Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 9, 2019)

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December is in full swing on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), as the drama continues to unfold in Salem. Princess Gina comes to a hard conclusion this coming week while two characters have a heated confrontation. Also, Eric and Sara face a scary issue with Baby Mickey. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of December 9, 2019.

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10. Abigail Stirs Up Trouble For Princess Gina

DOOL spoilers tease that trouble could be brewing for Princess Gina this week, and it’s all thanks to Abigail DiMera! Abby will encourage her mom to visit the site where she fell in hopes that it could stir up some memories. While Abby is coming from a good place, Gina will not be thrilled by her actions.

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9. Princess Gina Ponders Two Choices

As such, Days spoilers reveal that Princess Gina will panic as the week progresses. Could someone be on to her? This might be the case, as she’ll come to the conclusion that she has two choices to make: either leave Salem for good and avoid any trouble – or – rid those standing in her way. Teasers suggest she may lean towards the first idea …

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8. Heated Confrontation

DOOL spoilers state that Kristen and J.J. will have a heated confrontation in the coming days that could very well bubble over. Their only saving grace will be the fact that it seems as if Lani will intervene. She may stop J.J. (or Kristen) from crossing the line, and help to cool the situation down a notch or two.

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7. Lani’s World

Lani will be busy this week! Not only will she help with the J.J. and Kristen encounter, but she’ll also hear some news that will agitate her. DOOL spoilers reveal that the news around Gabi and Eli’s relationship will reach her this week. That is sure to upset her, but will she do anything about it?

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6. A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

DOOL spoilers hint some heart-wrenching news for Sarah and Eric this week. Teasers relay that in the coming days, Baby Mickey will get a fever, and while children get sick all the time, it seems as if in this case, the baby’s condition could be a dire one. Sarah and Eric will have to come together to deal with their child’s sickness next week, so here’s hoping they can form a united front.

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4. Kate’s Intentions

DOOL spoilers state that Kate’s true intentions will come to fruition this week. Teasers also indicate that Kate will be quite focused on the connection between Evan and Sonny in the coming days. Will she do something to jeopardize their budding romance? She is Will’s grandmother; after all, and believes in a WilSon reunion, something that might not happen if Evan is in the picture.

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3. Justin Sees Will

Speaking of, DOOL spoilers also tease some massive tension this week when Will and Justin meet face to face in the coming days. Seems like there will be a ton of friction and awkwardness between the two when this happens. It’ll not only be hard for Justin to see the man who was the reason behind his wife’s demise, but it’ll be difficult for Will to see Justin as well. It should make for some interesting scenes.

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2. Justin and Kayla

Despite Justin’s encounter with Will this week, it seems he’ll still have romance on the mind. DOOL spoilers suggest that he and Kayla will decide to take their relationship to the next level and move in together. Are they moving too fast or at just the right pace? It may still seem weird for these two characters to be “together” for some Days fans.

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1. More Spoilers!

After some thought this week, DOOL teasers indicate that Xander will come to a conclusion as it relates to Ciara, and spoilers hint that it won’t be a good one. Could he be planning an attack on her? Meanwhile on the Gabi versus Chad front, Hernandez will decide to throw DiMera out of the mansion! Will she succeed in doing this?

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