Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (September 9, 2019)


Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Time for another week filled with suspense, romance, and drama! Eric makes a huge choice; Sarah is torn; and another character lands in the hospital! Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of September 9, 2019.

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9. Sarah Is Torn

Days spoilers indicate that Sarah will bounce around with the idea of telling Eric about her pregnancy; however, she’ll be stopped before she has the chance to. Seems as if Eric will drop an even bigger bombshell on Sarah before she gets the opportunity to reveal that she is (potentially) carrying his child.

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8. Eric Makes A Choice

Before Sarah gets a chance to drop that baby news, Eric will have news of his own for her. With Nicole Walker back in the picture, he will make it clear that his future lies with her and Holly, not Sarah. The only good news for Sarah is that Xander may prove to be a support system in all this mess. He’ll be more than happy to keep her secret; in fact, he’ll encourage the idea to keep it under wraps from Eric.

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7. Nicole’s World

She’ll be happy to be back in Salem, and she has a huge week ahead! First off, Nicole will be thrilled that she’s back with Eric officially, but she will be concerned about the feelings he’s developed for Sarah while she’s been away. Despite being preoccupied with that, Nicole will have a huge confrontation with Kristen and give DiMera a piece of her mind.

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6. Brady Saves The Day

In other spoiler news, it seems as if Brady will save the day for Ben. Days teasers hint that Xander will refuse to “finish” the job with Ben, and Victor will decide to take matters into his own hands. Having said that, Brady will be on the scene to stop Victor’s attempted murder, which is not only good news for Ben but everyone involved.

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5. Salemite Hospitalized

Sadly, Kate will be without a hero this week to stop someone from harming her. Days spoilers suggest that after a confrontation with Vivian, Kate will be shot; however, there’s no official word around who exactly pulls the gun. It very well could be Alamain, or someone else. Regardless, Roberts will be rushed to the hospital this week.

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4. Vivian’s Persistent

While spoilers are a bit wonky around who shoots Kate, the probability of it is Alamain, or she’s behind the shooting in some way. DOOL teasers relay that near week’s end, fans will see Viv sneak into Kate’s hospital room to finish the job and end her life for good.

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3. Jack & Jenn

DOOL spoilers indicate that Jack and Jenn will convince Dr. Rolf to return to Salem and help him with his memory. While this is good news, sadly, teasers state that Eve will have revenge on the mind. Jack did her wrong and she will want to get back at him. She’ll do all she can to destroy any plans around Jack’s “happily ever after.”

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2. Julie’s Condition

Salem will continue to worry about Julie and her condition, and as such, fans will see Ciara will lash out on Gabi this week. In other related DOOL spoilers, Stabi will be placed in the hot seat and questioned by Eli in regard to Kate’s shooting. Could they be involved in this, too?

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out Days spoilers this week, Jennifer and Kayla will be very surprised by a gruesome arrival of sorts … could this be about Kate or something else? Lastly, John will put Kristen on notice. Clearly, Black has had enough with DiMera’s recent antics, and he may issue out a threat or two to keep her in her place.

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