Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 3, 2018)


It’s the last month of 2018, and the drama continues to explode in Salem! Will Sonny call Leo’s marriage bluff? Will Sheila finally be able to push Lani’s jealous button off until she loses it? Will Chad finally learn the truth about Baby Charlotte’s true paternity? Find out about these storylines and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of December 3, 2018.

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11. Sonny Loses It

Sonny will confront Chad this week, and DOOL spoilers indicate that he’ll chew him out for betraying him. The confrontations don’t end there! Sonny will corner Kate, and she’ll receive the brunt of his frustrations. Sonny truly believes the sexual harassment debacle has ruined him. In a lot of ways, it has.

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10. Marrying Leo

Moving along in this storyline, DOOL spoilers tease that Leo will insist on Sonny marrying him. While WilSon calls Leo’s bluff, it turns out this won’t work as Leo shows them some surprising proof he has to nail the couple. So it seems that a Sonny and Leo wedding is going happen, leaving Will feeling pretty sad about it all.

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9. Sheila Pushes Lani’s Button

DOOL spoilers tease that Sheila will push Lani’s buttons this week; however, while Eli will be annoyed by Sheila, Lani will prove to be jealous. Sheila will make Lani think that she and Eli have had a bedroom romp, and in turn Lani will lay a steamy kiss on Eli.

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8. Gabi Busted?

Gabi is going to get it from all ends this week, as she’ll be confronted by Kayla. Somehow, she wriggles her way out of that situation; however, DOOL spoilers tease that Chad will find Gabi with the original paternity results for Baby Charlotte’s test. Will she get caught, and will the truth come out? Maybe not this week, but she’ll come very close!

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7. Ted Causes Trouble

DOOL spoilers tease that Ted will attempt to get a confession from Ben around the cabin fire. Will he succeed? Probably not, but with Ted and Hope’s alliance, Rafe will begin to feel differently about his wife. Ted may not cause trouble for Ben (and Ciara) in the long run, but he just might for Hope and Rafe.

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6. Hope and Rafe

While Hope does end up explaining herself, DOOL spoilers tease that Rafe will go off on Ted this week, when he stumbles across the two in a hotel room in a scenario that seems like they were having an affair. The entire scene promises to be an explosive one, and not one you will want to miss.

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5. Ben and Ciara

Speaking of, Ben and Ciara will officially go out on their first day! Great news for Cin fans, but the sad news is that the night starts off shaky with Julie not allowing the two at Doug’s Place. This doesn’t stop the twosome, and they simply embark on a romantic date in the park.

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4. Brady Extends An Olive Branch

Missing his brother and the bond they share, DOOL spoilers hint that Brady will come up with something to try and extend an olive branch to Eric. Sadly, Brady doesn’t get the outcome he was intending. In other Eric spoilers, he’ll hope to stay in Holly’s life this week, and while Sarah tries to persuade this, Maggie has her own ideas.

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3. Lucas Returns!

But fans shouldn’t get used to having him in Salem! DOOL spoilers suggest that Lucas will come home and tell Chloe that he plans on moving to Europe for good to be closer to Allie, and doesn’t have plans of coming back to the little town. Seems like Chloe and Lucas may be done for good.

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2. Abigail’s Plan

Enough is enough in Abigail’s world! She wants to be with her family, and also launch some revenge on Gabi too. DOOL spoilers state that Abby will convince Stefan that she’s once again “Gabby” to have her released from Bayview. Stefan falls for the scheme hook, line, and sinker, and Abigail is headed home to prove to her loved ones that she is actually sane.

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1. More Spoilers!

Kate and Gabi both come to a conclusion about things, and launch a new plot against Stefan to bring the DOOL villain down. Meanwhile, Marlena and John spend a lovely evening with family, and then all by themselves. Seems like Jarlena is enjoying this new-found honeymoon phase in their relationship!

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