Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For August 2019


Summer is in full swing within the land of Salem, and with August upon us, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans can’t help but speculate over what will come to be in the following weeks. Will Kristen ever get found out? What will happen with Tony? Can Jack and Jennifer find their way back to each other? Who knows what will happen! Regardless, below are some crazy and shocking DOOL plot predictions for August 2019.

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12. Anna Comes Back For Tony

Tony DiMera is officially back on the DOOL scene, and his soulmate Anna is not too far behind, with spoilers suggesting she’ll be back in Salem come early August. Why is Anna back? Seems pretty obvious! She’s most likely heard about Tony being alive, and has returned to town to win back his heart.

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11. Kate Is Smitten

DOOL spoilers indicate that sometime in August, Roberts will see a familiar face and then faint. Could it be Tony she sees, thinking he’s Andre? Kate will eventually learn that it is Tony who is alive, and once she gets to know him, she could very well fall in love. Is there a love triangle on the horizon that involves Anna, Kate, and Tony?

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10. Ted Is Killed

DOOL spoilers suggest that Ted could be in danger when he confronts Tony and Kristen in August. Teasers also relay that some days later, Kristen will be trying to cover up some evidence. Could Kristen (or Tony, by accident) kill Ted in a heated argument and then try and cover it all up?

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9. Kristen Exposed

DOOL spoilers state that Kristen will continue to reveal her true identity to certain Salemites as the weeks go by, but will not fully expose herself to everyone. Will the truth finally come out about “Nicole” anytime soon? Probably not in August, as its clear that Kristen still has far more scheming to do. In fact, if she has killed Ted, it may take that much longer for the police to link her to the murder if she is disguised as “Nicole.”

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8. “Nicole” Gets Pregnant

DOOL spoilers reveal that Kristen will be taken aback when Brady finally gives into temptation. Seems as if Brady and “Nicole” will finally hook up in August, but does this mean that the couple should gear up for a pregnancy announcement come later in the month or early September? Carrying Brady’s baby is also something that could “save” Kristen once she’s exposed.

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7. Sarah/Rex Break Up

DOOL spoilers relay that Sarah will slip up in August during a tender moment with Rex, using Eric’s name instead of her husband’s. Yikes! That’s awkward! On the bright side, this will force her to confess her feelings about his brother. With Rex set to leave Salem, this couple is headed for a break up, but does this mean that Eric and Sarah will finally be together?

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6. Eric Refuses To Budge

The good news for fans who want to see Eric and Sarah hook up is that Rex is finally out of the picture. The bad news is that Eric may still not be able to allow himself to be with Sarah thanks to “Nicole”. While he knows there is no future with her, Eric still seems to be hurt anytime she does something. Until Kristen is exposed, the idea that Eric can move on with Sarah is doubtable.

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5. Xander Moves In

One person who does have feelings for Sarah, and isn’t afraid to move in, is Xander. Once Xander finds out Sarah is single, and Eric is not interested, he’ll jump right in. Sarah will most likely allow him to get closer, as she will be rejected by Eric. Xander will get closer and closer to Sarah as the weeks go by, which will be fine for August; however, this may pose a problem when Eric realizes the truth about “Nicole” and is ready to let Sarah in.

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4. Jordan Gets Released

DOOL spoilers tease that Jordan Ridgeway will be hitting daytime drama screens once again in August. Does this mean more scenes will take place from the mental institution or will she be released? If she’s released, Rafe may find himself with yet another unexpected house guest hanging around. Will fans finally find out about David’s bio dad?

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3. Tripp Leaves Salem To Help Dad

DOOL spoilers state that Tripp will exit Salem due to a storyline sometime in late August. With teasers also stating that actor Stephen Nichols is set to reprise his Steve Johnson role on the show come October, could actor Lucas Adams simply be taking a hiatus so that Tripp can embark on a journey to bring his dad back home?

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2. Jack FINALLY Gets Memories Back

Despite all the obstacles that has been thrown his way, there’s a good chance that Jack will finally get his memories back in August. Having said that, he could very well only get half everything back, leaving room for him to remember somethings about his past, but not exactly everything.

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1. J&J Reunion Stalled

Before J&J fans get too excited about Deveraux regaining his memory, seems as if Jack and Jennifer may need to jump through some more hurdles before they hit official reunion status. What if Jack only gains back memories with his kids? Or perhaps he only remembers the times well before Jennifer when he did terrible things, therefore, wanting to stay far away from Jenn. Either scenario could stall this super couple’s happy reunion plans.

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