Teen Mom: 17 Insane Revelations From Farrah Abraham’s “My Teenage Dream Ended”

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The stars of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise had no idea just how much was going to change when they became pregnant as teenagers. Not only did they embark on the journey of young mothers, they simultaneously became reality stars, and now many Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 stars have shared more of their stories through memoirs. Surprisingly, the first star to share her story via a book was the franchise’s most controversial star Farrah Abraham. In 2012, Abraham released “My Teenage Dream Ended” giving insight into her life that fans had never had before. While Abraham is not the most well-liked Teen Mom star, her story is not any less shocking and surprising, especially as much of the book is dedicated to explaining her relationship with her daughter Sophia’s late father Derek Underwood. Although she has mentioned Underwood over her time on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, “My Teenage Dream Ended” offers a much better explanation of the pair and what Abraham’s life was like before teen pregnancy. Here are 12 of the most insane and shocking revelations from Farrah Abraham’s “My Teenage Dream Ended.”

17. Teenage Dream Ended

“My Teenage Dream Ended” is a pretty harsh title for a memoir, but Farrah wasted no time in explaining what she meant by that. Despite her troubles in her relationship with Derek, after getting pregnant, Farrah believed in her heart they would be a happy family, until one phone call brought it all crashing down around her. “Even when I accidentally got pregnant, I was convinced that everything would work out in the end. We were meant to be together. We wanted to get married and have children. It was just happening sooner than we had panned. Then a friend’s voice on the phone changed everything. ‘Derek died in a car wreck last night.’ Just like that, my teenage dream ended,” she recalled of the fateful moment she found out that her love and Sophia’s father had passed away.

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16. How They Met

The majority of “My Teenage Dream Ended” is about Farrah and Derek’s turbulent relationship well before she became pregnant with their daughter, and after her emotional introduction, she started at the very beginning with how the pair met. On 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, the star has never been very forthcoming with details, but her memoir is a completely different story. She revealed that the pair first met when she was 15 and had her first ‘real’ boyfriend at the time, but that didn’t last long after she met Derek. The pair first met at a basketball game after her friend invited her to go to the game at a different high school because the friend wanted Farrah to meet a guy she had just started dating, and that guy was Derek. “I didn’t say anything. I just smiled, but it felt like a jolt of electricity was running through my body. He was good looking — light brown hair eyes, tan — and wore light jeans with a beige cotton coat over a button-down shirt and a simple chain around his neck. A super preppy guy — just what I liked.” She added that she respected he was dating her friend but admitted “even though he wasn’t available, just meeting Derek changed my life. For one thing, I totally got over my boyfriend and broke up with him.”

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