General Hospital Couples We Never Thought Would Make It

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Going through ups and downs as a couple in real life is the norm for most. Going through a roller coaster ride of romance is what’s expected in the land of daytime drama. Exes, illegitimate children, affairs, people thought to be dead and popping up alive, and so much more can unravel for super couples on soaps. It’s actually a miracle any of them get together and stay together. General Hospital (GH) is no exception, and below are some couples from the daytime drama that we never thought would make it.

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12. Brad and Lucas

How Brad was able to snag Lucas all those years ago is one thing, especially with his terrible past. How he was able to keep him for a while is nothing short of a miracle, especially with Brad hiding Wiley’s true bio parents for so long. It’s clear that Brad was on borrowed time, and now it’s over. But wow, did they make it last longer than any GH fan thought possible!

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11. Peter and Maxie

While everyone wanted to believe that Peter August could truly change his colors, they were most definitely wrong! While it seemed as though Peter’s past kept coming back to haunt him, it doesn’t change the fact that Maxie not only hooked up with Cesar Faison’s son, but also moved in with him and had his child! Now that Peter is believed to be deceased, Maxie can move on, raising little Bailey Lu on her own terms. But wow, fans couldn’t wait for Peter’s last breath.

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10. Ned and Olivia

They are the super couple viewers never really expected to become a super couple, and while they may not be everyone’s favorite twosome, they have quickly come together, and now seem like the head of the Quartermaine clan. Every power couple needs a duo that is equally matched in smarts, strong-will, and level-headedness; these two have the total package, despite coming from two very different worlds in the land of Port Charles.

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9. Valentin and Anna

Much like Ned and Olivia, this coupling didn’t seem to match at first. And for years, they’ve managed to put their feelings aside and make a fantastic duo in WSB. Still, in the short time they have been together, they’ve dealt with hospitalizations, criminals and paternity issues! Despite all the obstacles, they continue to stay strong and now that the drama has subsided, maybe they’ll finally advance their relationship to the next level.

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8. Kevin and Laura

Perhaps it’s that viewers can’t picture Laura with anyone else but Luke; maybe it’s because GH fans expected to see Kevin and Lucy reunite? Still, it seems so unbelievable that not only are Kevin and Laura a thing, but they were able to move forward even after the truth came out about Ryan Chamberlain being alive (and Kev knowing about it the entire time).

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7. Sasha and Brando

So this young couple hasn’t fought as many insurmountable odds over the years — in fact, they haven’t been together for that long! — but after losing a child at the end of 2021, many GH viewers thought this couple would go their separate ways. Understandably, there are few tragedies as difficult to grieve (yet alone bounce back from) than that. And while Sasha distanced herself from Brando for a while and tried to throw herself into work, it looks like she and Brando are back together and thinking about marriage! Will it all come together? We can’t say… but they’ve already navigated through the worst possible scenario together.

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6. Alan and Monica

Despite affairs (on both ends), divorces, family drama, ELQ chaos, illnesses, and so much more, Alan and Monica were a strong super couple that kept it all together for the long haul. Sadly, Alan passed in 2007; however, this still didn’t keep the two apart, with his ghost visiting upon occasion. Talk about commitment!

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5. Franco and Liz

If these two can making through Franco thinking that he was Drew Cain – and essentially cheating on Liz (although it wasn’t really his fault) in the process – then they can really get through anything. Did any other GH fans out there think Franco would forever believe he was Drew and skip town? It did seem like a possibility. Alas, they made it work until Franco’s passing.

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4. Patrick and Robin

Patrick and Robin not only struggled to become a couple in the first place, but they also had a ton of ups and downs along the way, including believing Robin had passed away, and her taking off shortly after her return to help bring Jason Morgan back to Port Charles. Regardless, they are now living their happily ever after in California.

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3. Mac and Felicia

While Mac and Felicia had tremendous chemistry throughout their relationships, there was one huge thorn in their side by the name of Frisco Jones. He was not only Felicia’s first love, first husband, and the father to her babies — he truly had a hold on her. That is, until 2013 when Frisco rolled into town and tried to snag Felicia from Mac (once again). This time around, Felicia chose Mac. The two would get married later that year, and are still quite in love.

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2. Jason and Sam

This relationship spans well over a decade at this point, and these two have dodged pretty much every bullet thrown at them, from illegitimate kids to mob adventure, fighting the bad guys, being the bad guys, and Sam also having to decipher between two Jasons at one point in time. Nowadays, Sam is dating Dante and Jason is believed to have perished on Cassadine Island. Something tells GH viewers that they’ll get past this situation, too.

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1. Sonny and Carly

The “CarSon” relationship has always been uber complicated, with both of them rather toxic together during the early years. The good news is that they have evolved and grown significantly, and while they have had plenty of other relationships over the decades of their romance, they always gravitate back towards each other. Considering all they have been through, it is still so surreal to think that Nina Reeves might be the reason this love story ends! However, the way these two still roll with the punches, maybe Nina will just be another bump in the road!

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