Days Of Our Lives: Plotline Predictions For March 2019


Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans have been on the edge of their seat as of late, watching the drama, romance, and adventure unfold in February. What will come to be in March? It is always fun for Days viewers to speculate! Below are some crazy and shocking DOOL plot predictions for March 2019.

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12. Love Triangle Drama

Things are certainly heating up, as two brothers vie for the same woman’s affections. Rex proposed to Sarah; however, she has yet to give him a concrete answer. Will she accept? She’s been dreaming about Eric in the worst way as of late, but a good love triangle needs plenty of twists and turns, so DOOL will drag this proposal on for a little while in March.

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11. Wedding Plans, Sprinkled With Drama

Having said that, March is a long month, and it is undeniable that Rex will most likely pressure Sarah for some sort of decision. In typical soap opera fashion, Sarah could say “yes,” with Eric watching in the wings and helping out with wedding plans. Who else wants to bet that Rex would ask him to be his best man?

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1o. Giving In To Passion

What is it with Eric always wanting one of his brother’s girlfriends? First Brady, now Rex? In all seriousness, there is a good chance something could happen between Sarah and Eric before the wedding, some scandal between the sheets? If this happens, Eric could do something dramatic, like stop Rex and Sarah from getting married while they are just about to say their “I dos.”

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9. Baby Steps

But, what if Rex and Sarah don’t make it to the altar for another reason? Sarah recently had a one-nighter with villain Xander, and DOOL fans all know that the writers of this soap opera love nothing more than a solid “who’s your daddy” storyline. This could all certainly unfold in March.

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8. Chloe & Stefan

Chloe is in dire need of protection, and there’s no one more powerful in Salem to help out with this than Stefan DiMera. These two are seemingly gravitating within each other’s orbits, and it won’t be long until they give into temptation. There’s a new DOOL super couple alert on the horizon, and these two have some great chemistry so far. #Shloe

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7. Gabi and Brady

With them forming an alliance to get back at DiMera, it only seems right that Gabi and Brady hook up at some point as well. There’s nothing like a good scheme to bring two people closer together, and this duo has romance written all over them. Brady could use some love in his life, and maybe a relationship can help soften up Gabi’s scheming a tad?

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6. Jack, Jenn, and J.J.

This campaign can’t last forever, yet can’t end soon enough for fans of Jack and Jennifer. Sadly, Jack will probably continue to distance himself from his family thanks to the underhanded moves he and Eve have been pulling as of late. All in an effort to become Salem’s next mayor! Doesn’t seem worth it in the long run. Here’s hoping Jack figures that out, but he won’t.

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5. Jack Wins

Having said that, this is a soap opera, and things always get worse before they get better. Jack will most likely win Salem’s race to become mayor and dive into office duties. He may need a public relations person, and there is no better one to hire than Jennifer. Could this be what brings these two back together?

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4. Haley, Tripp, and J.J.

While his parents are preoccupied with themselves, J.J. will be on the hunt for Haley. He obviously feels terrible on how she was outed, and he’ll be desperate to find her. Days spoilers tease that she’ll shack up with Tripp in hiding, and it’s clear that this Salem love triangle will continue to heat up in March. Perhaps will see wedding bells for Tripp and Haley soon, which will just infuriate J.J.

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3. Cin’s Breakup

Who else is sad that Ciara and Ben broke up? These two are clearly meant for each other, and here’s hoping they won’t stay away from each other for too long. DOOL spoilers indicate that Ben will approach Stefan for his old job back, and while this will surely get under Ciara’s skin, perhaps Ben being placed in a dangerous situation in March could open up his eyes to the fact that life is too precious to stay away from the ones you love. It’s only a matter of time before these two gravitate back to each other.

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2. Diana Causes Trouble

Now that Diana and Victor are scheming together, expect trouble for Jarlena to heighten. Marlena will soon find out that John suspects Leo is his, and Diana will concoct a plan to boot “Doc” out of the picture. The foundation will start to crack for super couple Jarlena this month for sure, with a breakup on the horizon.

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1. Claire Leaves Salem

Reports indicate that actress Olivia Rose Keegan is set to leave Days soon, and there has been a ton of craziness surrounding Claire. She’s jealous of the friendship between Haley and Tripp, and starting the cabin fire that almost killed her Aunt Ciara is baffling. Days spoilers indicate that Tripp will something puzzling in her jewelry box soon, something that will shock him. Are fans seeing an exit story for Claire emerging? Her “days” are clearly numbered in Salem.

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