Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 8 – June 19, 2020)

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As Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans get deeper into June, it seems as if the drama will only continue to intensify! What kind of revelations will unravel? It’s hard to say, but always fun to speculate about! Check out the below for some DOOL plotline predictions for June 8 to June 19, 2020.

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12. The Search For Gabi Intensifies

Gabi Hernandez will still be missing in the next two weeks; however, it seems that while Ben, Ciara, and Jake desperately look for her, they will stumble across some interesting things. The trio will find Jake’s ex-girlfriend Gwen in Bayview, and interestingly enough, they will learn that she has become rather close to Claire Brady. Ben will also get Marlena involved in it all the week of June 15th, so here’s hoping Gabi eventually gets found by sometime in June.

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11. Claire’s Intentions

By this week’s end, Claire will be released and placed into John and Marlena’s care where her grandparents will be responsible for her. But, there is massive speculation around whether Claire will be reformed. That’s probably a “hard no” at this point. With BFF Gwen by her side, Claire will certainly start scheming against Ciara as soon as she arrives in town (maybe before that).

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10. Gwen’s Up To No Good, Too?

DOOL spoilers imply that Marlena and Ben will pay a visit to Bayview the week of June 15th, looking for Gwen. Could they want to confront her in an effort to find Gabi, or is she up to something else? Could be the latter — it seems like Gwen may (also) be up to no good.

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9. Who’s The Bad Seed?

Maybe Claire is negatively influencing Gwen or vice versa, or perhaps they are both “bad girls,” but the fact that these two young ladies have gotten close spells bad news for Salem. They’ll plot and scheme in the coming weeks, and bring the little town to its knees. They don’t seem good together.

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8. The Beginning Of The End For Eric & Nicole

DOOL spoilers back in May teased that Nicole and Eric would get engaged, but that fans shouldn’t hold their breath on them getting married. With Allie Horton set to return this week, it really seems as if Eric’s niece could start to place a wedge between the super couple. Could this be the beginning of the end for both Eric and Nicole?

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7. Allie’s Returns & Is Expecting

Actress Lindsay Arnold joins the DOOL cast this week playing a SORASed Allie Horton. She’s all grown up and expecting a baby now! With that said, this is all hush-hush, and Allie will ask both Eric and Nicole to keep her baby secret under wraps. Why is it that Allie doesn’t want anyone to know, and who could the father of her baby be?

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6. Keeping It From Mom and Dad

It’s clear that Allie is keeping this secret from mom, dad, and the rest of her family! Why would she want to do that? She’d get an incredible support system from her parents, siblings, and extended family. Could the father of her child be the reason why she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s expecting?

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5. Allie Lies To Her Dad

Actor Bryan Dattilo will reprise his Lucas Horton part this week on DOOL, and spoilers hint that Allie will drop some major news on her dad by the weekend. While everyone may think she’ll tell him she’s expecting, there’s also a good chance she’ll lie to him in an effort to deflect the situation.

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4. Rafe’s Not Happy

There’s also a good chance that Rafe will lose his custody battle for David this week. DOOL spoilers hint that he’ll have to deal with a major blow in the coming days and that Hope will help comfort him. Does this mean that Zoey and David leave Salem, or is there a good chance that the two could stay in the little town for the time being?

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3. Rafe’s Exit

Actor Galen Gering is set to exit DOOL near the end of the summer or early fall. Could the show be setting up for his exit with this storyline? While he doesn’t trust Zoey, there has been a certain tease around a potential romance between her and him. Maybe Zoey does win custody of David, but decides to stay in town? Maybe she and Rafe can now connect, as there is no influence by her brother or dad to deflect her.

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2. Ciara Is On To Brady

Ciara is set to confront Brady this week, and there is a good chance she could start to see what he is up to at Titan. DOOL spoilers suggest that Sarah will be eager to ramp up their revenge scheme, so it is only a matter of time before Brady gets busted. But, will it be too late for Titan?

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1. Kayla’s Tuned In

Kayla will confront Steve about his odd behavior in the coming days. As she leads up to her wedding with Justin, she’ll see more of the same, and just fluff it off, which will make it that much more perfect when Johnson completely takes her aback and tries to stop her wedding.

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