12 General Hospital Couples Fans Don’t Want To See Get Back Together

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In the land of soap operas, relationships don’t last forever. Even the most perfect super couples have their ups and downs and inevitably break up over time. Love can be a revolving door within daytime dramas where even couples that are broken up seem to find their way back to each other. Port Charles is no exception to this rule and while there are couples that General Hospital (GH) fans want to see reunite, there are others they don’t. Here’s a list of 12 GH couples fans don’t want to see back together.

12. Anna Devane and Andre Maddox

Not a bonafide couple, but the two certainly flirted with the idea and there was plenty of kissing and heat between them. Yet, there was a big reason why the two didn’t fully hook up and that’s because of a lack of chemistry. Anna Devane is a staple character with the show that requires a huge spark when it comes to relationships. Perhaps a Hamilton Finn or Valentin Cassadine would be better suited to her than Maddox.

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11. Kiki Jerome and Michael Corinthos

While these two were once a couple with some incredible magic, with Kiki character being recast to actress Haley Erin, there is no real connection between these two anymore. Sure, they seem like good friends and there’s always a possibility for them to hook back up, but here’s hoping that Kiki can lure Griffin away from her mom Ava. Now those two seem to have a strong spark together!

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10. Monica Quartermaine and Ned Ashton

Monica and Ned engaged in a May-December relationship an eon ago and hooked up when they did not realize they were related by marriage. So much time has passed and so much has changed since their affair. However, it’s not hard to see that Monica has some increased tension with Ned’s new wife, Olivia. Jealousy, perhaps? Here’s hoping it’s not. Monica and Ned should never try and re-ignite their past relationship.

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9. Olivia Falconeri and Sonny Corinthos

These two have a history that stems all the way to their childhood days in Bensonhurst and even had a little fling in Port Charles when Olivia came to town. While they share a son and seem to be on very good terms, Olivia is far better matched up with Ned, and Sonny will never truly be able to shake Carly from his heart.

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8. Anna Devane and Luke Spencer

While Luke Spencer is off gallivanting in who knows where, there is always a chance that he’ll return to Port Charles. Would fans want to see an Anna Devan/Luke Spencer couple reunion? Most likely, not. The couple seems much better as friends than lovers. These two never had the chemistry that Luke had with Tracey and Laura or Anna had with Robert and Duke.

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7. Maxie Jones and Damian Spinelli

There are those GH fans who loved Maxie and Damian together and those who simply couldn’t stand seeing them in a relationship. Maxie and Spinelli did make an interesting couple for their time years ago; however, it’s clear they make better friends and co-parents. It could be disastrous if they hooked back up and gave love another chance.

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6. Brenda Barrett and Sonny Corinthos

This might be a little controversial, but the truth is, while there are some GH viewers that would love to see Brenda return and blow Carly out of the water in Sonny’s world, there are many that never want to see these two love birds reunite. They did have incredible chemistry together, yet also shared quite a toxic relationship at times.

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5. Liz Webber and Jason Morgan

There are two types of GH fans out there, and they can be described as either Team Liz or Team Sam, meaning, there are viewers out there that would love to see Jason and Sam reunite and there are those that would love to see Jason turn to Liz. As such, Team Liz is a group that doesn’t want to see Jason reunite with Sam, and Team Sam is a group that doesn’t want to see Jason ever get back with Liz.

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4. Sam McCall and Jason Morgan

Refer to the above post! In all seriousness, a JaSam reunion seems inevitable as storylines continue to place Sam and Jason in situations together. While Team Liz is a group of GH fans that hopes this doesn’t happen, there are also GH viewers out there that don’t want to see Jason reunite with Sam because it would simply be the same old, same old. Maybe Jason needs an entirely new love and fresh face in Port Charles? One without all the baggage Sam carries.

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3. Carly Corinthos and Franco Baldwin

Before Carly officially reunited with Sonny a few years back, she had a lack luster relationship with Franco Baldwin. Simply put, the two didn’t have chemistry together; GH fans found Franco annoying with her, and this couple did not make any sense together. They broke up after Carly cheated on him with Sonny, and soap opera audiences everywhere rejoiced.

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2. Nelle Benson and Michael Corinthos

They are learning the initial steps of co-parenting, but this broken up couple is an utter mess right now. Mentally unstable Nelle is still hoping to destroy Michael’s mother and family so she (and their baby) can have him all to herself. Michael doesn’t want to get back together, but he does want to be a good dad. GH fans everywhere are praying these two don’t get back together; Michael clearly deserves better.

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1. Alexis Davis and Julian Jerome

Once one of the hottest GH super couples, Julexis went downhill and fast after their 2016 wedding. Sure, they had a great relationship, but when Julian re-entered the mob and then tried to kill Alexis within months of marriage, things soured immensely. Do they both still have feelings for each other? Yes, it’s obvious. Should the two get back together? Most GH fans would agree that, while at one point in time they were great together, the relationship was far too toxic near the end for a happy reunion.

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