Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For the Next Two Weeks (July 27 – August 7, 2020)

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As July turns to August, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans can expect even more drama, more intrigue, and more of the unexpected as the summer continues to heat up in Salem! What’s on tap? There will be little conflict between Sami, Allie, Nicole, and Lucas. Also, fans will find out where Ben is, and tension will rise at the DiMera household. Learn about these storylines and others in the DOOL spoilers for July 27 to August 7, 2020.

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12. One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

After Rafe nicely declined Allie’s offer of adoption last week, Horton will turn to her brother Will with the amazing news that her baby is theirs. In fact, Will and Sonny will be so ecstatic at the idea of a new addition to the family, they’ll let Arianna know that she’ll be a big sister soon! Sadly, all the good and happiness comes to a halt (for some), as DOOL spoilers reveal that Lucas will learn about why Rafe declined Allie’s offer, and that’s when the proverbial poop will hit the fan.

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11. Lucas Finds Out

While DOOL spoilers reveal that Sami will beg Rafe to keep her secret quiet, somehow Lucas will find out how she got involved and influenced Hernandez’s decision, and he won’t be too pleased about it. In addition, Nicole will also find out about Sami’s scheme (she and Eric will return home from their honeymoon this week), and she’ll share the details with Allie. Days teasers also relay that Walker will relay her past run-ins with Sami to Allie, so it seems these two will continue to bond.

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10. Allie’s Upset

DOOL spoilers indicate that Allie will once again be quite upset with her mom and the stunts she is pulling. She and Lucas will be disgusted in Sami’s behavior, and when Allie goes into labor later this week, Nicole will be by her side to help out, not Sami. This will leave a bad taste in Sami’s mouth, so Salem better watch out.

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9. Sami’s Upset

Nicole may be winning her recent battle with Sami, but will she win the war? By the week of August 3rd, Days teasers state that Sami will turn to Belle and reveal the anger she has towards Walker for placing a wedge between her and her daughter. Nicole better watch herself; the last thing she wants is the wrath of Sami, especially as it is sure to affect her marriage with Eric.

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8. Sarah’s World

Across town, DOOL spoilers reveal that Sarah will be affected by Allie’s delivery this week. She may in the room as the doctor helping out with the baby’s delivery, and Sarah will be struck with some sadness as she remembers her own (short) time with Baby Mickey (or perhaps even have flashbacks of her time with Rachel). Xander may offer up a shoulder to cry on. By the week of August 3rd, Days teasers reveal that these two will reconnect, so expect Xander and Sarah to become a “thing” again, and soon.

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7. What Happened To Ben?

It’s the question on everyone’s mind lately! Last week, Cin finally got to say their “I do’s;” however, after a beautiful ceremony, an explosion occurred at the church leaving some guests mildly injured, and Ben missing entirely. DOOL spoilers suggest that Rafe will try and get to the bottom of things by questioning Claire early on this week while Ciara will confront Clyde.

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6. Ben’s Captor Revealed

DOOL spoilers hint that Ciara will have a new theory about her husband’s disappearance, and she’ll share it with Hernandez. Meanwhile, Days fans will get to see Ben this week (so he’s okay), and his captor will also reveal their identity. DOOL teasers seem to hint that it is someone from his past, and his kidnapper will offer up some added details of what they have planned, which seems to be horrific.

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5. Chloe Lane Helps?

DOOL spoilers offer up a suggestion around the potential that Chloe Lane might return to Salem sometime next week, and could possibly be linked to  Ben’s case. Days teasers for the week of August 3rd indicate that Chloe will provide some vital information around Ben’s kidnapper. But how could Lane be connected to this all?

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4. Chloe’s Return?

While no air date has been provided for Chloe’s return, Lane’s comeback was announced back in early March of this year as actress Nadia Bjorlin was set to reprise the role. As Days tapes about six to eight months ahead of airing, her comeback was estimated for early fall; however, DOOL loves nothing more than keeping fans at the edge of their seats, so perhaps she’s returning to Salem sooner than expected.

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3. Claire and Ciara

Meanwhile, the only silver lining in all this may be that Ciara and Claire finally make amends. DOOL spoilers indicate that the two will team up this coming week, and come across an unexpected revelation. Could the two-inch closer and closer to finding out who Ben’s captor is? Claire may be in it to not only help Cin out but also clear her name.

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2. DiMera Drama

DOOL spoilers indicate that there will be plenty of DiMera drama this week and next. First and foremost, Jake and Gwen will take their rightful stake in the DiMera mansion and move on Friday July 31st. The week of July 27th, Chad will find out that Gabi has been doing a little maneuvering at DiMera Enterprises behind his back. As such, he’ll ask Gwen to do some spying on Hernandez the week of August 3rd.

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1. More Spoilers!

Lani and Eli will get some unexpected news the week of August 3rd, and it seems to have to do with Lani expecting. Here’s hoping it is good news about their baby! Plus, Days spoilers suggest Lucas will get an unexpected visitor in Bonnie, and she’ll show up in his bed looking for some hanky-panky! Meanwhile, Kay and Steve return home reunited and together (at long last).

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