Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For June 2020

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! As May turns to June, it’s hard not to wonder what will happen to some of our favorite characters in Salem! Will Nicole and Eric make it to the altar? Will Steve finally come to his senses about Kayla? Who is Jake, and what is he really about? Below are some plotline predictions for June 2020 for Days.

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12. Cracks In Elani

Sure, Eli is set to propose to Lani this week, and the couple will also find out they are expecting; however, DOOL spoilers also indicate that Lani will have mixed emotions about all this come early June. Could we start to see cracks in the Elani super couple? Will she push Eli away? She might be terrified about her pregnancy, and who could blame her after what happened the last time around. She could also feel overwhelmed; so much is happening, so fast.

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11. Steve Will Agonize

According to DOOL spoilers, just when Steve realizes that he wants to fight for Kayla, Justin will swing around and propose to her! Steve will agonize over the Kay-Justin engagement for the month of June, and will keep his feelings hidden. But how long can he keep quiet? This is the love of his life! Besides, stopping a wedding is far more dramatic than trying to stop a proposal!

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10. Jake Comes Between Ciara and Ben

Ciara and Ben are pretty happy right now, as they try and organize wedding plans. Unfortunately, Ben working at Jake’s garage has caused quite the drama for the young couple, and while DOOL spoilers tease that Jake will tell Ben the truth about the goons that are after him, he’ll probably tell him to keep it from Ciara. This could cause a major wedge between Cin, and affect their potential wedding plans.

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9. Allie Causes Chaos For Nicole and Eric

DOOL spoilers indicate that Allie Horton (SORASed, of course) will whisk back into Salem and soon. She’ll gravitate towards her Uncle Eric, and it is being teased that young adult Allie will mirror her mom Sami’s behavior. Seems as if she’ll cause a ton of chaos for Nicole and Eric, as they too attempt to iron out some summer wedding plans.

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8. Nicole Has Her Eye On Her

Nicole and Sami have never seen eye-to-eye, despite the fact that both have turned into fan favorites on the show over the years, and have left their scheming ways (somewhat) behind them. Will there be bad blood between Allie and Nicole because of Sami’s feelings towards Walker? Most likely, which will land Eric in the middle of all the tension.

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7. Claire Becomes Marlena’s Problem

DOOL spoilers indicate that Claire Brady will be released from Bayview in early June, and while Shawn and Belle will return to the little town to help with her transition, they won’t be able to persuade her into coming back to Hong Kong with them. Marlena will agree to watch over Claire; however, will her granddaughter step up and redeem herself, or will she cause her grandmother trouble?

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6. Claire Tries To Ruin Cin’s Wedding?

DOOL spoilers are teasing that Claire will return to Salem, seemingly to try and turn a new leaf. She’ll be “good” once she gets out, and the reason why she wants to stay in Salem – and not head to Hong Kong – is the fact that she wants to make things right with Ciara. Could this be a setup, so she can get close to Ciara and ruin her wedding to Ben? Claire will present herself as reformed, but can Salem (or Days fans) actually trust her? Only time will tell!

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5. Claire and Allie Bond

It seems like these two are cut from the same cloth, and as cousins, Claire and Allie could very well come together (for the greater bad), and bond over the next month, and into the summer. That is if either of them doesn’t cross the line in their scheming and get hauled off to either prison or a mental health facility!

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4. Zoey Gets Custody Of David

It seems very wrong for any judge to hand David over to Zoey; however, this is the land of soap operas – DOOL at that – and it is not far-fetched in the least to think that Zoey could get custody of David. The real question would be if she would stay in Salem, or skip town? If she does get custody, it would be sole custody, and she could leave the little town behind without batting an eyelash. Poor Rafe would be beyond devastated. 

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3. Gabi’s Kidnapped By Jake’s Thugs

DOOL spoilers for early June imply that Gabi will be kidnapped, and Jake will turn to Ciara and Ben for help. It seems as if the people after Jake just may believe he has something going on with Hernandez, and they could take her to get back at him, or as a bargaining tool, or to simply freak him out and get under his skin.

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2. Jake and Gabi Form A Connection

Gabi will be returned (or simply escape) at some point in June, as DOOL spoilers imply that her trial (for drugging Abigail) is on the horizon. There’s obviously some sort of connection between Gabi and Jake (regardless if he’s Stefan or not), and the twosome will probably figure this out in the next month. He will most likely save her from his goons (perhaps with the help of Cin), and sparks will start to fly between them.

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1. Chad Returns To Salem … Only To Leave For Good

DOOL spoilers indicate that Chad DiMera will return to Salem for Gabi’s trial, which might leave a major question mark around how Abigail’s treatment is going. Chad wants to see Gabi go down, but will Abby’s progress have him and the kids up and leave Salem for good after the trial? Perhaps when he returns to Salem, he’ll let it be known that Abigail’s treatment could take months and months; maybe she isn’t responding well to procedures and will have to leave to go to another facility out of the country. Chad’s (final) exit could revolve around Abby’s inability to shake these hallucinations, and a need for more treatment.

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