General Hospital: Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For Summer 2018


Summer is literally just around the corner, and fans of General Hospital (GH) can feel the heat and drama rise a few notches as the warmer months approach. While everyone takes a breather from life and the kids get out of school, soap operas can hit entertaining highs, and GH is no exception. Below are 16 GH crazy and shocking spoilers for the summer of 2018:

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16. Jason Helps Corinthos Clan

Now that he’s done trying to find Henrik Faison, Jason will spend the summer months helping his extended family, the Corinthos clan. He’ll be there for Sonny, help Michael along, and do everything in his power to clear BFF Carly’s name around her current situation, but it won’t be easy. GH spoilers indicate that in an effort to help his bestie, Jason will run into danger.

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15. Carly Locked Up

Speaking of Carly, while Jason is running through dangerous hoops to help her, she’ll spend the warmest time of the year in Port Charles, locked up in a mental institution. Both physically and emotionally, this will not be a good place for Carly, and she’ll struggle during the summer to cope with the situation she’s been dealt.

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14. Nelle Hits A Snag

While Nelle will initially feel on cloud nine over her ‘win’ against Carly, the plan will eventually hit a snag. As she tries to fully regain Michael back into her fold, she’ll hit a huge obstacle. GH spoilers tease that an unexpected person gets in Nelle’s way, causing a major kink in her scheme.

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13. Drew Faces A Battle

It’s no secret, Drew wants his memories back and has to make a decision about the procedure that can help him do just that. Unfortunately, there will be many who oppose the idea and will fight him on it. At the end of the day, it’s Drew’s choice; however, GH spoilers do tease that there will be a battle for Drew come the summer in this regard.

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12. Moping Maxie

While she’s still a little angry over Peter’s betrayal, Maxie will soften up to him after receiving a letter. Then, Maxie will spend some time moping over the entire situation. She’ll realize that she’s developed quite some feelings for Henrik/Peter and she’ll need weeks to digest the entire idea. Does this couple actually have a chance at love? Anything is possible in the land of Port Charles!

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11. Brad & Lucas’ Baby Momma Drama

As Lucas and Brad spend some of their summer waiting for the new baby to arrive, they will have feelings of excitement and drama. Looming over their heads is the threat that the baby’s biological mom could back out of the entire deal. GH spoilers indicate that grandad Julian will keep an eye on the situation and offer a hand if Brad and Lucas are willing to take it.

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10. Goodbye Dante?

Dominic Zamprogna, the actor who plays GH’s Dante Falconer, recently took to Twitter to relay his status on the show to fans. In a tweet, he confirmed his departure from the daytime drama with final scenes taped in June. What does this mean for Dante, as well as his onscreen wife Lulu? Only time will tell; however, summer spoilers tease a rift between this GH super couple, so perhaps Dante will be exiting the soap opera soon and the role will not be recast.

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9. Blast From The Past?

Social media can provide plenty of hints when it comes to spoilers, and a recent swirl of Instagram posts has many GH fans wondering if John Stamos, of Full and Fuller House fame, will be reprising his GH role as Blackie Parrish, a character that helped Stamos break into the acting business in the 1980s. Stamos posted photos on social media, posing along with GHers Steve Burton (Jason Morgan), Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos), Josh Swickard (Chase), and Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin).

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8. Milo’s Back

Fans of Sonny Corinthos’ lovable bodyguard Milo Giambetti can expect to see him back in Port Chuckles soon. Actor Drew Cheetwood recently posted a taping scene script on Instagram and will be joining his brother Derek Cheetwood (Max Giambetti), who also happens to play Sonny’s other bodyguard on the show. As mentioned before, Max is also set for a summer return.

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7. Franco and Liz

Will these two ever make it to the altar? Maybe not. GH spoilers hint that Franco will push the idea that more of Elizabeth’s family should have an active role in the wedding. Seems pretty nice of him and a fairly sweet idea; however, the entire thing creates a world of drama that neither of them is ready for.

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6. Anna’s Summer

GH spoilers hint that Anna Devane will have her hands full with romance and family. She and Finn will be busy bonding as a bona fide couple, and she’ll also have to deal with Robin’s reaction to her mom having another child and hiding the secret from her. Anna will also try her best to bond with the son she never got to know in Peter/Henrik.

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5. Margaux Connected To Drew

Thanks to a leaked script and screen test, it seems that Drew and Margaux are set to have a ton of scenes together in the near future. Could Margaux be the key to helping Drew regain some of his memories? Could she be a past friend, family member, lover, or wife? GH fans will have to tune in this summer to find out!

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4. Laura Return?

Thanks to a post on Twitter some months back, it seems like a Laura return just might be in the works for the summer. Genie Francis tweeted back in March that she had lunch with GH executive producer, Frank Valentini, and showed her dismay towards fans who gave him a little backlash after the actress was placed on recurring status. Here’s hoping that Francis and Valentini can come up with something for Laura in Port Charles as she has been missed greatly from the show!

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3. Sam’s Love Life

While Jason will be busy helping the Corinthos clan and Drew will battle his past, Sam will continue to struggle with who she wants to be with. GH spoilers indicate that she and Curtis come together for a huge case that will place her in situations near both Jason and Drew. Team Drew or Team Jason? You are either on one side or the other as a GH fan…

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2. Dante and Lula

This GH super couple continues to go strong; however, will the summer bring them closer together or cause them to drift them apart? The once steamy relationship between Lulu and Dante has significantly fizzled as of late and GH spoilers indicate that their focus on jobs and busy career lives will place a damper on their marriage in the coming months.

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1. Port Charles Roundup

Additional summer spoilers for GH include hints around seeing more of Cameron on-screen during the warmer months. Meanwhile, Oscar helps Josslyn deal with her mom being in a mental institution. Also, GH fans may be surprised around the connection Chase has to some other residents of Port Charles, which should soon be revealed. Lastly, Julian and Kim try to make a connection but will face challenges when it comes to others that attract their eyes.

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