6 General Hospital Couples We Want Back Together


When it comes to General Hospital (GH), fans know to expect incredible drama, fascinating storylines, and romantic love stories. Couples in Port Charles fall in love, break up, and sometimes (if the audience is lucky enough) make up, and give their love a second try. There have been many supercouples to grace the GH small screen over the years, and here is the top six list of some that have broken up, but that fans would love to see re-kindle their romance.

6. Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton

Digging deep into the historical GH vault, Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton were an ’80s super couple who had a tremendous amount of passion together. While a weird circumstance brought them together (Robert married a pregnant Holly to keep her in the U.S.A.), amongst all the craziness, they also managed to fall in love. In the end, these lovebirds were torn apart when Robert’s baby momma (Anna Devane) flew onto the scene with little Robin alongside her. Wanting to help the family re-united, Holly stepped back, and in typical soap opera fashion a million things happened in between to keep them apart. With both Robert and Holly making special appearances here and there on the soap (not to mention the fact that Robin is a grown women now with a family of her own), here’s hoping these lovebirds make it back to each other…sometime in the near future.


5. Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago

Classic love story of the handsome and dapper doctor falling for the geeky-turned-gorgeous nurse, Sabrina and Patrick had GH fans nipping at the heels in 2013 wanting to see these two connect. After dealing with Patrick’s conniving ‘flavor of the month’ (Dr. Brit Westborne), Sabrina finally not only won over Patrick’s heart, but his daughter Emma as well. Alas, the two had a wonderful love affair, and were officially ready for their happily ever after, until Patrick’s dead wife, Robin Scorpio came back, and interrupted their wedded bliss. While Patrick chose to be with Robin, in the end (and despite the years away from her family) Robin took off to help her ex-boyfriend Jason Morgan, leaving GH fans wondering if this could potentially open a door for a Patrick and Sabrina reunion?

4. Jason and Sam Morgan

So before Patrick Drake can ride off into the sunset with Sabrina, there is the issue of his current girlfriend, Sam Morgan.If Sam knew that Jake Doe was actually the love of her life, how long would it take for her to say hello to bad boy Jason, and good-bye to Dr. Drake? Sure, most of the residents of Port Chuckles (including Sam) are under the assumption that Jason is dead; however with Billy Miller re-cast in the Jason role, is it only a matter of time until Emily or Nicholas (plus a slew of others who know the truth) reveal Jake’s true identity. When this happens, will fans finally see one of their favorite couples get back together? Only time will tell…

3. Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber

Sure Elizabeth currently has her claws into Jake…err Jason, giving their love one more chance; however, if she focused less on Jake/Jason, and more on her childhood sweetheart Lucky, she’d be able to recall the happiest years of her life. Starting out as friends, and then turning that relationship into a whole lot more, Lucky and Elizabeth shared a wonderful life together. They got married, and as their love grew, so did their family. They have had their ups and downs, along with some extra-marital affairs in between, but they have always been able to put their children and family first, even when they have not seen eye to eye. With Lucky somewhat back on the Port Charles scene, perhaps these two former lovebirds can look deep and try to re-kindle some of the old romance they once had for each other.

2. Jasper “Jax” Jacks and Carly Corinthos

As Carly gets set to say ‘I Do’ (for the umpteenth time) to Sonny Corinthos, fans can’t help but wish for a potential return from her former love Jax. Sure, Carly and Sonny make an interesting couple, but there was something about Jax and Carly that left GH audiences swooning. Beginning their relationship as business partners and then friends, their relationship turned romantic in 2006, and the two eventually married in 2007. The coupled seemed to live a blissful life (as blissful as a soap life can be), as Jax was a great influence on Carly’s boys, and it seemed like their family was complete when they welcomed their daughter Josslyn in 2009. Alas in the end, it was Carly’s continued relationship with Sonny (and Jason for that matter) that tore these two lovebirds apart – however, in the land of daytime drama, there is always hope for a reconciliation.

1. Brenda and Sonny Corinthos

An on again/off again relationship that spans close to two decades, there is no other couple GH fans would love to see re-unite more than Sonny and Brenda. While sparks flew between these two when they initially met in 1993, it took a while for Sonny and Brenda to connect. Over the years, Sonny has left Brenda at the altar, married her, saved her life, and both have been on countless adventures. In the midst of all this, Jax and Carly have played their own part in this infamous four-way love triangle, with Carly keeping Sonny from Brenda – and Jax keeping Brenda away from Sonny. In the end, the chemistry that these two characters have is unsurmountable, and while there never seems like a good time for Sonny and Brenda to be together, when these two do connect, they light daytime television screens on fire.