11 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (July 16)


Call all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! If you are looking for some drama, emotional goodbyes and suspense, then you’ll want to tune into Salem this week. Learn more about what will happen to Steve, Kayla, Abigail, Theresa, Brady, and more, in the DOOL spoilers for the week of July 16th.

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11. Steve’s Bionic Eye

Kayla and Steve prepare themselves for an exciting moment this week when they meet with an engineer to talk about Patch’s bionic eye. Sadly, an encounter with Stefan might put a delay on his entire surgery. Good news for fans of Steve is that while there is a hint that the operation may not go through, it does, and DOOL spoilers indicate it’ll be a smashing success. Steve will be able to see again once those bandages are off.

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10. Abigail’s Baby Decision

Since Abigail believes that the baby she is carrying is Stefan’s, she’ll make a decision this week to abort the pregnancy. In her mind, this is the only viable solution to end this entire ordeal, and Gabi will catch wind of the idea, think fast on her feet, and try to stop the entire thing.

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9. Gabi’s Manipulation

While Abby thinks the baby is Stefan’s, DOOL fans know the real deal. Gabi of course, manipulated the paternity tests and the child Abigail is carrying is really Chad’s. Therefore, when Gabi learns about Abigail’s plans to abort the baby she will ‘accidentally’ spill the beans about Abby being pregnant to Stefan so that she does not go through with the abortion.

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8. Theresa Wins

While Victor and Eve partner up to secure Brady’s custody battle win, their scheme goes haywire. In the end, Theresa wins the case hearing and Brady is forced to give us custody of Tate. Eve turns to friend Chloe for a chat session, spilling just how devastated she is around the entire turn out.

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7. Theresa’s Bubble Bursts

While Theresa will be on cloud nine with her recent custody battle win over Brady, her happiness will be short-lived as this week progresses. Some devastating news is on the horizon for her, as well as the entire Brady/Donovan clan as she learns that her mom, Kimberly, has cancer once again.

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6. Brady Says Goodbye

When Theresa finds out her mom has cancer, she immediately decides to go and see her, so she can be there for her in California. She will decide to take Tate with her and Brady will have to say goodbye to him. DOOL spoilers indicate the scenes are quite heartbreaking, so fans will want to make sure they have a box of tissues nearby while they watch.

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5. Baby David’s Funeral

Speaking of emotional scenes, a memorial service will be held for baby David. Lani and Eli, along with Valerie and Abe, will gather together with white roses to mourn the loss of the infant. The funeral will be a difficult thing to get through for all four individuals, and Eli and Lani will bond over their grief. Is there a new DOOL couple on the horizon?

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4. Ben Is Pushed In a Corner

Meanwhile, back at Salem’s Police Department, Rafe and Hope will be breathing down Ben’s neck for a confession. They believe he was the one that set the cabin ablaze, and they’ll want him to come clean about it. However, the truth is, Ben is not the reason the cabin was set on fire and the only silver lining for him is that Ciara believes he did not do it.

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3. J.J. Gets Suspended

As Victor organized the drugs planted in J.J.’s apartment in hopes that Theresa would take the fall and lose the custody hearing for Tate, J.J. shocked everyone when he took the blame for it. Sadly, this will cost him his job. J.J. will get suspended from Salem’s Police Department this week; however, DOOL spoilers do indicate that there is hope that he’ll get his name cleared soon.

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2. Mom On The Case

J.J. visits his Auntie Kayla this week, and she lets him know that she’ll see what she can do in terms of this entire ‘drugs’ ordeal. Meanwhile, mom Jennifer embarks on a sneaky mission. She knows those drugs found in J.J.’s apartment are not his, and she sets out to snoop around to find the real answer.

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1. WilSon Drama

This week Will and Sonny hope that the entire Leo ordeal is behind them; however, Kate becomes very suspicious of their recent behavior. To boot, as the week progresses, Will receives a message with a warning attached to it –  a note that just might change everything for him and Sonny.

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