Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (June 15 – June 26, 2020)

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL)! Wondering what will come down the pipe in Salem within the next two weeks? More wedding plans, more baby drama, more romance, and more scheming! Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for June 15 to June 26, 2020.

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12. Bringing The Plotting Up A Notch (Or Two)

DOOL spoilers imply that Sarah will approach Brady early on this coming week, and suggest they bring up their revenge plan a notch (or two). She seemed to be softening up to Xander last week until Maggie mentioned the embryo switch he originally had planned. What kind of lines will Brady and Sarah cross now?

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11. Making Amends

If Sarah and Brady do cross a line, will she regret it by the following week? DOOL spoilers imply that Xander will do something heartfelt for Sarah by the end of this week in an attempt to “make things right” with her. As such, the Days teasers for the week of June 22nd reveal that Sarah will make a confession to Xander about something.

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10. Making Amends – Part Two

Xander won’t be the only one seeking to make amends. DOOL spoilers reveal that Claire will work overtime to prove to Ciara that she’s ready to move on from things. She’ll be able to offer vital information to Cin about something in the coming days. Could this have to do with Gabi’s disappearance and Gwen?

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9. Wedding Plans

Ben and Ciara will continue to make wedding plans for the next two weeks! DOOL spoilers indicate that Ben will ask Will to be his best man early on this week. As well, at some point in the next two weeks, Ciara will ask Claire to be her maid of honor. In fact, Days teasers relay that Ben will have some reservations about it all …

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8. Gabi’s Kidnapping

DOOL spoilers state that Gabi will be overly concerned that she is running out of time. DOOL spoilers reveal that she’ll be trying to escape her captors by mid-week. With that said, Elani will be hot on the trail of finding her, and she’ll have Jake and Ben desperately trying to negotiate her release as well.

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7. Gabi Comes Home

Seems as if there is a good chance that Gabi will be back home (safe and sound) by the end of this week. First and foremost, DOOL spoilers indicate that she’ll be trying to prove (once again) that Jake is Stefan, by the time this weekend hits. She clearly wasn’t that traumatized by the kidnapping to bounce back this easily.

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6. Gabi’s Court Case

One drama is placed to rest for Hernandez only for another to pop up. Clearly, Gabi will head into court next week for drugging Abigail DiMera, as DOOL teasers for the week of June 22nd hint that Gabi’s brother Rafe will try and strike some sort of deal with Dr. Rolf. Perhaps fans will see Rolf testify on Gabi’s behalf? Regardless, Hernandez will learn her fate come Friday, June 26th.

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5. Jake and Gwen

Meanwhile, some interesting developments will unfold for Jake. DOOL spoilers hint that Ciara will have an idea that will help Jake while Marlena and Ben will head to Bayview this week to find Gwen. By week’s end, Days teasers indicate that Gwen and Ben will have a tense reunion. Sounds like it’ll be very awkward for the two to see each other again. In other Jake news, his resemblance to Stefan DiMera will take yet another Salem resident aback this week.

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4. Jarlena Versus Claire

Back to some Claire drama, it seems like she’ll be keeping John and Marlena on their toes for the next couple of weeks. First off, DOOL spoilers indicate that in the coming days, Jarlena will conclude that Claire has tricked them while they will also be taken aback when she brings someone unexpected to dinner.

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3. Romance Is In The Air

DOOL spoilers reveal that Jack and Jenn will decide to place the drama aside for one night, as they organize a romantic evening together this week. Meanwhile across town, Kayla and Steve will have a nice and heartfelt discussion, late next week. Could these exes finally see the light and move towards a reunion?

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2. Nicole Questions Allie

Most DOOL fans are very curious about Allie, her baby, and who the potential father may be. Could Nicole get to the bottom of things this week? According to DOOL spoilers, Walker will question Allie in the coming days, but will Horton spill the beans? Maybe she’ll offer some more clues?

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1. More Spoilers!

Hope will bear the brunt of Kate’s frustrations late this week. Could this be about Steve and Hope refusing to participate in the town key celebration? Meanwhile, across Salem, someone mysterious will spy on Lani, next week. Sounds like the start of a new storyline. Could this affect the Elani wedding?

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