Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (October 1, 2018)


It is officially October in the land of Salem, and several storylines will continue to escalate this week. Will Kristen DiMera wipe away Hattie? Will Brady ever recover from the terrible blows he suffered last week? Will the Black/Brady family realize that Marlena isn’t really ‘Marlena’? Learn about these stories and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of October 1, 2018.

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11. John Tries To Save Hattie

While we all know from Friday’s DOOL episode that Kristen tries to attack Marlena, who is really Hattie, Roman will slide in for the save on Monday’s episode. He dives for the gun, and fans should expect to hear some gunshots ensue and chaos unfold. Will he succeed in saving Hattie? Most likely.

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10. Sami And Stefan Strike Up A Deal

Wanting to know more about E.J., Sami will turn to Stefan and try to strike up a deal with the villainous DiMera. She’ll come to the conclusion that Kristen has informed her other brother about E.J., and lay an offer on the table that he won’t be able to refuse. But the real question is — will Stefan spill all of Kristen’s secrets or just a few? We all know he can’t be trusted.

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9. Gabi Takes It To The Next Level

DOOL spoilers indicate that Chad will find some substantial proof that Abigail has slipped back into her alternate personalities. He’ll find a black wig and emotionally lose it. Gabi is obviously behind all this, pushing her revenge scheme to the next level. Seems like this storyline is continuing to heat up during the fall months.

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8. Brady And Kristen

DOOL spoilers tease that Kristen will see an opportunity to pounce on Brady this week. After all, he’s quite vulnerable right now, with Eve revealing her role in the drug-plant scheme with Victor, and Brady leaving her in the dust. DOOL spoilers say that Kristen will tell him that they should leave town together. Brady will most likely not take her up on the offer; however, Days spoilers tease he will be quite tempted by the idea.

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7. Prayers Answered

DOOL spoilers suggest that John gets some prayers answered this week. Could this mean that Marlena’s condition is looking up? He’s been hoping for a while now that his soon-to-be wife (again) would wake up from her hospital bed and be okay. Perhaps she shows a sign of improvement, which would be good news for John and the entire family.

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6. Ciara And Tripp

DOOL spoilers indicate that Ciara chooses Tripp this week, as she is still hung up on the idea that Ben has done her wrong. As such, the two make love. Despite this giant leap in their relationship, Ciara still can’t get Ben off her mind. Did she make the right decision with Tripp? Obviously not!

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5. Hope On The Defensive

While Hope happily brought Ben into the station some time ago with some evidence proving his guilt, it seems that suspicion will linger around the information she gathered. Hope will feel like she’s been backed into a corner this week, as she’s accused of not handling the case appropriately. She’ll stand by her innocence.

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4. Ben Turns To Ciara

Ben has some good news for Ciara this week, but will it be too late? It may have to do with Hope’s predicament. Perhaps he’s been released because the evidence she gathered is inadmissible. However, with Tripp and Ciara solidifying their relationship in the sheets this week, Ben’s news may be meaningless at this point.

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3. Sami Finds Out The Truth

DOOL spoilers tease that Sami will find out the truth about her mother. This most likely means that she’ll figure out that Hattie has been parading around as Marlena. But, will she find out that John has been behind this all along? Here’s hoping she won’t be too mad at her step-dad when she puts two-and-two together.

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2. New Alliance

Kate and Roman make a pact this week to come together to bring Stefan DiMera down. New alliance, or new romance on the horizon? Roman and Kate were an item in the past, and they even have kids together. A re-spark in a new relationship is what both these characters could use right now.

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1. Mimi Returns!

Mimi Lockhart fans set your PVR! The actress who plays the role, Farah Fath, recently revealed on Twitter that her first air date is Friday, October 5. She’ll dive right into the Lucas/Bonnie/Baby storyline, and it seems Mimi will be involved in a huge twist. Bonnie is lying somewhere in her story (huge shocker there), and Mimi is clued into it all.

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