Days Of Our Lives Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (July 13 – July 24, 2020)

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Another two explosive weeks on the horizon within the land of Salem, as the little town (tries) to celebrate two weddings while mourning the loss of someone with a funeral, too! There will be two major character returns, with plenty of drama surrounding Allie, Claire, and Jake! It’s always fun for fans to speculate around what will happen next, and below are some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) plotline predictions for July 13 to July 24, 2020.

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12. Eric and Nicole’s Wedding

Seems as if there will be some major drama on the day of Nicole and Eric’s wedding; however, things will settle down enough for these two lovebirds to say, “I do.” According to DOOL spoilers, a returning Sami will stop the wedding, but added teasers during the week of July 13th also state that the two will enjoy their honeymoon evening.

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11. Sami’s Return!

Sami will pop up this Wednesday, July 15th, and stop Nicole and Eric’s ceremony. Seems as if DOOL spoilers are teasing drama, but she’ll most likely demand things to halt simply so she can be a part of it all. Sure, there is massive history between her and Nicole, but ultimately, Sami loves her twin brother Eric and wants him to be happy. She’ll storm in during the ceremony (probably around the same time the official asks if anyone has any objections to the holy union), only to take a seat and watch her brother (finally) marry the love of his life.

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10. Sami Finds Out About Allie

Once Sami is back into town, it’ll be hard for Allie to continue to hide the truth around her baby. She’ll let Sami know that she’s expecting, and Sami will probably lose it on her daughter. She’ll freak out; even more, when she finds out that Allie has offered her baby up to Rafe. DOOL spoilers hint that Sami will put her foot down and demand that Hernandez decline the adoption. With Sami’s history, she’ll want to raise that child herself, along with Allie that is.

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9. WilSon Will Keep A Secret

There’s also a good chance that Will and Sonny will decide to keep their intentions around adopting Allie’s baby a secret from Sami. DOOL spoilers imply that Marlena will warn the super couple that Sami is back in town, and they may agree it is best to not keep her in the loop about wanting to adopt Allie’s baby (or adoption at all).

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8. Claire’s Intentions

Seems as if Claire’s true intentions may continue to bubble up leading up to the Cin wedding, which is set to take place the week of July 20th. Ben will continue to be concerned with Claire, and Belle will even realize she’s been lied to by her daughter mid-week of July 20th. Will Claire do something to jeopardize the Cin wedding?

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7. Chaos Ensues

DOOL spoilers hint that chaos will erupt during the Cin wedding, set to take place on Thursday, July 23rd. Interestingly enough, on Friday, July 24th teasers for the show state that Allie will be rushed to the hospital, with Lucas and Sami by her side. Does Claire do something that affects Allie (in an attempt to stop the wedding), or could this be unrelated and solely have to do with her condition and the baby?

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6. Ivan Returns!

Ivan, Vivian’s loyal and trusted manservant from 1992 to 2000, will re-emerge onto the Salem scene this week, and drop a bombshell. Seems as if what he says could be related to Jake and his true identity. Jake will also take Dr. Rolf’s serum in the coming days, so DOOL fans should expect a plot twist around who Jake is. Perhaps he’s not Stefan, but rather Stefan’s twin, sibling, or cousin?!

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5. The Funeral

Before Cin attempts to say, “I do,” a funeral will unfold in Salem on Monday, July 20th, which will stir up many emotions within the little town. Who will pass on? It’s hard to say; however, some DOOL spoilers do provide some hints around who it could be, with the first one being Claire, especially since it’s clear she’s been up to no good as of late. Could a confrontation with Cin cause her demise? Could Claire simply lose it and try to cross a line, only to get stopped?

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4. Other Candidates

DOOL spoilers indicate that Jake will be given some tragic news (by Gabi) on the July 20th episode. This could be about Ivan’s news, but it could also be regarding the funeral that takes place that week. Could Ivan be the one that passes? Perhaps Vivian? Maybe even Gwen? DOOL spoilers are being incredibly cryptic around who might be leaving Salem for good, so fans will have to wait and see.

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3. Could It Be Hope?

About a week ago, actress Kristian Alfonso (who plays Hope Brady) relayed that she is leaving the soap, and has filmed her last episode “months ago.” Hard to believe that Hope would pass on and Ciara and Ben would still move on with their wedding; however, it’s a very good possibility that Hope is the character who passes away in the next couple of weeks. She would’ve wanted her daughter to move forward with her wedding, so it could make sense if she does pass away, and the couple continues with the ceremony.

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2. Kayla and Steve

Fans should expect some fireworks between Steve and Kayla this week, as DOOL spoilers do note that the two will reconnect outside of Salem in the coming days. It’s the reunion many have been looking forward to for a while now, and it seems as if it’ll finally come to fruition.

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1. Bonnie’s Intent

DOOL spoilers tease that Bonnie will try to make amends with Lucas this week, but it also seems as if she’ll still have lingering feelings for him. She may try to apologize, but what she’s really after is far more than just friendship. She may continue to carry a torch for him, but will she try and push herself on him? This is Bonnie we are talking about … she’ll completely make a fool out of herself at some point soon if she’s still interested.

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