Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For Summer 2019

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Summertime is one of the best times in Salem. The weather warms up, storylines heat up, and the drama hits fever pitch! As much as Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans love to watch their favorite soap, viewers also love to predict what will happen next! Below are some crazy plotline predictions for summer 2019:

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12. Rex and Sarah’s Wedding

While DOOL summer spoilers state that Rex will ask Sarah to get married “right away,” this couple has stated this before. In the land of soaps, a wedding can be organized in a mere week (sometimes days), so the fact that they haven’t gotten hitched yet means that they will likely not get married anytime soon – maybe even ever. Between Rex’s wandering eye with Chloe, and Sarah getting mixed up with not only Eric but Xander too, it’s clear these two are all talk and no action when it comes to wedding bells.

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11. BBQ Drama

DOOL spoilers are teasing a BBQ party in July hosted by Rex and Sarah, so you know there will be tons of drama that unfolds during this event. While Sarah is meant to be with Eric, he’s far too wrapped up in “Nicole” right now, and with Xander hot on her heels, there’s a good chance something happens between Sarah and Xander at the BBQ that causes Rex and Sarah to break their wedding plans off.

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10. Rex & Chloe

There has been a ton of chemistry between Chloe and Rex as of late. There’s also been a ton of rumors swirling that the actor and actress that play these two roles are headed for a DOOL exit. If Rex finds out that Sarah has turned to Xander, and the two decide to part ways, Rex may pursue Chloe even more. Perhaps Chex will decide to start fresh and they head out of Salem together?

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9. Ted’s Fate

Seems like Ted’s days (pun-intended) may be numbered with Kristen giving orders to ax him; however, DOOL spoilers are hinting that Hope will be hot on his trail, so there’s a good chance he’ll live. Having said that, could his survival be the downfall of both Kristen/”Nicole” and Xander? Ted will be privy to a ton of information while he’s held captive.

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8. Kate’s Figures It All Out

DOOL spoilers suggest that Kate will go snooping in “Nicole’” hotel room, so it won’t be long before Roberts figures out that she is Kristen. While Ted could blow DiMera’s cover, Kate will probably try and cut a business deal with Kristen, too. She’ll keep “Nicole’s” cover quiet if Kristen does something for her in return.

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7. Jack’s Takes A Leap Of Faith

DOOL spoilers state that Jenn will try to convince Jack to take the serum Will took to get his memories back, now that Dr. Rolf’s diary has been found. Deveraux will mull the idea over for a long a while, but will most likely end up deciding to move forward with the entire thing.

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6. Jack Tries To Dump Eve

But, let’s backpedal a bit. Days spoilers suggest that Jack will start to see Eve’s manipulative tactics, and wonder if he’s with the right woman. Before he even moves forward with trying to get his memory back, he may decide it’s time to end things with Eve; however, Donovan is sure to have a trick or two up her sleeve to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Jack won’t be happy with his marriage, but will stick through it because he may feel like he has to, or has no other choice in the matter.

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5. Jack Remembers

If Jack takes the serum, his old memories will surely surface, not to mention his love for Jennifer. Eve could very well blackmail him into staying married to her, there’s a small chance she could get pregnant to keep him around, or even use his job as Salem’s mayor as a way to ensure he doesn’t divorce her. Either way, once Jack remembers, he and Jenn may have to keep their reunion under wraps and sneak around.

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4. Carrie’s Secret

DOOL summer spoilers tease a huge secret Carrie will reveal, and it seems this arc will play a role in storylines moving forward. Could Carrie have a baby that’s been hidden all these years? If she does, is Austin the father, or perhaps someone else? This secret may be closely linked to mom Anna, as she is set for a return. Could Carrie’s baby be a DiMera?

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3. Who’s Returning? Tony or Andre?

Speaking of DiMera, Days summer spoilers indicate that actor Thaao Penghlis, who played both Andre and Tony DiMera, will be returning to the soap during the same time Anna is set for a comeback. There’s a ton of speculation about whether he is returning as Tony or Andre. But, what if he comes back as an entirely new character? Or even another distant DiMera cousin? Anything is possible in the land of Salem!

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2. Stabi Makes It Official

DOOL spoilers indicate that Stefan and Gabi will get closer and closer as the summer goes by, and it seems as if Hernandez’s plan to get back at DiMera may backfire. She’ll find herself falling head over heels in love with Salem’s public enemy #1. What started out as a plan for revenge will turn into something beautiful. There very well could be wedding bells in this couple’s future by the end of the summer.

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1. Momma Bear Returns

As the summer comes to a close, DOOL spoilers tease that daytime drama legend Robin Strasser will be joining the show. Internet rumblings seem to suggest that Strasser could be recast in the Vivian Alamain role; however, Robin herself hinted scenes with actress Kassie DePaiva (Eve Donovan) on Twitter. Could Alamain be headed back to Salem with revenge on her mind? Could she also foil the budding romance between Stabi? Vivian could cause a ton of chaos! She could even stop a Stabi wedding as a grand re-entrance back into Salem.

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