10 Most Popular General Hospital Actors Ranked


What would the land of General Hospital (GH) be without their leading men? There have been some incredible actors to grace the screens of GH over the years as they play the role of Port Charles best male characters. In honor of these male actors, here are the 10 of the most popular ever ranked from worst to best.

10. Billy Miller

Billy Miller had pretty big shoes to fill in 2014 when he took over the established role of Jason Morgan. Steve Burton had played the part for over two decades when Billy took the role and really made it his own. Some fans love Miller’s portrayal of Morgan, while others miss Burton, but it is undeniable that Billy has worked hard to evolve the Jason Morgan character to the next chapter in his life story on the soap.

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9. Ryan Paevey

The handsome and talented Ryan Paevey has played the role of Nathan West since 2013. Even though he has never won or even been nominated for a Daytime Emmy, Paevey thrills GH audiences with his portrayal of the good cop. Nathan’s romance with Maxie Jones has turned this duo into a bonefide GH super couple and Paevey continues to keep the streets of Port Charles honest through his many cop adventures.


8. Wally Kurth

Kurth has been playing Ned Ashton on GH (on and off) since 1991. He not only has incredible talent when it comes acting, but he also has shown off his singing skills over the years as well. Fans of Days of Our Lives and GH no longer have to fight over which show he can be seen on, as the actor has been pulling double-duty on both soaps for years now. Kurth plays Ashton on GH and Justin Kiriakis on Days.

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7. William DeVry

Many fans were shocked when it was revealed that Julian Jerome was in fact alive in 2013, as it was clear (somewhat) that he was dead and gone over 20 years prior. But no one is ever really dead on soaps and William DeVry easily took over the role of Julian Jerome by adding a new spin to the character over the years. While DeVry has yet to be nominated for the GH Jerome role, he did receive a Daytime Emmy nod in 2004 while on another soap, All My Children.

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6. Michael Easton

Easton is such an incredible actor that every time one of his GH characters leaves or dies, the show simply creates a new role to bring him back to the soap. In 2013, he and some other actors from the cancelled soap, One Life To Life popped up on GH to reprise their roles. After some legal woes between ABC and Prospect Park over who really owned the rights to these characters, Easton quickly changed part and began playing Silas Clay on the soap. Sadly, Clay was murdered in 2015, but a year later Easton was back on the show in a role he is still presently playing, Dr. Hamilton Finn. This actor is quite diverse and it really shows in the many characters he has been able to bring to life on GH.

5. Steve Burton

Anyone miss the old Jason? Many do and some GH fans are even hoping now that Burton has left the Young and the Restless, this may open a door for him to return to Port Charles. Burton played Jason Morgan (Quartermaine) on GH from 1991 to 2012 and transformed Jason from a privileged rich kid into a stone cold mobster side kick. Burton earned a 1998 Daytime Emmy statue in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor for his portrayal of GH’s Jason.

4. Tyler Christopher

Tyler has grown from an awkward teenager into a devious dark prince over the years onscreen, right before the very eyes of GH fans. He entered the role of Nikolas Cassadine in 1996 and has had many Port Charles adventures and romances in those two decades. Christopher has snagged four Daytime Emmy nominations during his tenure as Nikolas and received the statue for Outstanding Lead Actor last year.

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3. Tristan Rogers

Rogers has been playing the legendary Robert Scorpio on GH since 1980. One part super spy, one part comedian, and one part romancer, GH fans have fallen in love with Scorpio over the years, making him one of the most popular characters of all time. While we don’t get to see him on the soap daily, when Rogers graces the screen with his presence, fans consider it a treat. Rogers can also be seen on The Young and the Restless, playing Colin Atkinson.

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2. Maurice Benard

Benard really changed the landscape of GH when he entered Port Charles playing Sonny Corinthos in 1993, a mobster with a heart of gold. Before then, the show’s focus was primarily on the hospital and spy action. Corinthos added a layer of mob activities that have truly revolutionized GH’s storylines since. Maurice has received six Daytime Emmy nods over the years and has snagged that statue once in 2003.

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1. Anthony Geary

Perhaps Benard hasn’t snagged more Daytime Emmys thanks to his colleague Tony Geary. Tony entered the land of GH in 1978 as Luke Spencer and has loaded up seventeen Daytime Emmy nominations and eight record statue wins, making Geary undoubtedly the best of the best when it comes to popular actors stemming out of GH. Add in his super couple status with his partner in crime Laura (played by Genie Francis), and you simply have an iconic soap opera legend.

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