Iconic General Hospital Couples

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Love makes the world go around in the land of Port Charles, and General Hospital (GH) knows how to create a solid super couple and love story. For decades now, the daytime drama has been instrumental for creating some of the most legendary super couples within all of daytime drama. Below is an overview of some of GH’s most iconic couples.

12. Frisco and Felicia Jones

Before Mac was around to romance Felicia, super spy Frisco Jones rocked her world in the 1980s, and the two characters had a tremendous love story. Life imitated art back in the day, as the actors who played these roles, Jack and Kristina Wagner, also fell in love and got married. While they did eventually split up, they do remain amicable, thanks to their two sons.

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11. Duke Lavery and Anna Devane

Duke and Anna had a beautiful love story in the late ‘80s. In typical soap opera fashion, Lavery was a criminal linked to the mob and Anna was a super-spy/cop, but somehow, despite how different their jobs were, they managed to fall in love. Sadly, it would be Lavery’s mob dealings that would keep these two apart in the long run.

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10. Dante and Lulu Falconeri

Despite the role of Lulu being recast in 2013, this super couple had an incredible romance over the years. Sadly, with actor Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) moving on to bigger and better things in 2019, the Falconeris divorced; however, the couple still stands as not only one of the most popular of all time but a huge fan favorite in recent history.

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9. Lucky and Elizabeth Spencer

Not only did Elizabeth and Lucky fall in love, but they also truly grew together and evolved as one. From teen romance to a married couple and more, Liz and Lucky’s love story continues to be something GH fans miss seeing. If only Lucky could return to the land of Port Charles, and reignite something with his former wife? 

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8. Alan and Monica Quartermaine

Alan and Monica may not have always gotten along, but their love story did have longevity. The two fell in love in the ‘70s, and while they did have their ups and downs over the years, they remained together until Alan’s untimely passing in 2007. Monica remains in storylines to this day; however, there still seems to be a piece of her missing, even after all these years.

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7. Edward and Lila Quartermaine

Speaking of longevity, Edward and Lila Quartermaine had a relationship and marriage that almost anyone could envy. While Edward was a miserable, corporate obsessed, and at times a grouchy older gentleman, there was something about Lila’s kind and gentle heart that really brought out the best in him. Their iconic love story is still remembered within storylines today, and at times, fans get a peek of their ghostly silhouettes watching over the family, gracing daytime screens with a nice piece of nostalgia.

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6. Jason Morgan and Sam McCall

Also known as JaSam, Sam and Jason’s romance continues to dominate storylines to this very day. Their onscreen chemistry lights daytime drama on fire, daily, which isn’t the easiest of things, considering these two have been together for decades now. From going on adventures and missions in their younger years to battling the bad guys in Port Charles and now raising a family together, they are undeniably one of the best soap opera couples today, and for the ages.

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5. Sonny and Carly Corinthos

While they were toxic for each other during their early years, CarSon has evolved considerably over the years and continues to march on despite all the hurdles that have been thrown their way. Can anyone (or anything) break these two up at this point? Probably not! They have learned from past mistakes around miscommunication and have become stronger than ever in recent years.

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4. Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett

Sonny has had two major loves in his lifetime, Carly (see above) and Brenda Barrett. While their romance was a bit controversial in their early years, thanks to their age gap, their chemistry has always been undeniable and if anyone could break up CarSon at this point in time, it would be Brenda returning to Port Charles to stir the pot.

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3. Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton

A major super couple in the 1980s was Holly Sutton and Robert Scorpio. While their love was incredible and strong, circumstance always seemed to keep these two apart. With Robert single now, could Holly return to the little town to reignite this iconic romance? Here’s hoping one day (soon)!

2. Steve and Audrey Hardy

One of the first super couples in the show’s history, Steve and Audrey Hardy met in the ‘60s and were officially husband and wife in 1965. Their love was the foundation in which GH romances were built, and the couple continues to be remembered on the show, now and again, to this very day.

1. Luke and Laura Spencer

The relationship that put the “super” in super couple continues to be a benchmark in soap opera romances to this day. They shattered daytime drama television ratings in 1981 when they got hitched, and while they aren’t together at this moment in time, when they were in their heyday, they were iconic, and had GH fans swooning in their living rooms!

Craig Sjodin / © ABC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

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