Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 2, 2019)

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! What’s on tap for the first week of December? Eric will get his first taste of fatherhood in an alarming way; Xander will not be happy with Nicole; and Ciara will continue to dig for clues to clear Ben. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for December 2, 2019.

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9. Xander Versus Eric

DOOL spoilers hint that Sarah will have to try and play peacemaker this week, as Xander and Eric fight over Baby Mickey and custody rights. While teasers do indicate the three will come up with some sort of compromise, Eric will have one demand he wants met, which Xander probably won’t like.

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8. Mickey Gets Sick

DOOL spoilers suggest that Eric will get his first official taste of fatherhood in the coming days, but it won’t be a good one. He’ll be spending time with his daughter, and it seems as if Mickey will come down with a fever. Eric will obviously be concerned, but here’s hoping the entire thing is a minor infection. Babies get fevers all the time.

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7. Xander Not Happy With Nicole

The fallout around Nicole telling Eric the truth about Mickey will roll into next week. Days spoilers indicate that Xander may lash out at Nicole for blabbing about the child’s true paternity. Nicole has really messed things up for him, just as he was really getting closer to Sarah. Now his happy little family is all broken.

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6. Ciara Continues To Snoop

DOOL spoilers relay that Ciara will get her hands on Xander’s metal briefcase this week, and break into it. But, what will she find? No details on that, but it could very well be something that might destroy both Victor and Xander at this point, since both have been up to no good lately.

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5. Ben Saves Will

DOOL spoilers suggest that Ben will save the day for Will this week. As daddy Clyde tries to attack Horton in prison, Ben will be there to stop him. Seems as if Will and Ben’s bond will grow behind bars, which is interesting considering their past history together, and Ben’s attack on Will many moons ago.

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4. Sonny Moves On

While Will is fighting for his life, Sonny will take steps to move on with his. DOOL spoilers state that he and Evan will have a close encounter this week, and teasers relay Kiriakis will be ready to take a step in the romantic direction with his new love interest. This could complicate things if Will is ever cleared around what he did to Adrienne.

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3. Gabi Continues To Scheme

DOOL spoilers state that Gabi won’t sit still this week and allow Chabby to “try” and regain control of DiMera Enterprises; in fact, she’ll send boyfriend Eli off to Rome to try and stop Chad in his attempt to take the company away from her. Will Gabi or Chabby succeed? Only time will tell.

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2. Stefano On The Brain

Days spoilers indicate that Marlena and John will have Stefano on the brain, early on in the week. The Thanksgiving present she received will still have them baffled, and Jarlena will start to believe that it could’ve come from DiMera. But, what will they do about it, and will they finally figure out that Stefano is behind the change in “Hope?”

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1. Lani Sees A Familiar Face

The big Friday cliffhanger has to do with Lani this week, and DOOL spoilers tease that she will see someone from Salem during that episode. This really could be anyone from Eli, to Gabi, J.J., or even *gasp* Stefan, or maybe Stefano? Sounds like the two will come face-to-face, so it’s a show most Days fans won’t want to miss.

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