Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (May 6, 2019)


Seems like another dramatic week lies ahead for Salem and its residents. Someone may be out of job; a couple celebrates a milestone; and sadly, tragedy will strike in the Holly kidnapping situation. Learn more about these storylines and others in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of May 6, 2019.

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9. Rafe Goes Against Hope

Starting off the spoilers this week is some Rope drama that could equal out to major tragedy. Days spoilers indicate that Rafe will go against orders directed by Hope. Not only will this cause a strife in their relationship, and his job, but the end results will be heartbreaking. It seems this all has to do with Holly’s kidnapping and by not following Hope’s request, Holly essentially will be placed in some extreme danger.

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8. Sad News

DOOL spoilers indicate that Hope, Eric and Nicole will rush to an accident, and it seems that what they will find will be nothing short of heartbreaking. Days teasers are hinting that they will find Holly has died at the scene. This child’s passing will undoubtedly affect many characters within the show in the coming weeks.

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7. Rope Drama

Back to Rafe and Hope! DOOL spoilers state that as she was in charge of the mission, Hope will have to deal with some backlash because of Holly’s death. She’ll be reeling from the fact that Rafe did not follow orders, so expect Rope to be on the rocks now more than ever. The two will have a huge blow up this week.

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6. Nicole Devastated

It doesn’t take spoilers to realize that both Nicole and Eric will be devastated around the news of Holly’s passing. But, will Nicole blame Eric? After all, had he fought for Holly more, she never would’ve been put in this situation. DOOL spoilers indicate that Xander will walk in on Nicole being comforted by Brady this week, so will she turn to her ex for support during this hard time?

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5. Maggie’s Stress

Seems like Maggie may turn to the bottle! DOOL spoilers indicate that Maggie will feel the temptation to drink this week, and many couldn’t blame her at all. It’s devastating to lose a child, but to also lose her son’s daughter as well? That is far too much for one person to have to go through. Teasers also indicate that Maggie will be plagued by the past this week.

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4. Sarah’s Sadness

Speaking of, her daughter Sarah will have a rough week too. She’ll probably be affected by Holly’s passing and feel overwhelmed with emotion. Not only has she lost her niece, but a man that finally admitted he had feelings for her. Sarah will feel sad that she’s lost Eric for good now that Nicole is back. But, has she really lost him?

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3. Chloe and Stefan

DOOL spoilers indicate that Ben and Ciara will head to the DiMera mansion to give Chloe and Stefan the terrible news. They’ll be devastated to hear the outcome around Holly’s kidnapping and the fact that the child won’t be coming back home. This death is sure to rock many in Salem.

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2. Jarlena Celebrates A Milestone

On to some lighter spoilers, Marlena and John will have a reason to celebrate. Turns out this week will mark six months of happily ever after, and the two will take some time revel in wedding anniversary fun. At least fans get to enjoy a little bit of happiness in the mix with all the sadness unraveling around Holly’s death.

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1. Still Some Scheming

DOOL spoilers indicate that Eve and Jack will continue to scheme around Salem’s mayoral campaign. To boot, Claire will “deliver” on a request that Eve has this week. In other related spoilers, Haley will drop a bombshell of sorts, shocking many around her. What news will she reveal? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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