8 Days Of Our Lives Couples Who Are Better Off As Friends

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6. Steve Johnson and Billie Reed

When Steve Johnson returned to Salem after a sixteen-year absence, he had zero memories of his time with the love of his life, Kayla Brady. As such, he embarked on a short relationship with the beautiful and sexy Billie Reed. The moment he got his memories back, Johnson dropped Billie like a bad habit. They did have some fun times together and had a lot in common. The perfect foundation for a friendship, but not a relationship.



5. Lucas Horton and Carrie Brady

Lucas was obsessed with Carrie Brady back in the day. What’s not to love, really? Carrie was beautiful, kind, smart, and funny. They had an interesting relationship in their younger years, during a time when Austin Reed was pre-occupied with Carrie’s sister Sami. At the end of the day though, Carrie’s heart belonged to Austin (and vice versa) and when the two were able to clear the air, Lucas was left in the dust. There were no real issues with Lucas and Carrie and the good news is that they are still quite friendly to this day.