Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For July 2019


Summer is in full swing on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), and as the temperatures heat up, the drama will too in the land of Salem! What will unfold in the month of July? Fans can only try and predict the insanity that is sure to arise, and below are some crazy and surprising DOOL plotline predictions for July 2019.

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12. Claire’s Exit

Since it was announced earlier this year that actress Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire) was on her way out of Salem, fans have been predicting her departure storyline for months now. DOOL spoilers indicate that she’ll lose it this week, and it seems as if Claire’s goodbye means she’ll be headed to a mental health facility for a little while to help her heal any demons she may have.

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11. Public Enemy Number One

Move over DiMera family, there’s a new threat in town! DOOL spoilers indicate that Ciara and Marlena will find out about Eve Donovan’s involvement with Claire slipping off the deep end, and they won’t be too pleased. While Eve and Jenn have always been enemies, it seems that the entire town may turn on Donovan now. After all, Salem is mainly comprised of Hortons and Bradys, and with Claire linked to both families, Eve won’t be welcome anywhere. Could we also be seeing a new rivalry between Marlena and Eve spring up because of this?

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10. Jack & Jenn Creep Closer and Closer

It may still be too earlier for an official reunion; however, Jack and Jenn will most likely inch closer and closer this month. Jack continues to see the real side of Eve, and Jenn is not willing to give up so easily on their relationship. But, will DOOL fans see these two old love birds kiss in July? Here’s hoping!

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9. Xander Causes Issues For Rex & Sarah

Sadly, Eric still seems mighty preoccupied with “Nicole,” which means that Xander could slide right in and ruin Sarah’s relationship with Rex this month. Maybe this is for the best. If Xander is the reason Sarah and Rex split up in July, then Eric can’t be blamed for the downfall of his brother’s romance. Once the “Nicole” situation surfaces and the truth comes out, Eric will be able to move right back to Sarah, and easily snag her away from Xander.

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8. “Nicole” And Brady Make Love

Kristen has her sights set on Brady, and this month, she’ll continue to turn on the charm with him as “Nicole.” The two are bound to wind up in bed together at some point. Still, if Kristen lets her feelings get in the way of all this, could she also be setting herself up for failure? Could Brady making love to “Nicole” help him realize she is really Kristen in the process?

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7. “Nicole” Lets Her Crazy Show

“Nicole” has been able to fool a lot of people upon her return; however, Kristen is letting little pieces of herself show, and it won’t be long before she lets her crazy out for the world to see. DOOL spoilers indicate she’ll have a work conflict with Gabi this month, which will raise some eyebrows. Kristen is smart, but it’ll be hard for her to keep this “Nicole” act up for much longer.

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6. Kristen Is Revealed

This month, Kristen is sure to reveal herself to Salem. Whether the mask accidentally comes off, or she slips up and someone sees her, Kristen’s stint as “Nicole” should be coming to an end and very soon. She may even dramatically pull off the mask in a fit of rage, leaving everyone shocked.

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5. Holly Comes Back

If Kristen’s “Nicole” scheme comes to fruition, there is a good chance the truth about Holly could come out. With that said, if Holly is revealed to be alive, this may prompt Eric to re-write a mistake he made by awarding Chloe custody of the child. If he regains custody of Holly, this could also get Sarah’s attention, bringing them both back together.

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4. Love Triangle Between Hope, Kate, and Ted

Speaking of the Kristen situation, it seems as if Ted may find himself in a sticky situation as the month of July progresses. Ted is currently locked up with Kate; however, things between the two will heat up this coming week. While they feel like death is on the horizon, there is a good chance they will be saved, and with re-emerged feelings between Tate and feelings that currently exist between Tope, Ted could find himself wedged between two incredibly strong and amazing women by the end of July.

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3. Cafe Reunite

Carrie and Rafe made a pretty cool couple way back in the day, and it seems as if they could re-spark some of that magic come July. DOOL spoilers indicate that the two will get a little closer early in the month, with a potential hook up as well. Rafe is single, and Carrie seems like a better match up for him then Sami ever was. Here’s hoping Cafe share more than just a one-night stand in July.

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2. New Character On The Horizon

Speaking of Carrie, DOOL spoilers tease that Carrie’s mom Anna (played by Leann Hunley) is on her way back to Salem in July, and in-and-around that same time, actor Thaao Penghlis (Andre and Tony DiMera) is set for a Days return. Fans continue to speculate as to whether or not viewers will see Tony come back or Andre; however, what if an entirely new DiMera comes to light who shares a striking resemblance to both Andre and Tony?

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1. Elani Wedding

DOOL spoilers are teasing that Eli is set to pop the big question to Lani very soon, which begs another question: Will fans be treated to yet another Salem wedding come July? Seems like all arrows are pointing in this direction; however, once they tie the knot, what kind of problems could hit the happy couple? Perhaps the inability to conceive another child. Lani clearly wants to be a mother again and bad.

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