7 General Hospital Characters We Wish Would Come Back To Life

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Fans of General Hospital (GH) love their friends in Port Charles they’ve been watching on the show for over 50 years. Unfortunately, sometimes the characters we love fall off the radar, move out of town, or even pass away. Despite death, this still is the land of soaps, where people who have died have been known to come back to life! It’s not guaranteed, but it does happen quite often. Below is a list of seven GH characters we wish would come back to life.

7. Lorenzo Alcazar

Does Port Charles need any more mobsters in town? Maybe not, but Lorenzo Alcazar did make things pretty interesting in town and knew how to stir up the drama. His death was quite final – a gunshot to the head – so there is little chance he will make a comeback. His storyline could easily be revived with ties to Sonny Corinthos and a marriage to Carly Corinthos. He could make Liv Jerome’s current antics seem like child’s play for Port Charles’ most powerful mob boss.



6. Georgie Jones

Who else misses Georgie Jones? The younger sister of Maxie met her demise in 2007 when she was strangled by the Text Message Killer. Georgie was a sweet young lady with plenty of roots in Port Charles. Her love affair with Dillon Quartermaine hit super couple status at one point and she was a popular character that many fans wish could come back to life. Sadly, her death was quite final and her ghost has returned to the show now and again to support Maxie along the ups and downs in her life which makes the idea of a Georgie resurrection highly unlikely.



5. Dominique Baldwin

While the character had a brief stint on GH in the 1990s, she created a huge impact. She not only managed to turn Scotty Baldwin from a slime ball zero to compassionate hero, she also softened Lucy Coe’s heart and turned her away from her manipulative ways … somewhat. Sadly, Dominique passed away in 1993 from a brain tumor. She left her fortune to Scotty, but her greatest legacy left behind was their daughter, Serena Baldwin.

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4. A.J. Quartermaine

This is a character that walked that fine line of good and evil. He’s also no stranger to dying and coming back to life. Back in 2005, GH fans were shocked when A.J. was suffocated by Asher Thomas. Fans were equally stunned in 2012 when a storyline brought him back to Port Charles where it was revealed that he had been alive all these years. Sadly, A.J. met his demise once more in 2014 when Sonny shot him. A.J. has tremendous roots in the little town and one more revival just might be in store for this incredible character.

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3. Emily Quartermaine

Speaking of the Quartermaines, the once dominant family in Port Charles seems to have dwindled down to three characters: Monica, Tracy, and Dillon (not counting Jason, but he does go by the last name Morgan these days). One beloved Quartermaine that had a great storyline was Emily. The relationship she shared with Nikolas Cassadine was a romantic love story, that ended abruptly in 2007 when Emily was strangled by the Text Message Killer. Alas, it would be very hard to bring Emily back to life at this point in time – but if they can bring back little Jake from the dead … how impossible would it be to have Emily return?

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2. Nikolas Cassadine

To bring Emily back, GH producers would need to revive Nikolas. He’s been a staple on the show since 1996 and fans have seen him grow from a teenager to a charming and dapper man. He met his demise in the summer of 2016 when his dear old Uncle Valentin shot him. While it’s only been months since fans have seen Nikolas on screen, he is still quite missed and hopefully a return is in order in the near future!



1. Helena Cassadine

All the Cassadines seem to have nine lives. Helena’s son Stavros has returned from the dead numerous times, and she herself was shot by Luke Spencer in 2013, only to return to the land of Port Charles in 2014. Helena once again died in late 2015 when her dear grandson Nikolas poisoned her. She certainly is not a heroine by any stretch of the imagination, but her villainess ways keep life in Port Charles quite interesting, especially when she starts cursing people and then following through with actions to ruin their lives.

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