Sonny Corinthos

These two have incredible chemistry together and Sonny has always had a soft spot for Brenda. They hooked up in the 1990s and started out in a somewhat controversial relationship as Sonny was an established mobster in his 30s, while Barrett was heading into adulthood at around 18 years of age. They’ve been on-again-off-again with a little bit of toxic behavior mixed in between. Their 2011 marriage was a massive flop which lands this super couple at the bottom of the list.

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9. Carly and Sonny Corinthos

Speaking of toxic (and on-again-off-again), when things are going well between these two, rainbows and sunshine can be seen on either side of Port Charles, but when things are going bad – watch out! Carly and Sonny are good with tons of chemistry and love between them. But add in a little miscommunication and secrecy and the claws come out for both of them. They are currently embroiled in an awful separation battle and it seems both sides are showing their ‘crazy’ a little too much lately.

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8. Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan

A controversial GH super couple, Liz and Jason have shared some beautiful moments over the years. In the mid-2000s, they were very happy and even conceived a beautiful bouncy baby boy. When they reconnected in 2015 after Jason returned as Jake Doe, there were a lot of lies, deception, and secrets which is ultimately what tore these two lovebirds apart. Fans of Jason and Sam don’t seem to like these two together, but if you’re an Elizabeth Webber advocate then you are one of those GH fans who might love to see them reunite at some point.

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7. Maxie Jones and Damien Spinelli

This duo made a beautifully odd couple in the late 2000s. Computer nerd Spinelli was the perfect mismatch for fashionista and drama queen Maxie. While their romance landed them in super couple status, the truth is they lacked a lot of chemistry as a couple. This is why it’s no surprise they are now just friends. These two are BFFs who are doing an awesome job co-parenting their little one.

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6. Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome

Dubbed Julexis by GH fans, these two have undeniable chemistry and love for one another. What has been the jinxing factor? Lies and Julian’s inability to detach himself from the mob world. Can these two reconnect? Anything is possible in the land of soaps. If they can start with a clean slate, this super couple might be given a second chance.

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5. Holly Sutton and Robert Scorpio

Eighties super couple Holly and Robert hit this ranked list at the five mark. The two hooked up on a one-night stand shortly after Robert saw Holly skinny dipping. She was originally Luke Spencer’s gal, but after a few adventures, her heart eventually belonged to Robert. What made them so popular back then? Was it their accents? Robert’s charm? Holly’s beauty? Regardless, this super couple just worked in the 1980s.

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4. Robin and Patrick Drake

Good girl next door falls for handsome playboy doctor in this classic recipe for love. When it comes to soap operas and opposites, Robin and Patrick made a great super couple from the get-go. They did have their struggles when it came to Robin trying to convince him to settle down. Then there were her struggles with postpartum issues and that time he thought she was dead and moved on with another woman. When all was said and done these two drifted away from Port Charles and are currently living their happily ever after with daughter Emma.

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3. Lulu and Dante Falconeri

These two have what it takes to make a relationship work: communication, chemistry, acceptance and undying love. GH super couple Lulu and Dante are undoubtedly one of the best duos on the show. It also doesn’t hurt they are both gorgeous too! The best part? Despite their ups and downs, they somehow always find their way back to each other. They have also had some of the steamiest love scenes on daytime together.

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2. Sam and Jason Morgan

This GH super couple has a romance that has spanned well over a decade, and fans still can’t get enough of these two. They have dealt with fertility issues, lies, secrets, baby momma drama, and death, but they still seem to come out on top together. The good news is they seem happy right now as a growing family of four with their two little ones. The bad news is happy couples don’t last long in daytime drama. There’s a good chance that, despite any trouble looming, they will probably still be okay for it.

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1. Luke and Laura Spencer

They aren’t together right now and haven’t been for a while, but no General Hospital fan would be surprised to see these two in the number one spot. They were soap opera pioneers when it came to the term ‘super couple’ and they still hold the record for television viewership when their wedding was aired. Both Luke and Laura are iconic figures when it comes to their soap characters and their romance was simply a beautiful and endearing love story that has still not been forgotten even decades after the fact.

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